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Abolishing ICE Is the Radical Idea America Needs to be Talking About


Abolishing ICE Is the Radical Idea America Needs to be Talking About

Jake Johnson, staff writer


Jake Johnson is absolutely correct about abolishing this officially sanctioned gang of bullies. And isn’t it amazing that such a move rightly deserves to be called “radical” in times like ours when the Democrats lack both courage and convictions. If congress had any serious interest in curbing illegal immigration, they would target employers who exploit migrants rather than the poorest among us. If the social security card was improved to the level of even a modern credit card, or even more with digital access to a photo, employers would have no excuse for employing the undocumented, and heavy fines could be levied against them. (The upside would be that if the wealthy lost their cheap help, they would demand genuine immigration reform from the politicians they pay off)


Yes, ICE arose from the radioactive ashes of 911, a staged event. The author is correct, the agency should be abandoned because it is the hallmark of the Fourth Reich we live in.


An excellent article by Will Bunch, with which I totally agree. My only quibble is that the quoted sentence above should have said “George W. Bush”.
The creation of DHS and the so-called “Patriot Act”, both enacted in the madness of our “post-Sept. 11 panic culture”, to quote Sean McElwee, will ultimately do us much more harm
than the attacks themselves. Possibly they already have.


Ice is the result of far far right infitrating police dept and ice agencies across usa…

so your local sheriff is a kkk member as well as your neighbor and relative…


So we need to work on eliminating a number of three-letter words. That’ll be tough.