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Abominable Gaza: Not Only Are We Denied Our Rights, But We’re Killed For Asking For Them


Abominable Gaza: Not Only Are We Denied Our Rights, But We’re Killed For Asking For Them

Filmmaker Yaser Murtaja was laid to rest Saturday after his body was carried through Gaza City - in the besieged land he long sought but never managed to leave - draped in a Palestinian flag and the PRESS flak jacket he was wearing when an Israeli sniper killed him at peaceful border protests. His harrowing final footage, released by the Norwegian Refugee Council, shows “he was killed doing his job - recording his people’s right to protest for their human rights.”


One time, a while ago now, I thought israel and jews needed protecting. The long arc of history will bring justice where justice is do. The trick is not to hurry or be rash and that gets harder everyday. It is so hard not to judge when such wrongs are committed, very hard to find Peace.


How sad. To kill demonstrators from behind heavily wired/fortified embankments, tanks in the ready, and much more armament i am sure. Telling the truth and capturing it on video is now a crime punishable by state death squad executions.
Israel and the U.S. continue to pretend they stand upon righteousness, while they create violent opposition to their dark hegemony and future guarantees of more violence for both nations. Both nations will call the opposition terrorists while ignoring their own terrorism.
And so the wheel turns in cultures corrupted by power, $$$$$ and nationalism based on perverted notions. The ignorance and folly cannot be over stated. If people want to help bring this to an end, it is no secret that voting for independents dedicated to sanity is necessary to start a long road to a peaceful, non-militarized, non-corporate culture. Neither Dems nor Thugs can be trusted - history has proven this.


The World will not take the Palestinian cause seriously until Palestinians and Arabs do so; this will mean, that all Palestinians and Arabs must wake up; they must rise as lions, they must physically converge upon Palestine with the intention of reclaiming that which is rightly theirs, they must even just walk and march, if no means of transport is available, in large numbers, they must physically take themselves back to their rightful homes and possessions. This is a big ask, but the prize for success could not be larger; you will face extreme opposition to your return, there will be bullets bombs and explosives used to stop you, many will die, BUT, have we not noticed, many have been dying, over just the last fifty years, and that will continue for the next fifty years, unless Palestinians and Arabs rise-up and honour their Nations history, proven and endured in peace for these many millennia past; Rise-up I say, and caring people of the World will rise up with you. Do not pause because you think President Trump will be your saviour, he will not, he is a false prophet. We have witnessed the recent invasions of refugees into Europe from the Middle East; did you notice? they could not be stopped, they marched single mindedly with one intention, to live somewhere else, and they have succeeded. Palestinians and Arabs must emulate that example, go peaceably, but go, go in the supreme certainty that your cause is just, and go in the knowledge that “Ye are many and they are few”. If your current leaders will not organise and support this, then, they are not worthy, get some new ones who will. You must also realise, this message is the last “call”, the last chance to establish your future survival. Amen.


USHistory has plenty of example of citizens being fired on by us government

Ludlow Massacre April 20, 1914 https://zinnedproject.org/materials/ludlow-massacre/

Bonus Army March and Encampment of 1932 http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/bonusarmy.htm

Kent State May 4, 1970 https://www.kent.edu/may-4-historical-accuracy

But I agree that we must stand up and speak out against fascism as in personal encounters If one does not stand up against bullies that person will continue to be victimized.


Because of people like; Netanyahu, Trump, Putin, and Assad, who stand on their version of a Holy book wrapped in their countries flag, defecating on both, we are drawn closer to nuclear winter. Apparently, these great symbols give then the right to kill “the other”.


Meanwhile, up in liberal Canada…


It is now looking like this guy was not a “film maker” or “Palestinian Journalist” which is being reported with minimal evidence. Seems he may have been on the Hamas payroll and was a Hamas operative. NPR reports: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/israel-says-slain-journalist-was-a-hamas-spy-the-us-had-just-approved-a-grant-for-his-company/2018/04/10/355cfe58-3cdc-11e8-955b-7d2e19b79966_story.html?utm_term=.ef68e2c17a2b I am especially surprised to see this article describe what happened as being a “peaceful demonstration.” It was anything but that. Hamas ordered thousands to the border and shot live ammunition at the Israeli defense forces. They threw molotov cocktails and rocks at the them also. It was no where near a peaceful demonstration.


My guess is you are not living in the Arab world and you do not intend on joining in and being an active part of any invasion of Israel.


Nut-and-Yahoo is today’s Hitler–yet we consider Israel a “good ally”!