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Abortion Can't Be Stopped


Abortion Can't Be Stopped

D-L Nelson

Attempting to stop abortions by outlawing them will be as unsuccessful as prohibition was in stopping the making, sale, distribution and drinking of alcohol. That doesn’t seem to deter judges, legislators and crusaders from thinking that overturning Roe v Wade will magically eliminate abortion.

Abortion has always existed. In ancient Egypt, women inserted crocodile dung in their vaginas to abort unwanted children.


As a man, I suggest that anyone with a penis who opposes safe, responsible choice should have his private part violated with a rusty coat hanger clumsily scraping this and that way. Peace–to all that will safeguard it.


I very much appreciate Nelson’s making this point, but it occurred to me as I read that those who would make others’ choices know better (with one notable recent exception, but he’s a dumkopf) than to threaten to penalize women for having elective abortions. Instead they go after providers of medical care. Where and when abortion is illegal or unavailable, women become desperate enough to risk their lives, This, it seems to me, is the point pro-choice campaigns miss, that pregnancy can be life-threatening, both directly, medically, and by the desperation to which it can drive a woman. You can’t treat that kind of desperation by threatening doctors with prison for relieving it.

And women don’t have “their babies aborted.” They seek competent medical care for a biological condition. May it be available, legal, and for the most part unnecessary.


Within the past century transportation improvements have resulted in abortion criminalization simply meaning that abortion was prevented or limited only to those who could not afford to travel to wherever abortion was (or is) accessable.

The wealthy and the politicians they own have always been able to and will always be able to get abortion on demand while they prevent or limit access to those who can’t afford to.


The writer is correct, abortion can’t be stopped, but unfortunately women can. I predict that when Roe falls, repug. states will make abortion a death penalty offence for women, creating the biggest oxymoron situation in the world.


abortion is a medical choice. i once had a woman become irate with me because i had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, that’s how hateful the anti choice can get. of course it has never happened to them, an unwanted pregnancy, where is the line to adopt these babies? or rather who is in line to adopt them?


Not to mention what it is to carry a pregnancy to term, wanted or not. I’m sorry for your experience with the ectopic alone, but especially being harassed for getting the lifesaving surgery.


This War on Women’s Rights must stop.

Nobody, especially government has any right to demand a woman keep an unwanted fetus in her body for a full 9 months. Nobody.

Women have shown their ability to unite, and any movement towards overthrowing Roe vs. Wade, must spark the revolution to overthrow this government.

I will be on the front lines with you ladies.


Good article but it buried the lede, way down in the page, weakening the point. This should have been at the top, in a two point short version, then you can repeat it down the article where you can fill it out. By putting it at the top you prepare the reader for your point later on.

Also, a slight correction to Dr. Gerstley’s ID and a suggestion as to form:

Before Roe, Philadelphia General Hospital kept 32 beds for patients who had botched abortions, according to Dr. Louis Gerstley III, chief of their Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic from 1956 to 1976. Other doctors said their hospitals reserved similar numbers of beds for women dying from botched abortions.

Before and after Roe the number of deliveries was about the same, he said, but the number of deaths dropped markedly after Roe.

One more point, not about abortion per se but about the importance of women to “the church” (Catholic), When I was in Catholic school (3rd through 12th grades) I remember being taught about the brave women martyrs who died or killed themselves rather than be raped. It was just taken in at the time as a statement of fact. Much later I realized this was not unlike “honor” killings. The Catholic Church (and a few others) would prefer a dead woman to a live woman who had any kind of sex outside of or without marriage willing or unwilling. When I was very small I remember hearing my own grandmother tell my mother (divorced, in the 1940’s) that the divorce made her a “used” woman, she had to be careful.
While this isn’t about abortion per se it reveals (once again) the framework for the disregard of women, to the point that death is better than “dishonor.”


Thanks for the strong support of women. It’s mostly about men’s hurt feelings when they can’t control women as possessions. The whole focus on pregnancy harks back to the “flowerpot” understanding of reproduction, that even if the man isn’t implanting a homunculus, his contribution to the embryo is what makes it a human being, and therefore the embryo is his possession. And even if it’s not his own as an individual, this is one place where men tend to band together — if this woman has the right to rid herself of that man’s precious seed, another woman may choose to rid herself of mine. But it is indeed her body. It’s going to affect her body and her life more than his. We have to stop running things on hurt feelings.


These same idiots who want to make abortion illegal also are against birth control! Huh??? Let’s see it is also personal not political. For men": Why don’t we make viagra illegal?


Never got that-it’s like saying that one does not have a mother. Everyone alive has or had a mother.


Yeah, can you imagine a strange politician entering your bedroom? Absolutely shows that the USA is a few steps behind a theocracy.


An ectopic is life threatening as you know sorry about that. These anti choicers are part of a cult of insanity.


These same A hats are also against birth control including condoms! Nope, when Roe is even more threatened- planned parenthood will get more donations!


Never got that but is is true. They are the biggest hypocrites we’ve ever laid eyes upon.


And very rarely does the press mention any longer that the original reasoning –
though not very wise – which made abortion illegal was to protect women from butchers
who performed abortions.

Subsequently, it was doctors and hospitals who asked lawmakers to deal with the damage
they were seeing done to women by self-done abortions which did or didn’t work – and to
make abortion legal.


Maybe no abortion :: no sex would work?

But probably also some other avenues to be explored.



Well that’s enough to make one think twice about denying a woman her right to safe abortion.