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Abortion Restrictions Poised to Fall Like Dominoes in Wake of SCOTUS Ruling



"This decision has opened the door to go state by state, legislature by legislature, law by law, and restore access to safe, legal abortion."

One could only hope, however, it seems far more likely to end up back-firing as it has potential to become a rallying-point issue for the Evangelical right to persuade constituents who might have otherwise abstained from voting this cycle. The Republicans have historically been quite effective in unifying their ranks through specific appeals to single issue voters. This, needless to say, is a hot button topic in the Great Heartland and revulsion over the decision is already generating waves of negative response. It would be a grave error to underestimate the predilection towards theocracy in the region.


The Texas law HB2 was struck down by SCOTUS but there are still no plans in the state legislature to reinstate funding of the myriad clinics that closed as a result of the funding withdrawal. States will follow the Texas model and withdraw funding and remaining clinics will be forced to close their doors. And so it goes.


The SCOTUS decision on women's reproductive rights is significant, if addressed honestly. Opponents will certainly try other ways to restrict women's civil rights and health care - they have said they will.

Texas passed their unconstitutional restrictive law with the clear intention to deny women in need services. That act led to closing and loss of reproductive health providers/clinics in Texas and their illegal actions cost women great expense to gain services they needed and were denied. The states, especially Texas, should compensate individuals and health care providers for their losses. Clinics should be rebuilt quickly with no official obstructions and staffed, and those costs should be compensated or underwritten in some manner - or the state fined.


These anti-abortionists make me wish I were never born.
I hate seeing their ugliness ruin this world.