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Abortion Rights Activists Condemn Congressional 'Witch Hunt' against Medical Researchers



This strange obsession of so many US "lawmakers" and others with other people's sexual lives and privacy seems to have no end. What do people do in "bathrooms" in the USA, that States ban transgender users? Abortion is legally an issue of women's privacy, but now any chance of that is gone. When will those in charge deal with real issues of justice and crime, perhaps reducing the deaths of toddlers and their gun victims, often their parents, or children or pregnant women killed by "our" intervention in their countries without invitations?


When are women in this country going to get smart and standup together and demand that this shite stop. WE too are of the human race and we are in no way weakest of the sexes. We bleed blood all the time, we are the givers of life, and all this just makes us only stronger. Aye, the givers of life, is that the rub? To control “life”, is that the object or this domination of women?

We must become more determined to rise and crush those who would and are trying to once again enslave and disempower our rights to our own bodies.

Those of you trying to weaken women and their resolve……stand back or be prepared to be removed or disappeared into the abyss that is meant for us, the female of the specie, and all this is perpetuated by some very demented and sick men. Not all men are so in fear of sharing the world with others of their specie.

The world is a very diverse place and it has only survived and gone forward by the means of its vast diversity. Diversity is an instrument of survival and no one plan can work without contributions of others. Back off!!!!


Here! Here!


As has recently been re-confirmed, there has been a long term alliance between "pro-life" fanatics and
White Supremacist fanatics. In the Trump campaign we have seen these White Supremacists becoming
more visible -- including their violence. Two of the murderers of doctors at women's clinics were very
specifically linked to White Supremacists. One can only wonder if Mrs. Blackburn is doing some of their
dirty work for them?

Meanwhile, we also have to be looking at our own government and DOJ which continue to ignore these
connections and the "domestic violence" and terrorism at women's clinics. Arson, bombings, threats,
intimidation have continued on closing down women's clinics all over the US. Murder of doctors has not
even caused our DOJ nor our government to become interested in this "pro-life" violence.

And now, as he departs, President Obama is pushing a Supreme Court nominee who is a favorite of
anti-abortion Senator Orrin Hatch?