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Abortion Rights are Under Attack all Over the Globe



I had no idea the statistics were this high:

"Every year 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions — most of them in the 66 countries that ban the procedure outright or the 59 others who limit its application to a strict set of medical circumstances. That’s according to the most recent available data from the Center for Reproductive Rights."

This is one of countless sets of statistics that demonstrate global misogyny and how patriarchy uses religion, law, cultural taboos, economic restrictions, and pure martial muscle to control, limit, punish, and direct women's lives.

And so many who claim to be Leftists and/or Progressives think the matter of women's rights--and gender equality--are "identity politics" and somehow competitive with the ONLY prism through which they view national and global events: that of Capitalism.

As I have argued--and will continue to argue--had there been no hierarchy ALREADY in place due to patriarchy's unequal ranking system (set) between the genders, capitalism could never have achieved its ideological foothold. First came the PREMISE of unequal rank and subsequent systems of domination... THEN came capitalism. Correcting the latter without understandings its causative formation will do little to alter the experience and status of women both inside the U.S. and around the world. Ditto, the experience and status of Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, etc.


The statistics don't seem high to me at all. There's roughly 3500 million women in the world, about a third of them might be of childbearing age. (very very very very roughly)

I'd be surprised if the real number of people* who die in abortions wasn't very much higher.

*people would be the people who are able to gestate those fetus', not the potential people that those fetus' might have been (had they been wanted).


Kinder, Kueche, Kirche!


I hope anyone who cares about this issue has seen this very gripping movie

IMHO, compulsory viewing for all high schoolers