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'Abortion Up to Conscience, Not Government,' Declared Bernie Sanders... in 1972

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/abortion-conscience-not-government-declared-bernie-sanders-1972

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Bernie Sanders has had a lifetime of progressive thoughts and ideas that he carries with him to this day. Bernie has understood the role of government from day one and will use his experience and knowledge to create a administration for the people, by the people and of the people. Elizabeth Warren’s town hall last night was great, good thoughts, good plans, a great compliment to Bernie’s great ideas. What a great combination of compassion and intelligence! We have two fine people here, what a ticket for 2020!?! Peace

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Sanders has been saying the same things over and over for more than 40 yrs and been CONSISTENT. Bernie Sanders is the real deal.


Great (Senior) Minds think alike!   After being betrayed by O’Bummer and P’Loser in 2009 I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” for President & V.P. in 2012 and again in 2016.  If they’re not on the ballot in 2020 –
in either order – I’ll write them in again.  There’s no way I’ll vote for a corporate stooge like Bait-Oh, Buy-Done, Booger or Buddy-Geek.   Honest Bill Weld would be a better choice than 90% of those running for the DamnocRatic nomination (better than anyone other than Bernie or 'Beth).

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For over 30 years pickets have been holding signs in front of our Planned Parenthood building. For them it’s murder and an obsession. For many women its an unwanted tumor and not a person, yet.

This is the difference between Bernie and every other candidate running in the Democratic primary. Bernie has displayed integrity, jousting at windmills when necessary.

Also, you can look up his position on civil rights, where he organized on the South Side of Chicago when he was young. Also, his opinion of dirty little wars is rather spectacularly consistent and admirable. Finally, he was proactively dragging climate change into his 2016 presidential debates as a critical issue.

I can’t name another politician with this level of long integrity, not in my lifetime. I judge Bernie with qualitatively different standards than I use for most politicians.

Elizabeth Warren gets honorable mention for also being on Wall Street’s persona non grata list.


Multiple GOP controlled states have been organized (by guess who) under a single banner, to pass state laws that they know to be constitutionally disallowed, under Roe vs Wade. The strategy is to push these cases onto the Supreme Court, where they think they now have enough votes to overturn Roe vs Wade.

‘They’ never quit. I go to church this Sunday to pray for womans’ rights (Not!).

To those archaic political consultants who still think in terms of ‘geographic balance’, ‘cultural identity inclusions’, and ‘religious denominations coverage’, I say: “Get back onto your Pullman Car, and chug-a-chug away please.” We have a winning team par excellence here! Leave us be!