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'About As Evil As It Gets': As State Reopens, Ohio Urges Employers to Snitch on Workers Who Stay Home Due to Covid-19 Concerns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/about-evil-it-gets-state-reopens-ohio-urges-employers-snitch-workers-who-stay-home


NEVER was I happier knowing that i am an independent contractor. WOW. This is some creepy crap right here. This all may be delivering victory to the dims yet, if the deplorables in these red states get sick enough and cannot work or finally grow a brain cell or two and realize what is happening.


As long as the allowing is allowed to continue - it will get worse. The “allowing” must stop, or we all deserve what will become all of our new normal - A fascist state, which we are becoming faster every day.


Workers or runaway slaves?


Sounds pretty much like involuntary servitude to me. In the USA this is constitutionally legal if one is a prisoner so it appears everyone in the USA is a prisoner.

I do not see there being much of a choice left to the worker it the only choices are "work or you starve and become homeless)


Give 'em 20 lashes and put 'em in stocks in the public square, dammit!!

“What we have here is a failure to communicate!” Strother Martin in “Cool Hand Luke”.


Just when I was starting to think De-whine had part of a brain, at least. He was a radical congressman when I was in grad school in Ohio in the 80s. Should have known a leopard can’t change his spots.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
Apparently, in Ohio, humans can be treated like farm animals… Do these businesses test employees every day, or are they expected to die for their employer and die on the job too?
Wow, and we all thought the meat packing plants would be awful------ a person would think that OSHA would object to employers treating workers as disposable if the odds of getting the illness is high on that particular job.
Do these jobs offer insurance, so that if employees die from illness acquired from their jobs that their families can get some compensation for the loss the family’s income ?
Will Ohio require hazard pay for some industries? Will that include funeral costs?
I never though that Simon Legree would ever be a real life boss. But—it seems so! : (

Well—we re still light years away from that ,"More Perfect Union, " aren’t we. : (


I am not in favor of peoples going back to work into unsafe conditions, such as unclean kitchen.
Unless my job is cleaning the kitchen.

Below is the form that an Ohio posted to gain info on workers who do refuse to come back to work.


Fraud is more likely found in the family restaurant where the owner lays off his wife and four adult children. This gains the family about $3,500 each week in Ohio.

The site is encrypted. The state will immediately cancel the workers claim. The worker may appeal the denial. This is not an immediate hearing. Weeks may pass before anyone in Ohio can make decision. The state will try to reach the worker and notify - usually by Mail.

If direct deposit, it is easy for Ohio to go and clawback.


I think the deal was the employer gets a loan to carry thru the shutdown and not lay off any employees. The employer’s hands are pretty much tied there.

Now if the employees don’t want to return to work they have two options, quit and lose benefits or go back to work.

The fact that some get more money on unemployment does not help the situation either.

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keep making them revolutionaries, suits.

it’s coming for ya.


It is times like these that I am glad we have a Democrat House and a strong minority leader in the Senate. It makes all the difference. Can you imagine what ti would be like if we had a duopoly governing the county?


As of my last daily update, Ohio’s pandemic was still accelerating. They recorded 2874 confirmed new cases in the past five days and only 2743 confirmed cases in the previous five days. Reopening is only going to make this ratio worse. With constant exponential acceleration, the deaths will only stop in Ohio (maybe) after the virus burns through most of Ohio’s population.

Oh, and the clean states will soon have nothing to do with anybody from Ohio unless they have been quarantined for 14 days. Try doing business under that disadvantage for a year or so! 32 other states are currently reducing the number of new confirmed cases versus older cases. Those states will soon be happy to do business with each other without the quarantine problem.

my daily statistics updates are at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Republican dictionary

Covid-19 fraud: Protecting yours and others’ lives

Voter fraud: Exercising your democratic right

Welfare fraud: Relying on the commons to survive


Do they not have workplace safety laws which are mandated to be posted in all workplaces?

Also (and I make this point again), if Covid-19 caused facial pustules to breakout, would someone from Ohio be required to work near/with someone with such? No (except maybe in GA, KY and Mississippi).

Since you cannot “see” if your coworker has the virus, then the only sure way to make sure the workplace is safe for employees is through testing.

No test. No work.


I,too, thought Mr. DeWine might have a bit of a soul. Turns out, when the choice is between The Party and human lives, he’ll go for the Party. As for being snitches, oh, yeah, the US of Abuse has trained its citizens well. When our town went all out for reporting “blight” in order to raise funds lost when entire neighborhoods were destroyed by federal right of eminent domain, man, people were calling out their neighbors for allegedly overgrown lawns when in fact they had planted native species instead of the “normal” grass. One man was re-doing a house that was worth more to the city if it was demolished, so they claimed he’d not gotten building permits or they had expired. Oh, yeah, we’re real good at snitching on each other. It’s part of totalitarian regimes.
And I heard a Boeing exec having an orgasm on-air as he announced the 737 Max was going back into production, even though they have over 400 in storage. And no one will buy the things with their corporate reputation.


This is the kind of mentality totalitarian systems breed. It was known in Nazi Germany as ‘denunciation’, brother against brother, often committed for personal gain but more often out of unreflective thought processes (propaganda/indoctrination) that mirrored the core ingredients of fascist ideology: Hatred and Fear. We are way past the entrance to the abyss that is fascism…


Not quite right. Employers who get the Paycheck Protection Program loan are required to keep paying most of it out as wages in order to convert it from a loan to a grant, in which case the employee no longer qualifies for unemployment. However, that does not mean the employee has to report to work.

Forcing people to report to work in unsafe working conditions should be, and is, illegal, in which case the employee is entitled to unemployment benefits.


The administration announced that they don’t see any further relief for workers just now. I still haven’t seen a $1200 check. Bullshit. Take care of the people or recall every stinking give -away dollar to corporate America. Just how far down the toilet are we supposed to go before screaming for help and having the administration answer in the positive?


The repubs and rumplethinskin are unsure of their victory in November so they are hedging their bets. They will grab every drop of wealth they can and burn everything else to the ground. Only transformative change will save us and the dems give us a brain addled, ‘nothing will fundamentally change’ candidate. Between the wreckage left by rump, this virus, endless war and climate change, that will not cut it. Welcome to every apocalyptic novel and film ever written coming true.