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'About Damn Time': Louisville Police Chief Moves to Fire One of the Officers Involved in Breonna Taylor Killing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/about-damn-time-louisville-police-chief-moves-fire-one-officers-involved-breonna

Three Cops, 20 Bullets, 98 Days.



This is no victory. He still has his license and can be hired with another PD. If charged, he has to be convicted (rare), and if convicted, going to prison has no effect on his pension (if he/she possessed the time). Limited Liability is a license for murder. To Serve and Protect should been something aside from a License to Kill. Take their guns, tasers, clubs, etc. Defund all of them (PDs. FBI. DEA, DHS, ICE, etc–ALL of them by fifty percent as starters. Remove this BS limited liability clause which is only legalizing murder. Get them on the streets and out of vehicles. Only SWAT and those especially trained should be armed for those calls requiring tactical assistance. Regular officers must obtain permission from a supervisor to respond armed…Penalizes for violations should be severe. If that is the case for us as citizens, the law and rules should apply to them.without exception. Most fail to realize we live in a Police State and have for decades. Get arrested and you will get a very rude awakening unless you are connected. Cops, whatever the badge and uniform, ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Ask anyone involved in BLM, Brown, Yellow, or MidEastern


I would only disagree with regards to SWAT teams, they are the worst of the worst, and have no business being on US police departments.

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The Huff Post story linked in this story, states the 3 cops have been on administrative leave for 3 mo., but doesn’t say whether it has been paid or with out pay. I can only hope it hasn’t been a 3 mo. paid vacation, at the taxpayers expense.

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One of three. No. What needs to happen is to relieve police officers of their weapons. That changes the face of policing immediately. If you can’t police without a gun, perhaps you aren’t suited to interact with people. If a police officer needs tactical backup, after making a full assessment of all surrounding circumstances and safety issues, support can be called.

At most, S.W.A.T. should be hanging around the department washing and detailing their vehicle and equipment as firemen do 95% of their careers.
In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass.

IMO they must be abolished, their tactics have no place in law enforcement, only on the battlefield.

While I tend to agree, what is the response to a situation like the one in California I think, where the bank robbers are donned in bullet proof suits and armed better than a lot of our military are, and using armor piercing bullets.
Maybe we need to invent shock grenades that are fired from an M-79 type weapon to lob these shells in.

There’s got to be alternatives to SWAT. Don’t know if you saw the SWAT story I posted the other day. A young cop I know through his parents was bragging to me about being set up along a road as a sniper, and had orders to kill the driver of a vehicle when he came by, the drivers crime, failing to yield to blue lights. Thankfully the driver didn’t make it that far. Our conversation didn’t end well for him.