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About Last Night


About Last Night

Michael Winship

I come to you more from sorrow than from anger, President Trump seemed to be trying to say when he addressed the nation Tuesday night. But he was lying, of course, and the effect was more like that of the Big Bad Wolf dressing up in grandma’s nightgown than a person truly concerned with the fate of anyone other than himself.


Trump 2016 was a novelty that low information voters found quite appealing. Fortunately, much of the novelty will have reached its “sell by” date by 2020. Trump is desperate to keep his base engaged. Hopefully, the monster truck series gets back in gear soon in a serious way…


Should we impeach him? Should we jail him for his crimes? Or just exile him? Maybe he’ll just exile himself? I truly don’t feel he is a “fellow citizen”, do any of you? Yes, he was born here and has every “right” to be here but for me, he doesn’t feel like an American. It feels to me as if he were his own country, separate from the rest of us. Or maybe I’m outta place in my own little realities???


The nation of Mar al Ego. He’s mad that he didn’t get to wear his new tux.


You are totally correct.
In addition to his malignant narcissism and stupidity, his gleeful cruelty is what really sets him apart from the human race that is trying to evolve.


The Trumpers had 2 years to build a wall.
The Trumpers had 2 years to repeal Obamacare.

Instead, the Trumpers gave Rachel Maddow another tax cut.


Dumbty Trumpty sat on the Wall
Dumbty Trumpty had a great Fall
All the Saudi kings horses
and all Netanyahu’s men …


No it’s not just you my dude. Trump is as ignorant of a human being as you will ever find. And I agree with you when you say it feels as though he is not an American. He has done everything in his power to show how much he hate our nation. AGIAN I SAY THIS SYSTEM MUST DIE!


…couldn’t put Trumpty together again.

Has he not been ethically morally broke from the beginning?
The '80’s Joan Rivers interview eerily shows he hasn’t changed.
MSN declared Trump won the argument last night.
MSN, another Seattle corporation friend of Boeing,
Amazon, Costco, fossil fuel export terminals on BNSF lines.


The danger here comes in providing pretext for a coup. This could come from people nominally aligned with or against Trump, with difference outside an alteration of story.

Whatever coupsters engage will say that they do this for all sorts of fine motives, but that will not change the results of military government.

The ability of cabinet members to just “correct” a president’s foreign policy already approaches something of the sort.


I’m guessing that Stephan Miller wrote the speech. He’s even more bigoted than Trump. He hates any form of immigration. He’s caused the derailment of several bill that addressed immigration. He has to go. He just fuels Trump’s bigotry. A lot of the tales they tell about illegal immigrants are patent lies.


I can’t remember which station I saw him on----but I thought he was having trouble breathing–or does he always sound like that? I usually don’t listen to him, I just read things.


Build the wall. It will be worth it when we drop Trump buck naked on the Southern side.


With most economists predicting a recession or depression in a few years, it will become the Berlin Wall of North America and keep Americans from escaping.


He’s sounded that way since debating HRC. Any time he can’t just riff to his cheering crowds.