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About Time! FDA Will Begin Testing Foods for Toxic Weedkiller Residue



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Given that the regulatory agencies have largely been sold to the corporations they once were tasked to regulate, Monsanto will likely "consult" with the FDA on the best "testing protocols" to be used.


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"About Time!" That's right up there with the all-time classic understatements. The way government, media, and the corporate agri-business establishment have perverted their missions to promote the GMO food project is so monumental that it is hard to "get your head around it." It's so pervasive that it's hard to see. (Similar to neoliberal economics, actually)

I recommend to everyone here that you read the linked article from Civil Eats. Plenty of info there, such as:

The GAO reported that it found multiple deficiencies in the FDA’s pesticide residue testing program, and specifically cited a failure to test for glyphosate, which the GAO called the “most used agricultural pesticide.”

“Maybe we shamed them into it,” said John Neumann, a spokesman for the GAO FDA report. Neumann said the GAO did not demand that FDA conduct such testing, but said at the very least, FDA needed to disclose the lack of testing. (emphasis added)

Plus, further useful links, such as a Mark Bittman (NYT) opinion piece, Stop Making Us Guinea Pigs, where you'll enjoy this:

While we’re at it, let’s finally start labeling products made with genetically engineered food. Right now, the only way we can be sure to avoid them is to buy organic food. If G.M.O.s were largely beneficial to eaters, manufacturers would proudly boast of products containing them. The fact is that they have not. To date, G.M.O.s and other forms of biotech have done nothing but enrich their manufacturers and promote a system of agriculture that’s neither sustainable nor for the most part beneficial.

Also linked is the GAO report, including a highlights page.

Meanwhile, during the time we've all been turned into unwilling glyphosate guinea pigs:

Glyphosate use by U.S. farmers rose from 12.5 million pounds in 1995 to 250 million pounds in 2014, a 20-fold increase, while global use rose from 112.6 million pounds in 1995 to 1.65 billion pounds in 2014

This is everybody's Flint.


Sorry about your friends' son.

Yes, the usage increases are mind-boggling. There was a set-to at The Guardian a few months ago (Might've been here, too; I don't remember.) about how they're spraying the bejesus out of parts of Hawaii now.


Yes, which will probably involve no testing. Makes it really easy to report "no problems found."


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I'm thinking that Hillary wouldn't give a shit, but Bernie's government might be more responsible.


That's right. Everything is connected. Why do our government watch dogs have no power? Because corporate funded "elected" officials vote to defund our regulatory agencies, pass laws written by these same corporations, and ignorant citizens re-elect these corrupt politicians. Human Beings are inexplicably unable to respect, nurture and protect the very home that has given us our lives.


Ironic. They've just come up with a way to genetically modify blood components that will attack and kill cancer tumors caused by Monsanto pesticides for its genetically modified plants.


If Hillary admonishing attendees at a GMO cartel convention (in San Diego, June 2014) to "put a more positive spin on GMOs so young Americans stop shunning GMOS" (the young voters that she needs to win in 2016) is any indication, Hillary will certainly "give a shit". She will be furious that the FDA is shining a light on an industry that greases the Clinton family income skids.


When you or I mention this, we are labeled conspiracy theorists.

When Wall Street bank analysts mention this, its called vertically integrated investment...profit on the deadly product, profit again when people become ill, profit again getting contribution to rersearch "cures", profit again when they die.


Well, before we write-off our tribesmates - and ourselves - I think it is helpful to remain mindful of what we're up against. Anyone raised in this country has been saturated with the ideas that we are fighting against. I read one time (Chomsky, I think.) that Americans are the most indoctrinated humans in history - so effectively so that it exists beneath the level of consciousness. We are marinated in a miasma of misinformation. That's hardly natural.

In fact, I think it's how profoundly unnatural it is to, for example, buy into the idea that tax cuts for the rich will help the poor, that can - should - offer us a lot of hope. That's a really stupid idea, and it should be helpful to be more forward about saying so. Likewise with GMOs. and.......


Was that the one where she said we need "a new vocabulary" (for manufacturing consent for GMOs)? Quite the "PR speak"-devotee is Mme. Secretary.

HRC is without doubt "all in" on GMOs.

Throw the bums out!


Technical point: Glyphosate is a herbicide. The article refers to it as a pesticide at a couple of places.


I'm talking about human beings in general. Where did the ideas we are saturated with come from?


Most people refer to pesticides in a general way. They kill pests of one form or another. Herbicides kill weed pests. Insecticides kill insect pests, fungicides kill fungus pests, etc.


From everywhere. From everything we see, hear, smell, touch and feel. Our parents, family, playmates, teachers. All of our TV, radio, reading, talking, etc. The entirity of our "system inputs," aka our socialization.

I assume we agree that all humans are culturally immersed. I was raised/socialized in the U.S.A., so that's what I'm most familiar with. It's also what I've read about and studied the most, by far, so that's where I "went with it." (I guess my inner provincialism is showing, despite my best efforts. :slightly_smiling: )

One citation for your specific question about saturation:

"... by [20th] century's end the average American was exposed to an estimated one million commercial appeals per year." (Thomas Frank, One Market Under God: Extreme Capitalism, Market Populism, and the End of Economic Democracy, p. 253)

And two for its implications:

"THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country." (Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda. Pdf, p. 3)


"To avoid such confusion, society consents to have its choice narrowed to ideas and objects brought to its attention through propaganda of all kinds. There is consequently a vast and continuous effort going on to capture our minds in the interest of some policy or commodity or idea." (Ibid., p. 5)

In a nutshell, I was trying to say that there are countless attempts to influence us, all around us, all the time. And that, in such circumstances, humans' inability "to respect, nurture and protect the very home that has given us our lives" is at least somewhat explicable.


"FDA officials dubbed the issue 'sensitive'" -- oh dear me - you mean they don't want to be 'found out' ??
Too late - we are ALL watching - the rest of the world is already passing laws to prevent their people from being pulled into the whole mess - and now we have this monster 'trade agreement' TPP etc trying to get us so tied up that the next time we discover what is killing us we would be POWERLESS to change anything because Monsanto et al will actually be able to prevent us from passing any new rules ? Has the world gone completely mad ? We are in the last throes of any possible civil discussion before outright REVOLUTION will be our only way to change anything - this is all your fault BigBusiness - so sad to realize what a bunch of cheats & liars BigBusiness actually is - all for the glory of MONEY - the stuff you never have enough of !!!


I don't really expect much from the FDA or the USDA. Both agencies are revolving doors for the Monsanto's and big Pharma of the world. Such grandstanding is an indignity to all. A good read is, "The World According to Monsanto" which exposes joint cooperation between the agencies and Monsanto, with an extensive chapter on glyphosates.