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"About Time": Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Over Porter Ranch


"About Time": Jerry Brown Declares State of Emergency Over Porter Ranch

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Following months of pressure from activists and residents, California Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday issued a state of emergency over the Porter Ranch gas leak that has been pouring tens of thousands of kilograms of methane into the air surrounding the community since October.

The order means "all necessary and viable actions" will be taken to stop the leak and ensure that the Southern California Gas Company (SoCal Gas), which owns the leaking natural gas injection well, is held accountable for the damage.


We're about 50 years past date for the "Planetary State of Emergency" to be declared, and "all necessary and viable actions" be taken to address the GLOBAL ECOLOGICAL EMERGENCY.


Yep, we are ssssooo behind the 8 ball... It's going going going gone... into the hole.. dark and .................


I hate to say this... but, there are ssssoooo many people, who ... are actually rather smart people... smart enough... but, when I mention some of these things, they look at me quietly.. and I say... well, you can look all this up.... especially about climate change... and peak oil. ...so... some time later.. .a week a month... I'll say.. "So, did you do that homework?" ... They did not... Why are people not CURIOUS TO LEARN.... Even someone who is generally interested and gets the brief amount of info in our conversation... still does not go ahead and read to inform themselves.... they will come back and look at me... and ask me the same questions... How did you learn all this?...


How bout a state of emergency for the deluded human mind? A couple of hundred years late methinks.


agreed, but I think it goes back further than that. :confused: we've been living under a destructive illusion for ages, a paradigm built on fear and separation and exacerbated by a money-market economy that has pervaded our lives to the extent we're not even aware of it. we've become, literally, the wardens of our own prison, as someone once said.


we're programmed from the first breath to fear, to be subservient to authority, to conform, to look to others--"the experts"--for the answers and resolutions. we're groomed to relinquish our critical thinking skills, our imagination and intuition, our courage. many of the "esteemed leaders" and "professionals" and such are often comparatively more programmed, which is why they rise to the top. the capstone elite ensure that this indoctrination trickles down into virtually all aspects of culture. generation after generation. so, this is in part why you encounter apathy; that, and most have been brainwashed into believing they are powerless to make meaningful change. it's not easy to wake up, particularly if you're not aware that you're asleep.


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"The order means "all necessary and viable actions" will be taken to stop the leak..."

What if they're necessary but not viable? What if they're viable but not necessary?

Will The Overlord$ ever let us know?


Excellent synopsis, looks like you're not asleep!


Most all of the politico's are on the take from BIIIIG OIL, and cringe in their boots when faced with having to confront them. Our Governor here in Colorado, John hickenlooper, puts us through similar hell and stands by while watching some of Colorado's residential areas are drilled and sets the legal arm of the state against local governments trying to protect their citizens. Many reas of Colorado are being polluted by fracking and oil drilling at sites which will most likely never get "reclaimed", forget global warming threats. Hickenlooper, the idiot, even boasts of drinking fracking fluid to prove it harmless. Where do these politicians come from? This one comes from the oil fields and made beer prior to "public service" as Denver's mayor. Beer, fracking fluid, whatever gets one off. The man even drinks mine waste polluted river water from the well publicized Animas River contamination in Colorado this past year. My point? California's jerry brown has nothing on Colorado's john hickenlooper.


And on this the politicians have long relied.


"We're (Americans are) all on the front lines of climate change"
Of course! America has led the world to this place.


The answer of course to their question is, "I stopped buying the BS of the MSM and sought out better sources of information...books and programs like "The Empire Files".


Our glorified and honored "founding fathers" were largely genocidal, slave-holding land speculators who created a government to serve themselves, and corporate control has increased steadily until today we have fascism.

Our "government" is doing just what it was designed for, - serving the ruling class, and the masses have been brainwashed into buying the illusion of the greatest freedom and peace-loving nation in history, while the truth may be closer to the opposite.


He sees you when you're sleeping

He knows when you're awake

He knows if you've been bad or good,

So be good for goodness' sake.


And where we live, Saskatchewan, our government is pushing carbon capture, a technology designed to continue creating green house gases that has been shown not to work [the capture part that is] but costs an incredible amount of money so they can continue burning coal in our province.

The level of criminality in our leaders is nothing short of mind boggling. We are in the sunniest and windiest province of this country and this is the best these criminals can come up with. These people are the top predators of the human race and seem quite comfortable with the idea of the extinction of our species and taking a huge number of species along with us in this death spiral. And who's going to complain about warmer weather in Canada anyway, right? As Marvin Gaye said, "Makes me want to holler"


Fun Fact: Governor Brown's sister is a paid board member of the company responsible for the leak. It's likely the state of emergency was initiated with a bit of bias. Anything Brown has to say about this should be taken with this in mind. It could be incredibly convenient for his sister that the tax payers may end up footing the bill. I am curious as to how much her position influenced his actions.
source: http://www.dailynews.com/government-and-politics/20151218/sister-of-california-gov-jerry-brown-on-socalgas-board
This source is claiming that Brown failed to comment or appeal to the locals for eight weeks into the crisis which also adds to my suspicions.
I am glad he initiated the state of emergency. Helping these people and fixing this threat is absolutely key. I don't trust the company to handle it properly. In an ideal world, the leak, evac, and health issues should be dealt with by an independent entity and the company responsible should be the ones who pay whatever cost it takes.
I just hope his hesitation to call for a state of emergency didn't have anything to do with this conflict of interest.


Yes indeed, so our collective delusion has become an ingrained tradition which is largely unexamined. That is why it is important for people to talk about the unknowing that dominates and shapes our culture.


I believe that 1 kg of natural gas will provide about a half a therm of energy. So 10 metric tonnes [10,000 kg] of natural gas would represent about 5,000 therms of energy lost over about 3 months. That could certainly heat a lot of homes. How many therms do you use per month?