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'About Time': Women's Groups Applaud Resignation of MSNBC Host Chris Matthews After 'Decades-Long History of Misogyny'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/03/about-time-womens-groups-applaud-resignation-msnbc-host-chris-matthews-after-decades


When I first heard the news and read his on air statement, I thought this may be more than just his debasement of Bernie. And so it was. Good riddance to yet another on air cretin.


Now if Joe Biden would retire from politics, we can move on with the only candidate who matters…The Bloom Man! JOKING!!! BERNIE2020.


He is a sacrificial lamb, nothing more. MSNBC can now sit back and say “see, we cleaned up our act. All is well, now”


The establishment is being attacked on all fronts. We must keep the pressure on. BERNIE2020!


I cut the cord on cable a long time ago, but Chris Matthews, being part of the zeitgeist, still found a way into my orbit. I wondered how he managed to survive #MeToo for so long.


Last night apparently Joe forgot the preamble to the Constitution.
My god it’s a made for tv spectacle in the making. Trump v Biden!
The prop bets alone will be worth watching for. Who will be first to meander off script into a diatribe about the “darkies”? Who will doze off? Who will start talking to dead people like their alive? What will happen first, Trumps wig falling off, or Biden’s teeth falling out? And of course, who will be first to fall off the stage, piss his pants, and yes, blame it on the “darkies”?
The possibilities are endless. Maybe it gets approved for a full season. “Grumpy (senile) Old Men”


Morning broadcast clap trap of MSNBC is laid bare this morning. The utter infantilization of the scurrilous manipulative, cloying appeal to mindless adolescent emotional irresponsibility should be illegal on a nationally broadcast program. Propaganda laid bare. This with the smug self righteous “umhmm, ya, umhmm,” daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski whose claim to fame is the “grand chessboard” strategy for US “primacy” requires from US citizens.
The child of Brzezinski earns her keep on a corporate juggernaut quietly modeling the submissive female unless ginning up self-righteous propaganda for the failing state modeling the appropriate posturing for any and all corporate wannabes.
Matthews gone with an entire cabal left scrambling for legitimacy. Enjoy the side show because the one thing it is not is “news” delivery!
Hows that grand chessboard thingy doin these days? Hmmm?

You cannot make this stuff up!!


BigB… You summed it up perfectly and completely with such dynamic imagery.

As I was getting dressed for work, I turned on Stephanie miller’s show, just so I could get my daily dose of passive aggression against Bernie. However, this morning, it has taken a turn to out right hostility.
You can see this phenomenon on nearly all the main stream and supposedly liberal news outlets since the debate in South Carolina last week. The wagons have been circled. The rifles have been passed down the line. The Democratic Party establishment has declared war on progressivism. The first battle is tonite.



So the big question is: Will Bernie run this time as an Independent if he is denied the nomination by his own party?


‘Till we meet again on Fox News with a big uptake in salary plus signing bonus, right Tweety Bird?..get lost.


“Hysterical” is the typical style of the most all the talk show hosts representing “the news”…don’t let the door hit you in the rear leaving CM!
Good riddance.


there is near zero chance of that. if he’s screwed, he’ll sheepdog again.

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Matthews’ version of an interview was him doing most of or all the talking. What a pompous know-it-all!


An Obnoxious Human Being who wore his Greed on his sleeve.

Matthew’s has an open distaste for the Working Class struggling to make a living, a contempt that he is unable to conceal.

From my perspective, aside from his condescending attitude toward women, he is Petrified that a Populist Hero for the Working Class will somehow increase his Taxes.

He is from the Ronald Reagan school of thought, Hey I Got My Share Of The Pie, To Hell With Everyone Else.

Bernie is a Threat to his amassed Fortune and he has no intention of unnecessarily parting with a Dime of his Money in order to make a more Equitable Society.

His Greedy reflexes automatically recoiled from the prospect of a Sander’s Administration and he lashed out at a Presidential Candidate that might force him to contribute more of his hard earned money to create a Society that benefits ALL Americans.

This attitude was obvious to anyone who has observed Mr Matthews for more than a few minutes, he is an Admirer of Reagan and the Bush Family and when he worked for Tip O’Neill, Speaker Of The House, he helped his boss make a deal with Reagan to Cut Social Security, mainly the Cost Of Living Adjustment, which cut Heating Oil, etc, for Millions of Elderly.

Therefore I say: Farewell Mr. Matthews, Au Revoir, Adieu, Ciao, Goodbye and Good Riddance.



I openly deride anyone I see watching msnbc.

Next up… Chuck Todd.


LOL. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a commenter so sure of what another commenter thinks/believes… so absolutely sure as to engage in vituperative verbal combat.

Relax. This is an anonymous comment thread. We have no way of knowing who any of these commenters are, or what they really think/believe. Some are just posturing. Some are trying out new ideas. Some are all over the map. Since we can’t possibly know what a commenter really believes, we also can’t possibly judge them.

I’m not criticizing your comment. Perhaps it is warranted. Perhaps not. That doesn’t matter. I’m only suggesting that we refrain from judging the commenter — because doing so is impossible — and restrict ourselves to evaluating/constructively criticizing the commenter’s arguments.

And by the way, I know perfectly well that I myself have transgressed against the foregoing suggestions. Yes. Many times. I beg forgiveness for having done so, and I pledge to do my very best to avoid doing so in the future.

Bottom line: Very few readers of these comment threads want to read vituperative verbal combat.


grow up.

he did exactly that the last election, so it’s not like there’s a precedent.

The adult world isn’t responsible for the maintenance and fluffing of your particular fantasy kinks.

How about Saturday Night Live or Steven Colbert? Bill Maher as gatekeepers, too?
The ditches are full of hit-and-run victims of MSM humorists serving the Oligarchs.
I really enjoy watching cable with folks who don’t watch TV regularly. The live studio audiences ( kabuki or agitprop ) pulls them in faster than the jaded viewers, almost every time. Then, their personal spaces get slammed by a talking head and, blaring righteous indignation!
At that point the Oligarchy says, " Gotcha sucker! ". Dragged you in, again. Soap Operas/Mini-Series-- a 21st Century of Eathly Delights for Cocooners.