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'About to Be Catapulted Off a Cliff': Study Shows 12 Million Set to Lose Jobless Benefits After Christmas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/about-be-catapulted-cliff-study-shows-12-million-set-lose-jobless-benefits-after

The Trump administration has been a total disaster.


I continue to suspect that Trump, McConman, and the other GOP goons are actual enemies of the USA.
Why? Because their actions and policies seem to be deliberate sabotage, ecocide, genocide, and destruction of what was good about America in just four years.
I see Trump using COVID as a bioweapon.
McConnell uses poverty as an economic political weapon.
He’s leaving Biden a huge, terrible nightmare, and will continue to obstruct whatever good Biden or any Dem tries to do.
The entire GOP uses voting sabotage and encouragement of right-wing vigilantes as a weapon against democracy itself.
These people are worse than foreign enemies.


Enemies of democracy certainly. Examples of capitalism run amok as well.

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No one does anything wrong given their model of the world.

75 million people voted for Trump again , you must see that this is very worrying.

Ours is not a better way ours is mearly another way .

Humanitys Team


The US Congress deserves a share of the blame, too.


I’m still waiting for my PUA money. I applied in June, and still no word from the Oregon Employment Dept. about whether my application is accepted or rejected. They don’t answer their phone or email. I finally sent a handwritten letter by U.S. Post Office weeks ago, and still no reply.


They are simply tools of the corporate, and whose fault is that? This past election set records for turnout and, if we can carry that momentum, perhaps the next election will replace at least a few of those.

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Humanity’s “team” is the team of earth-destroyers united in making babies, trashing the biosphere, tormenting and killing billions of innocent animals, vertical power hierarchies, raping Mother Earth, feckless consumerism, etc.
Our species is not born nice and then corrupted.
And we have become the earth-killing super-apex predator by being the most brutal, selfish, greedy, ecocidal, and technologically advanced animal ever seen.
The way of the GOP and Trump cult is the way of the most brutal among us.
Those of us who are true progressives–lovers of Mother Earth, defenders of the vulnerable and weak of any species, willing to sacrifice to fight back–don’t just have a different “model” of the world, we have conscience and ethics, and an in-born sensitivity to right and wrong.


The senate republicans will make sure no substantive relief is forthcoming in their goal of deep sixing Biden’s tenure. They will ensure the suffering of the populace and, after spending trillions and ballooning the deficit, they will now become deficit hawks and the “how are you going to pay for it” mantra will be resurrected, even as they push for more money for the banks and oligarchs. That suffering, they hope, will lead to them gaining more seats in the House and Senate in 2022 and lead back to a “worse than Trump” in 2024. I wouldn’t bet against them succeeding.



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At best the Dems will offer no resistance to it, and they will very likely actually help the Republicans get that result. The Dems would rather a right wing fascist take power than a progressive.


Hopefully, if and when Biden comes into the picture, he will then be able to provide some sort of economic assistance to the many millions of Americans who are now suffering.

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Seriously, I respectfully suggest you read the Federalist Papers especially #1 and #51 which deals with your one word response far more effectively than ever I could.

“All just power is derived from the consent of the governed” John Locke

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmond Burke

We live in a nation in which the people decide who represents them, and what they should be working on. People have all the power ( again those two papers) but sadly, in the words of Sam Adams:
“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”

My position remains aligned with those of these great men, we the people are responsible for our governance… And, equally importantly, we have the power to change what is wrong.

“Our doubts are traitors , and make us lose the good we might win, by fearing to attempt.” Wm. Shakespeare


Blame the voters. Gotcha.

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Thank You Maine, Kentucky , South Carolina , Iowa ,Jimmy Dore , Glen Greewald -------We don’t want Democrats to control the Senate they might actually do something???

Now you can just bitch that nothing gets done

The Gov of Iowa said masks were useless before the election and now she is putting a mandate in place------So how many people died from her mis-information???

I’m sorry ,I’d forgotten what an idiot you are. I assure you it won’t happen again.

Only a defective mind like yours could miss the simple point I made ( and reinforced with quotes).
Back under your rock now.

Again with the ad hominems. Find a new trick.

I expect you turn tricks

So lame.