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Abrams, Bergdahl and McCain


Abrams, Bergdahl and McCain

Christopher Brauchli

One man’s justice is another man’s injustice.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays, First Series

December 14, 2015, was a good day for John McCain. It was a less good day for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, General Robert Abrams, and the military justice system. It was a middling sort of day for the U.S. Constitution, although it hadn’t been directly involved except insofar as Mr. McCain showed once again that the kind of due process the Constitution contemplates can prevent desired outcomes in some criminal proceedings.


Insane (bomb, bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran) McCain is certainly a disgrace to the principle of civilian supervision of the military through the executive branch. The framers of the Constitution only intended that the legislative branch hold the power of the purse in funding war, not power of extortion over military matters. Oh, and there was that whole no standing army clause, which proved to be bad for immortal corporations that did not exist at the time (except in the minds of those like Jefferson, who envisioned such beasts growing up around private central banks, against which he fought). The US has the government its founders feared, not the one its founders designed.


The nice thing is that the general court can acquit Bergdahl. It need not convict him of anything. And if they acquit him unanimously....


If corruption , venality, vanity, unethical , dishonourable , crooked , murderous and evil all had a vote they would vote for Senator John McCain.

Given it established he a senator than it these "values" that in fact elected the man.

John McCain is a reflection of the total rot of the political system in the USA and an example of the type of man that best represents those so called "American Values" equally corrupt Presidents continually cite.

This IS that one percent. It how they think. These types of Politicians are the types the 1 percent wants in power the world over.

A truly terrifying prospect.


I am no fan of McCain for a lot of reasons (his political and private history speaks for itself), but the military is owned and controlled by the private sector so what he has done is not a surprise--And is done over and over, as it has been done for decades. As for Abrams, he is all about protecting his career so he's a coward and bootlicker. Bergdahl has a lot of emotional issues brought to light be several since his desert walk, trade, and incarceration: None of it good. He never should have been allowed to enlist and there was ample opportunity to boot him out prior to going to the ME. All that being said, he deserted, needs to do the time, or be shot by a firing squad. It's that simple for me. Being released after a short time some place does not make what he did right as he gets his way for another bad choice: Freedom, and freedom to fu** up some other sh**. Sorry. His experiment in living needs to come to an end. Oh, and for all of those who intend to attack me for not understanding, being an assho**, etc., save it. I served, am proud of it, and became anti-war and an activist, so I do understand: Perfectly. He had options to be a CO, to go AWOL where he could be successful and did none of those things. For me the issue is not that others did not die searching for him but that he broke the code, the rules, and was a coward. He needs to pay the price.




He will not be able to do that and get away with it. McCain wants blood. The General might as well take retirement (hope McCain doesn't come after him) and break his sword across his knee for he will be committing suicide.


I guess Abrams is perhaps more vulnerable than I thought -- he just got his fourth star. But he already has 33 pensionable years,

On the other hand, he comes from military "nobility": the son of Creighton Abrams, and the brother of a 4-star and a 1-star.

It'll be interesting--and instructive--to see whether the court sacrifices Bergdahl to McCain's punitive lust. Perhaps saddening, too.