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Abrupt Firing of Canadian Tar Sands Whistleblower Raises Eyebrows


Abrupt Firing of Canadian Tar Sands Whistleblower Raises Eyebrows

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A Canadian family physician who has served the the small community of Fort Chipewyan in northern Alberta for almost 16 years—and who rose to national prominence after raising concerns about the public health implications of tar sands—was abruptly fired last week and says he was given no explanation as to why.

The Nunee Health Board Society, which is the health authority in Fort Chipewyan (Fort Chip), fired John O'Connor in a four-sentence letter last Friday.


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Leave the filthy tar in the gound where it belongs human and environment are incompatible living with oil and oil based products. This man ought to sue the Canadian government which is taking its orders from the deadly tar sands extraction industry. Canada is no longer free


Was abruptly fired last week and says he was given no explanation as to why.

I do not need to give an explanation to why, because it is a no brainer to any but the most naïve. Progressives know why.


“Please be advised, Nunee Health Board Society may no longer provide credible professional services and patient consultation at the Fort Chipewyan Health Centre.” Society chairwoman Roxanne Marcel continues, “In addition, I have no authority to speak for or represent the Nunee Health Board Society in any way,” while biting her fingernails.


Why was he sacked? Pretty obviously to shut him up or discredit him Also, importantly to discourage others in a similar situation from being bold enough to speak out.
But what does this story telll us about the USA where ‘free speech’ is one of those inalienable rights enshrined in the Constitution? And what does it say about the environmental gencies who are supposed to watch out for hazardous pollution? They are curiously - or typically - silent on any problems to do with the nuclear or fracking industries.
i remember a little book by a New York journalist, Juan Gonzalez, called “fallout” - about the health issues after 9/11 - itemizing so many heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, etc and the effects these had on the health of so many firemen and First Responders, from many states, and giving chaper and verse about the cover-up by the City authorities and the EPA etc…
Earlier I acquired a thick volume on “Nuclear Lessons” which revealed a sorry catalogue of major and minor mishaps and near-disasters at nuclear power plants. Again the authorities - especially those supposed to watch over this industry like a hawk. - were to say the least very relaxed about any ‘risk’ to the public… It took the mega-disaster of Chernobyl to put a halt to the crazy gung-ho attitude of the industry and the politicians.
Maybe one day tar sands, fracking, and the GM industry too will be seen fort they are - crimes against humanity and the world on which we all depend. But hey - what’s that compared to the profits to be made!!! As the old saying goes '“Money Talks.”…


Oops! carelessly I confused Canada with the US - I wonder why? Both are of course part of the “free world” and subscibe to values of free speech etc.
As if…