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Absent Collective Action, WHO Warns Global Covid-19 Deaths Could Surpass Two Million Before Vaccine Is Ready

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/absent-collective-action-who-warns-global-covid-19-deaths-could-surpass-two-million

Here’s a covidiot joined a day ago. I say let’s not clue 'em in. I’m exhausted from trying to keep US Americans alive, and starting to lose sight of the point of it. Minions of the orange death/suicide cult run all around without masks – there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop 'em. Hopefully we can keep safely away from them awhile longer, good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  01/23/2020           1           1
>  10.  02/27/2020          15          16
>  15.  04/02/2020     239,263     239,279
>  20.  05/07/2020   1,008,761   1,248,040
>  25.  06/11/2020     767,987   2,016,027
>  30.  07/16/2020   1,539,850   3,555,877
>  35.  08/20/2020   1,995,916   5,551,793
>  40.  09/24/2020   1,406,839   6,958,632

Poised to probably exceed 7 million cases tomorrow.


My Mother is finally glad I never became a doctor.


Thank You.

2 million out of a population of approximately 7.5 billion works out to 1 in every 3750.
“Any death is a tragedy”, etc. Yet those are still very long odds; problems with testing, data collection procedures, and recommended behaviors aside. And there are problems, as numerous serious medical professionals from around the globe have been trying to tell us. It may well be that our overall way of life is headed straight for a brick wall, but the collateral economic and social damage from this unprecedented shut-down is making things for many of us worse much faster.


The problem with vaccines is their percentage of effectiveness; which is why Fauci is talking about continuing other measures, though somewhat relaxed. The minimum effectiveness is considered to be 50 percent for a vaccine to be considered effective at all. That obviously is not much dealing with a deadly virus. 70 percent and up would be helpful. If it was 95 percent that would be great, that’s the .05 level for scientific reliability. It remains to be seen what level the developed vaccines will be; so don’t think they are necessarily a magic bullet.


In case your local news outlets, here in USA, are not doing their job fully informing you of what the trajectory of your state-outbreak looks like, please be aware that COVID outbreaks in the following ten states are now surging upward, to new highs every day:

Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

To relax precautions anywhere concurrently with peaking contagion is a variety of sheer madness which looks strongest in the states “with good genes,” such as Minnesota. Ten more states teeter on the edge of new outbreak peaks, at this writing:

Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Puerto Rico

This is all according to CDC’s 7-day average of daily new-case reports:


With more than 50K new cases logged yesterday, the total pushed well past 7 million. CDC’s national new-cases reported for yesterday is the most since 8/15.


The real thing is it has not stopped or appreciably slowed down. How many is too many? What if its in your family? It did not have to be this way. The majority of the 200,000 were and are being caused by decisions coming from Trump the Deranged and his sheeple. Hate, Fear, and Ignorance is not a policy. Math and Science will rule the day, BS will have to take a hike. How many more need to die from political decisions?

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If your state says “We’re doing nothing until the infection rate goes up significantly,” then your state is waiting for death. R is the reinfection rate and if R=1, eventually everybody in the state gets the covid. Translation, are you ready to get the covid and pass it on to your parents? Is that going to be OK with you after it happens to you?

Intelligent leaders such as New Zealand’s President Jacinda Ardern demand R=0.9 or better. The difference between R=1 and R=0.9 isn’t that much but it means that their national infection rate is now 0 per 100,000 people.

Demand R=0.9 of your state leaders. Otherwise, you can stick your finger in your mouth and then hold it up in the air for your politicians. Spray it with alcohol afterwards.

That particular finger? No comment.

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You wish, izzy. 2 million out of a population of approximately 300 million (and we haven’t been decreasing for many months now) works out to 1 in every 150. Our nation has already passed 1 dead in every 1500 people or sixty times the size of 9/11. That doesn’t count all the survivors with permanent brain injuries…

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And I state again, in a country of such wealth of money and expertise, the USA still hasn’t gotten its act together to produce and distribute N95 respirator masks to all its peoples. This is criminal negligence and the fault lies right on the doorstep of madman DT. We are 8 months into this pandemic and have yet to witness the more severe 2nd wave of Covid illness and deaths, predicted for this winter. For those of you deniers that downplay the seriousness of this, the social and economic disaster yet to come might dwarf our present state of affairs. It is becoming clearer each day that unless everyone gets real serious about protecting themselves and others, we will not return to ‘normal’ and we are headed for unmitigated disaster, affecting everyone in one way or another.
Public Health expert recommendations and responses have been tampered with and sidelined by a narcissistic idiot and his minions.
It is time to burn down Washington DC to stop this plague. Get rid of the rats and their fleas.

Donald Trump breathes Death.
Mitch McConnell is the Destroyer Angel.
A vote for Trump is a vote for Death.


And innocent creatures suffer because of man’s stupidity:



Everywhere I look, people are wearing masks, social distancing, following the recommendations. So what more should be done? What is the argument here? It’s the same old repeated memes about vaccines, social distancing, masks.

Where are the fricking tests? Huh? Where is the aid from the government to take care of those who can’t afford tests, who can’t afford losing their jobs, who can’t afford just ‘waiting it out?’ Let them eat cake, and if they complain, call them “rabid right wingers” even if they’ve further “left” than the most boldly boasting “liberal.” The ‘experts’ want people to remain in a constant state of fear, and no matter what has happened in the past 50 years in this country, no one is to blame but Trump. It’s his fault, it’s his virus.

Look, I can’t stand Trump. But I can’t stand all this politically correct nonsense that is solving NOTHING. And the continued fearmongering, without any clear consensus or specific recommendations (shut everything down, shelter at home, wash your hands, be afraid of other people who might make you sick, do not at all costs touch another human being and wait for this miraculous untested unproven potentially extremely dangerous experimental vaccine to save us all.)

Must be nice to be so well off that you don’t have to worry about such trivialities as work, a place to live, a place to sleep or having normal contact with other human beings. Welcome the the Brave New World. Now, here, take your Soma.


Coronaviruses mutate very rapidly and people who were infected by one strain do not necssarily have immunity to other strains. Also, whatever immunity people have may fade relatively quickly.

Just saying. there is a very real possibility that vaccines may be useless or even *detrimental to long term immune system defenses against beta-coronaviruses.

(due to antibody dependent enhancement or “ADE”)

. . . or 0.0266% — actually not a huge number, statistically speaking.  But with the worldwide death toll already above 985,000 and the number of cases increasing rapidly – especially in certain parts of the U.S. and in densely populated areas in the southern hemisphere – I’ll be VERY surprised if the total is “only” two million.  Four million or more by the end of 2021 is possible, and at least three million quite likely, IMHO.


For those that think a COVID vaccine necessarily a good thing.

It is NOT if it means 500000 sharks slaughtered for the ingredients needed.

The number of deaths is at least several times that already. Chinese are convinced that the number of COVID-19 deaths in China was much much higher (by perhaps two orders of magnitude) than the official death toll. Similar factors apply elsewhere.

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I would not be surrprised if there were no vaccines reliably effective against SARS causing betacoronaviruses.

Why? They mutate, a lot.

The wrong vaccines might make people more, not less vulnerable, via a process called antibody dependent enhancement.

The “Official” death tolls are all I have to go by.  I will be surprised if the U.S. total is below 400,000 by the end of this year, and the worldwide total under 3,000,000 by the end of 2021.  As to the actual numbers, you’re probably correct
— but we will likely never learn the truth from our “leaders”.

Being one who regularly gets the latest flu vaccine every fall, and a pneumonia or tetanus or shingles or whatever booster whenever it is due, I’m certainly no ‘anti-vaccer’.  But I will absolutely not trust any “vaccine” developed in a politically-driven crash program, especially one influenced by the psychopath currently in the White House.  MAYBE after a few million others have been the guinea pigs, and then ONLY if my UCLA-associated doctor recommends it.

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Is this the same WHO who assured us back in Feb. that there was "no human to human transmission " of this virus ? Considering that they proved themselves to be nothing more than the lapdogs of the communist chinese I now take anything that they say with a grain of salt.

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