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'Absolute Failure': DNC Passes Perez Resolution Reversing Ban on Donations From Fossil Fuel PACs


'Absolute Failure': DNC Passes Perez Resolution Reversing Ban on Donations From Fossil Fuel PACs

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

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The unDemocratic Party is terrible.


O.K. Damnocrat apologists–LET’S HEAR THE DEFENSE!!!


I got nothing…


What excuse will they use when they don’t gain sufficient ground in November?


If we don’t get rid of Perez, Pelosi, Schumer - what do you expect???


Well, here we go.

This is the sort of moment that comes to mind when I read an article like Michelle Goldberg’s “The Pragmatic Left Is Winning,” I have too long been told that electing people to do this sort of thing is somehow “practical.”

I’m with Debs on this one. “I’d a lot rather vote for something I want and not get it than to vote for something I don’t want and get it.”


Russians and Greens are likely the top 2.


If anyone needed more evidence of the corruption of the Democratic Party, here it is.
Keep hoping you can change this party from the inside but don’t hold your breath.


The lesser of two evils leaves evil. I don’t why this is so hard to grasp.


This the so called Pragmatic Left Ms Goldberg refers to in her mealy mouthed article?

Pragmatic left= More Right Wing Corporate friendly policies. It means more bombing in Yemen (After all as per Wolf Blitzer this creates jobs) , more repeals of banking regulations, more military spending, more oil more gas burned . More of the same in other words.


The DNC is an arm of AIPAC allied with powerful banking and other corrupt business enteties fleecing the dumb American taxpayers.


Don’t forget Feinstein, the sleaze Queen.


Good to see that Christine Pelosi is as effective at legislation and leadership as her mother.


Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben are both raising the alarm about this, which tells me all I need to know.

The Koch Brothers announced, last week, that they were done with Trump, and Trumpism, and that they might start supporting Democrats.

Instead of telling the Kochs to stick their dirty, environmental-destroying, money up their Oligarchic asses, which is what any Democrat dedicated to fighting global climate change should have said, Tom Perez . . . the head of the Corporatist-controlled DNC . . . immediately change the rules to make it possible for the Dems to accept the Koch Brothers’ dirty oil money!

With corporatist money-whoring Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?


So much for the BS of a “progressive” DP! Why do you think Obama’s “stepin fetchit”, Uncle-Tom Perez was asked to oppose Keith Ellison for DNC Chair? The sellout DINO party just will not stand-up for anything except for corporate/banker/wall street campaign-contribution bribes…like the earth-destroying Fossil-fuel industry!

Why don’t we have a commitment to sustainable green energy? Why are we polluting and exploiting The Wild - like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Why are Native Americans still being shoved into ever smaller and smaller “reservations” after each new outrage - this time by fossil-fuel pipelines threatening their water and sacred places? The entrenched DINO swine continue to sell-out our future to serve wealth and power.- zero integrity!

The “opposition party” isn’t! The DP, ruled by entrenched corporate sellout scum, is part of the rape and robbery!

The DP DINO scum Clinton’s, Obama, the progressive fraud, Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Obama-installed uncle-Tom Perez all must choke on their betrayals!


Did this story come from Russia? You sound like a Bernie Bro. The Republicans made us do it. More lies from Hillary haters. Look Forward!


When it comes to climate change we damn well better ‘get it’. Nature couldn’t care less about our noble standards and ideals. And I have to believe Debs would have agreed.


How do you think it got corrupt? By neglect. By taking governance for granted. By not being involved. How else? Democracy is a participatory exercise. Which is what activists are doing. And not being a walking billboard for or against any given party. These are not people who vote every couple years or so, if even that, and consider that being a good enough citizen. They didn’t pull their head out of their ass one day and exclaim: 'Good god! The Democratic party is corrupt! How could they do that to me?!! And I was such good citizen and watch dog. Sort of. I think I’ll cut and run. I’ll find a real progressive party and give them my good citizenship. You know, vote every couple of years, if even that. And I’ll propose everyone else do the same.

No, they don’t believe in a magic party of angels. They know that participation and fighting is the only way, and that the lack of the same is what got us into our present reality. You have to convince the population. You have to demonstrate that. It’s the only civil and rational way. Evil has a thousand choices, democracy just one. But it’s always the correct one.


That was close. The Democrats almost tricked me into voting for them in 2018 and 2020. Now I can continue my vote for the Socialist Workers Party and laugh when someone tries to blame me for the next Donnie. The much heralded blue wave will come with an oil slick on top.