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'Absolute Failure': DNC Passes Perez Resolution Reversing Ban on Donations From Fossil Fuel PACs


Uncle Fester –

Where does the Smithsonian say this is somehow only about Greenland?
Only YOU have said that.

Nor have I said that Earthquakes and Volcanic events caused by melting glaciers
will be more serious than the already predicted 9 foot sea rise coming at us currently –
and more later. Until it happens, no one knows how all of this will play out – compound.
Again – it depends on which events happen first and which turn out to be the more serious.
THEN, we will know.

Notice again – nothing in my comment says this is only about Greenland …

“Yes, Global Warming is bringing increased earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This is due to the changing pressures on the tectonic plates caused by the melting of the glacier. Not only will there be increased numbers of these events, they will be increasingly severe.”

And, if you’ve read anything I said about Fukuhima and the scientists’ warnings about increasing earthquakes and increasing severity on this earthquake-prone island, you understand the dangers to all coastal areas. And we should be shutting down the 100 or more nuclear reactors in the US – plus 500
more internationally. It’s takes a full year to shut down these reactors and at tremendous costs.


The people are always the third party, but we have to hurry up and get organized.


The movement has to create a political party if we are going to play a part in (s)electoral politics.


Alan: the DGCE lost its disguise some time ago.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA


You wrote: “Political contributions by corporations to Democrats are not bribes. … Some companies give to both parties to cover all bets so they have some influence not matter who wins.” Seriously? What are they when they’re given to republicans, a bribe?

Buying “influence” is a bribe. That fact that it doesn’t matter which party receives it just goes to show how lame and worthless the democrats are.

This is the definition of a bribe. We all know it is, except you. Unfortunately it appears to be legal at this point in time.

bribe - persuade (someone) to act in one’s favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement.


You said THE glacier, so I assumed you meant the biggest / most influential one.

We’re already seeing the effects of Global Warming on climate (increasingly severe droughts, increasingly severe storms, flooding in Bangladesh, etc., so it might be better to focus on serious problems already obvious to a majority of humans (most of them poorly educated) rather than worrying about things the average human is probably totally unaware of – plate tectonics – and about which we can do almost nothing directly other than fight Global Warming in general.  Somehow I find “Save the Glacier(s)” far less compelling than “Save the Polar Bears”.


Here we go again, Obama did not end the war in Iraq, GW Bush did. In 2008 Bush signed into effect, w/the prime minister of Iraq, the Status of Forces Agreement which called for the removal of all US combat troops by the end of 2011. Obama tried to negotiate leaving as many as 10,000 US troops in Iraq but could not get al-Maliki to agree to hold US soldiers immune from prosecution for using Iraqi civilians for target practice. We were forced out of Iraq by Bush’s timeline w/the prime minister. So again, Obama did not end the war in Iraq, Bush did.

Trump was not elected due to Obama’s race. To think this is so is absurd. Trump was elected because Obama, the Democratic party and Hillary especially are worthless. Hillary lost, fair and square and it wasn’t because Obama is half-black. Obama, the self-professed “one we’ve all been waiting for” was anything but.

From The Hill: “Obama’s presidency helped set the trends for Donald Trump to amplify, with relative impunity, the oligarchy and corruption that has come to embody the federal government.” Hey, thanks Obama!

Instead of ‘hope and change’ Obama gave progressives Trump

_In Obama’s first 5 years the United States exported $30 billion more in weapons to foreign governments than George W. Bush did in 8 years. These weapons fueled unrest and violence in the Middle East. _

Obama has bombed 7 foreign countries throughout his presidency and he fully embraced the highly controversial use of drone strikes despite saying in 2008:

> “I will not waste a minute brokering Middle East peace.”

In 2008, President Obama promised to increase protections for whistleblowers. Those promises were scrubbed from his website in 2013 in favor of a war on whistleblowers against his administration. In the Obama era “there have been eight prosecutions under the 1917 Espionage Act – more than double those under all previous presidents combined,” the Guardian reported last year.

While whistleblowers suffer, top level executives and government officials are granted impunity for violating the law.

No big bankers were punished after the 2008 economic recession they caused, but the big banks were bailed out. The individuals in Obama’s administration who were responsible for prosecuting big bankers, former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former DOJ official Lanny Breuer, now all make millions working on behalf of Wall Street.


It’s time that the left in America admit that Barack Obama was a horrible president when it came to progressive politics. He was simply yet another neo-liberal Democrat who sided with corporate America, ignoring the plight of working class America.

Obama’s political and policy mistakes are more magnified over time. … he took office with broad popular support and Democratic control of Congress during a crisis, and could have claimed a mandate and moved a progressive agenda. He failed to do so.

… He [Obama] inherited a presidency with some of the largest Democratic majorities in decades at the state and national level, leaving in 2017 the party weaker than it had been in generations. The roots of the regressive conservative Republican-Trump agenda we see today are the product of Obama’s failures and what he did not do. Obama was a horrible president who simply failed to lead a progressive agenda, setting up America for many of the problems today.


Have you forgotten that he (and Pelosi) didn’t even try to hold Cheney, Prince, Rumsfeld and all the other War Criminals accountable, and he bailed out the Banksters (now even more powerful than before) rather than their victims?

Unintended by whom?  You probably don’t remember that even before Tweetle-Dumb was elected I conjec­tured that the “deep state” (not lifetime government employees, but the establishment string-pullers behind the DNC and RNC who determine who’s allowed to even BE a candidate) had backed O’Bummer in 2008 precisely in order to invoke a backlash (which they might have gotten in 2012 had Romney not been such an absolute dud of a candidate).




If today’s allegations against Ellison are as credible as they seem, it looks like we are being severely disappointed by a promising politician yet again.


I’ll say this, they are consistent…and at this point, predictable.


Uncle –

True – there should have been an “s” on “glaciers” which should have been
obvious to you, especially if you read the Smithsonian link.

No one but YOU is suggesting that earthquakes and any and all of the effects of
Global Warming aren’t “serious problems.” My post was about pointing out ALL
of the many serious problems of Global Warming.

Uncle: We’re already seeing the effects of Global Warming on climate (increasingly severe droughts, increasingly severe storms, flooding in Bangladesh, etc., so it might be better to focus on serious problems already obvious to a majority of humans (most of them poorly educated) rather than worrying about things the average human is probably totally unaware of – plate tectonics – and about which we can do almost nothing directly other than fight Global Warming in general. Somehow I find “Save the Glacier(s)” far less compelling than “Save the Polar Bears”.

and YOU didn’t know about the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

There is no saving the “Glaciers” – the effects we are seeing now on the glaciers
were likely put in motion more than 50 years ago – and likely even longer ago.

Scientists have known about the damage to Nature since at least the late 1880’s
at the Industrial Revolution.

There was a 50 year gap in our feeling the effects of Global Warming and what we
are now beginning to feel is the damage done AFTER about 1968. There is no
going back now to correct that damage.


Skip: Green jobs are growing faster than most any other field.
Climate change is going to affect their lives drastically. Just look at the storms and wildfires.
If workers want a decent future, then doing the best to go green will help that future.

Great post –

Saw a report last night on Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper housing complex in lower Manhattan
which is something like 56 buildings, if I recall correctly. The rooftops represent something like 22
acres across which they are laying out SOLAR panels. Just happened to catch the report at the
middle of it so not sure of all the details, but plenty of roof tops everywhere.


Alan: … and the Anti-Empire American “Revolution Against Empire” Party.

Agree with you on the Vichy parties for Empire –

but are you looking at non-violent revolution by working with the Green Party or
something new?

And, if you have time, how did you find the experience of working in Maine for Bernie Sanders
as a delegate?

Did things go along fairly honestly, or was there anything that warned of rigging?

I thought the campaign by Bernie to be fantastic – and wondering about your final views on it all.

Love also that he has continued on trying to communicate TRUTH to the public – and better
visions for the American future.


I vote based on the party platform and whether a party has ever bent me over the table. The Dems gave it to me royally when they used racism and dirty tricks to knee cap Jesse Jackson’s campaign in 1988. That removed my rose colored, Bobbie Kennedy glasses and allowed me to see the Dems for what they really were. My desire to stop the Republicans and Donnie temporarily allowed me to think the Dems might honestly want to clean up their act but now I know differently. The Socialist Workers Party has a great platform and has never claimed to be something they are not. My choice is between a third party or not voting not between a third and the Democrats. Basically, the US empire is doomed with the only hope in the hands of anarchists and Antifa.


Stop trashing the democratic party! November‘s election is the most important Election of our lifetime. We can’t afford to mess it up! :shushing_face::shushing_face:


I respectfully disagree, and that is the whole point of my argument. ‘The Movement’ needs to build a large popular consensus around a cause. It needs to generate an emotional fervor, a bandwagon with momentum, a tidal wave. When THAT happens there will be no shortage of political organizations (opportunistic as they are) willing to carry the banner. Whether the Dem party survives will depend on their ability to align themselves with the will of the people - NOT the other way around. Most people understand that 0.1% of the richest rig the system to the detriment of the rest of us. They mistakenly viewed Trump as a solution. There will be no shortage of disillusioned Trump supporters, progressives, and the largest faction of all, the 48% of the electorate who have consistently (not)voted for ‘none of the above’. Loudly denounce evil and demand justice. Offer a REAL alternative. Do NOT get bogged down with party politics. “Where the people lead, the leaders will follow”.

p.s. - Seriously, can you imagine the fossilized Dem leadership trying to energize 5 million angry marchers in the streets of D.C. to bring an end to the status quo? Less Perez and Shumer, more Black Panther.


We don’t disagree all that much. I am certainly not arguing for a revival of any part of the Duopoly. I also am not arguing that the U.S. is (or was) anything that resembles a democracy or democratic republic. However, I see actual (s)electoral political party building as a necessary organizing tactic because (s)electoral politics are how the vast majority of U.S. citizens and residents view politics.

You always must have movement building and organization to attempt to influence all institutions. But at some point soon - democratic socialists (and similar folks) must militantly and nonviolently take over (or at least influence) existing social institutions and create alternatives that make sense to people.


I will continue to take a look at the Socialist Workers Party.
Thanks for the response.

And from what I can see the Democratic Party isn’t doing anything to help on any
of the issues important to Americans – like stopping these “illegal wars of aggression”
going on now 15 or more years. In fact, they’re helping spread more war by supporting
the Saudi’s in Yemen!

Medicare4All is something they also ignore just as well as the GOP ignores it.
Certainly the DP isn’t calling citizens out into the streets to demonstrate for national
health care for all.

My choice is between a third party or not voting, not between a third and the Democrats.

Agree –

Whatever the response it must remain non-violent - that’s the only way to a successful Revolution.

Just want to comment on this …

The Dems gave it to me royally when they used racism and dirty tricks to knee cap Jesse Jackson’s campaign in 1988.

Sadly, as much as I agree about Jesse Jackson’s campaign being impressive, it does very much look
like Jackson was an active participant in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
See: William Pepper’s “The Plot to Kill King”
If you go to the search page, you’ll find interviews with Wm. Pepper who has been a long time
investigator and very interested in the MLK, Jr. assassination.
And, of course, a jury did find the involvement of the US government in that assassination.
One bit of evidence is that it was Jesse Jackson who instructed the motel to change MLK, Jr.'s
room to the one with the balcony facing the courtyard.
Additionally, if you look at the photographs of the assassination, you’ll see that Jesse Jackson
is the only one in the party who isn’t wearing a tie. Evidently, a signal not to shoot him.
Others present at the assassination also say that he immediately went to MLK, Jr. and smeared
blood on himself.
You’ll have to decide those things for yourself, but I think Wm. Pepper did an excellent job in
solving the case over the 40 years he’s been working on it.

Betrayal of citizens is very old –

For anyone interested who hasn’t read this REPEAT before …

Elites/Patriarchy have had a great deal at stake in their control over this nation
since the days of Our Founders who didn’t create a democracy; rather they actually
created an Elite-Patriarchy – and gave only white males of property the right to vote.

And they passed on great wealth to them by land grants and by giving them immense
power and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural
resources which belong to all of its citizens. Our Founders privatized it all.

Our Founders ensured that the Genocide against the native American here would
succeed to the very last, and they saved and supported the System of Slavery for the
benefit of Elites/wealthy, even down to the Runaway Slave Act.


Crab –

Absolutely agree with your post –

And I’ve often called for ALL liberal organizations to move together to increase their power.

Realistically, however, we do have to acknowledge the difficulty that Planned Parenthood
has in doing that – since the allegedly opposing power in Congress to the GOP is the
Dem Party. Same for Naral. Same for other feminist groups where their identity has long
been with the Dem Party. (As far as I can see the DP has not protected these groups or
unions, but has only increase the danger to them. Don’t know if PPH would sees it that way.
And, here in NJ, Gov. Phil Murphy/D has replaced the funding lost to PPH by the Trump attack
on them.)

We see something like this in the excuse of the DNC to once again let the fossil fuel interests
donate to the DP – and in their claim that they are doing it for “workers” and their “unions.”

We need to think our way through that – and maybe someone here has gotten that far by now
and will show us the clearing for a solution to that problem.

Crab: The Movement’, however we choose to define it, cannot allow itself to be tied to a political party. That is not simply co-option, it is certain death. By definition, it must MOVE if it is to be a force. If it is to grow it must recruit new voices and energy. These will not be found within the ranks of fossilized opportunistic politicians. Therefore, trying to grow ‘The Movement’ within the Dem party is obviously a waste of time. Before we can begin to worry about winning elections, we need to worry about growing a desire to reclaim government for, of, and by the people. What is wrong with this country CANNOT be fixed by simply participating in the charade of elections every four years. Solutions will NOT be found within dead political parties. The actions of the political parties do not matter. The Movement matters, but it will matter ONLY when it manifests itself in the streets with loud, non-negotiable demands. Victory can only be achieved from a position of POWER. The citizenry needs to understand that it is already within their grasp to wield the power of labor, the power of consumer spending, the power of civil disobedience. Political organizations are born to effect desired outcomes, and if effective they survive. But the goals of the movement are firm, and the path forward fixed. I suggest that overcoming the fear of leaving the Dem. party “dead by the side of the road” will be wildly liberating and allow ‘The Movement’