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'Absolute Fraud': After Billions in Taxpayer Subsidies Championed by Trump, Ryan, and Walker, Foxconn to Import Chinese Workers for Wisconsin Jobs


'Absolute Fraud': After Billions in Taxpayer Subsidies Championed by Trump, Ryan, and Walker, Foxconn to Import Chinese Workers for Wisconsin Jobs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Wisconsin's Koch-funded Republican Gov.


There seems no end to the insanity of the U.S. government stealing from and harming the U.S. population. NONE!


This is a perfect solution, isn’t it? Bring China here!

The long gripe about offshoring was the increased transportation costs. This solves that problem AND permits the sweatshop to continue. Still want unlimited migration and no borders for the importation of cheap labor?

This has been coming since the H1B frauds began in the 90s. Democrats kept telling us not to protect the domestic labor market. We didn’t. Here ya go.

Edit: By the way, it’s always been assumed the GOP’s paymasters wanted the minimum wage gone in order to lower pay for US workers. And there’s traditionally truth to that. But here’s the real reason the last many years: the reason importing sweatshop workers wasn’t viable was because of the minimum wage. Without it, you’ll see a swarm of imported slave labor flooding in to do most production and service jobs. As Roger Waters penned once; Welcome to Machine!


Incarcerate the Fraudsters!

Seize all of their assests, and return it to the People.


Boycott Chinese Take Out Places! No Egg Rolls for anyone!


Awhile back a friend of mine had a good job, but his company moved to China and he had to go to Hong Kong and train the Chinese for his job that paid a fraction of what his income was and now this fraud is coming home. I wonder if now there will not be insult added to injury if his previous company comes back to the U.S.A. hiring Chinese workers that he trained!


Yes, cuz “the People” are somehow gonna find non existent engineers to staff the place. Now, if it could be staffed by liberal arts graduates, we would be golden.


It is highly likely that the jobs require education that people in that area do not have. It’s not like US workers are well educated. We have very poor education in math and other areas.

This is true in many rural areas in the US. Companies come in and can’t find anyone to work the jobs because the locals are illiterate.


As someone in the arts, I resemble that comment.


Trump has long imported workers on Visas who have a time limit and are returned to their nation of origin. Same for some high tech companies who have workers trained in their native countries ready to work in the US on first day. My son interviewed for a pilot job in Hong Kong training Chinese pilots knowing he would then be returned to the US and not hired as a pilot himself. Many who can work on computer are moving to more affordable places and often work in the US on-line. This is why “nation” needs to be redefined to include people and not only global corporations and raiders/looters/criminals like the Trumpers most of whom need some education beyond brainwash or integrity lacking at the higher levels especially Trump.


Perhaps the legendary caravan making its way through Mexico is funded by the GOP to distract us from the Chinese Foxconn worker invasion ?

Perhaps the caravan includes Foxconn workers ?


Maybe the people in the caravan are better educated than the average US citizen.


Apparently even with a minimum wage at 7.25 , no national health care system , no paid sick leave or paid vacations , no maternity or paternity leave and Union membership plummeting the US worker is NOT yet desperate enough.

When the 1 percent gets the worker desperate and reintroduces slavery, only then will “America be made great again”


What was it Foxconn did to try curb workers who were worked to the point of attempting suicide in China? Oh, they put up suicide nets around their manufacturing facilitates…


wtf? do you even know what it is that Foxcon does? And who has staffed their uber-factory all these years? It wasn’t “chinese mathematics prodigies”. It’s light industrial work on an ocean of endless assembly lines. 6th grade would suffice. Or maybe you’ve just never worked in a factory before.


I pray Wisconsin awakens to realize that Republicans are not the cure to the woes of the 99% while also awaken that Democrats are not the solution either and then organize and shut the state gov down again!

And this time don’t sell out to either parties bullshit!!!


What a phenomenal deal for the 1-percenters who were in the know!! Their stock portfolios ka-boomed!!


[quote=“discover, post:8, topic:57264”]
“…the locals are illiterate.”
Which is exactly what the Repulsives wanted. They keep cutting education budgets and meddling in curriculum in which they have no training and certainly, no idea. This has been going on for a while, which is why HB1 visas became necessary.Also, anyone coming from a relatively low wage in another country believes they’re making good money here, which, comparatively, is true. It’s all for the oligarchs. It’s time to finally stop this.


6th Grade! Wow you are asking a lot of US workers.

Also, at 8 billion people, the planet sort of has an excess of workers. Try personnel and ask human resources for some condoms.


Oh okay. Stop it how? And then what?