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'Absolute Fraud': After Billions in Taxpayer Subsidies Championed by Trump, Ryan, and Walker, Foxconn to Import Chinese Workers for Wisconsin Jobs

And to think that Wisconsin USED to be a progressive state (many yrs ago) under “fighting” Bob Lafollette, who by the way was a REPUBLICAN for most of his life.

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But if you’re illiterate and don’t know basic information about anything, why would anyone hire you for anything other than asking if someone wants fries with their order?

Also this false dichotomy of public versus private sector is based on a myth. Humans have to have both to operate an economy. Also, if you don’t have habitat and resources you can’t have either.

As the population grows at three additional people per second, and the habitat continues to collapse, workers are cheap, disposable and replaceable. You just wait until the next three are born and they will be even cheaper to hire.

Not pretty. But the way it is.


Uh, try a little fucking reading comprehension guy. The ONLY thing remotely related to Clinton in my statement was PARAPHRASING (look it up) a campaign phrase usually attributed to James Carville. More proof that the education system in this country is woefully fucked up.

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I have research to back up everything I offered.

Anyone can block a comment, I think, so it might just be someone who doesn’t like you. Can’t imagine why.

The great amerikan swindle

Yes but where will those low wage workers live? Are there adequate low income housing or will some be built in that area? And if so how will they determine who gets to live in them? American or immigrant workers…

This should start a dialogue if it’s the immigrants who do while homeless populations continue to go up.

Your statements seem quite condescending, and the hackneyed example of ridiculing a worker who politely asks helpfully if one would like any fries or anything else shows you are the average rightwinger quoting Rush, Sean, Howie, et al; that HARDWORKING worker could probably run circles around you, and you probably could not last ten minutes in their demanding, underpaid job!!! Righties are so smug and would like us to believe they never had a helping hand or a leg up.

And your ridiculous statement about the dichotomy of public vs. private running of our commons being a myth is helping to sell out the very foundations of a good society! Good for you if you prefer to pay Pharoah tribute. Nowhere did Patricia say there was no place for any private enterprise in the marketplace to balance the economy.


Where I live, employers actually buy houses for their foreign workers, crowding the workers and charging them a large part of their income to live in such a substandard way … employers probably PROFITING by buying these houses and keeping them in poor condition. I think both Dem and Repub “representatives” in Congress support this system which takes jobs from locals. The countries these workers are from seem to be the ones who were “the coalition of the willing” to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and more, so this is probably how our country bribes other countries.

No don’t quit … Where are these flagged comments?

Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are shameless, hypocritical scum. Ryan is leaving his seat and I hope the people of Wisconsin aren’t stupid enough to replace him with an equally regressive lying sack of shit. As for Walker the only good thing I can say about this Koch Whore is that he isn’t my governor. When are the American people going to wake up and see this duplicitous corporate trash for what they are!

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Ahhh, the classic words from an apologist shill. “Not pretty but that’s the way it is.” Our government was set up and our Constitution was designed to be amended for exactly the ability to change “that’s the way it is”. GFY.

Well I must say, I am clutching my pearls. Dear me. How will I afford my new house in the Grand Caymens if not for uneducated workers breeding more uneducated workers at three additional per second.

Okay, here we go again.

We live on a planet. The resources on the planet are finite. The population of this planet increases at three additional people PER SECOND.

So, the more you breed, the less likely you’re going to get MORE money for what you do. It’s simple math.

I have a job offer. Ten people show up. Nine of them couldn’t do addition if their life depended on it. I hire the tenth one because that person is educated.

Now, pay attention, this is where it gets interesting.

Now I have one job offer and thirty people show up. Then a few minutes later, thirty more. Then thirty more.

You can not vote in resources and you can’t vote in commodities. But you can stop having children.

You can also understand that capitalism requires resources, and when there’s enough to go around, socialism helps society function. But when habitat collapses, things get desperate. You can’t vote in ecology.

I wish you would all have the best social programs in the world. But, math is math, and the math today says it’s time to stop breeding.

Since your comments are so generalized and arbitrary PLEASE provide cites for all of your “research”.

I’d like to see that POS go down in quick sand.

Okay no problem.

Global Population Clock

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Add all three together and you get global markets in 2018.

Why has no one pointed out that trump employs the same method at his Mar a Largo golf course ??It really is beyond belief !!

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