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'Absolute Fraud': After Billions in Taxpayer Subsidies Championed by Trump, Ryan, and Walker, Foxconn to Import Chinese Workers for Wisconsin Jobs

Absolutely agree. I recall hearing an HB1 man being interviewed on Democracy Now! who was a staunch Trump supporter railing about “illegal immigrants” to the US. Many of these HB1 imports are also working for less than their American counterparts. Let’s remember this and be careful not to pin animus on the poor desperate people coming to the US. We, in the end, must learn to share. Or we perish.

Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, Herr Dump, Lyin’ Ryan and Snott Crawler should be called the DOVERS - BEND AND PUSHED. The sum total of the brain power of this trio couldn’t light up a one watt light bulb. With nimrods like these who need BUSINESS ACUMEN!!! The orange turd should be allowed to make deals in a sandbox with the two and three year olds. Anyone older will run circles around agent orange!!! Those three need to pay back the citizens of Wisconsin with 100% interest compounded daily!

And if the empty roll of toilet tissue also known as Tony Evers does win, don’t expect him to push for much beyond some cosmetic changes to this Fox Conn job.

And yes, I did vote for the schmenge a few hours ago, somebody’s god help me …

And us all.

lovely. the sanctimonious “I’m special, everyone else is expendable and stupid” poster. The Internet’s not complete without you guys.

yep. people hear what they want.

well, no one should be pointing the finger at poor migrants regardless of the reasons for their migration; even if it’s just for economic advantage.

the caravan is an entirely different case, tho. these are asylum seekers and are our moral responsibility. the US is the country that broke theirs, after all.

but there’s still a responsibility to care for the domestic labor force, too.

The 1% already have—prison labor.

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Actually you have it backwards. When people have children without knowing where resources will be to support those children, that’s exactly what they tell themselves.

I’m special and my children are special, and everyone else is expendable.

Those of us who get labeled as expendable have decided to speak up.

Sad part of it is that the people of Wisconsin were so mad they had a recall election but he won that too.

Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid.

This is a bit embarrassing, but Discover sounds like a little support would be helpful. I have been shooting blanks for forty years now. No loss of sensation, and no cancers. I wasn’t trying to save the planet, we just couln’t afford to bring any more into the world.

I think I lost hope in America when I read that Disneyland in Florida was having their tech people train people from other nations—AND that if any Disney worker told the media , they would not get their retirement-----things have really turned upside down in America when the “Happiest Place on Earth,” turns into the "Crappiest Place on Earth. " Fortunately someone did alert the media and Disney had to be a kinder corporation—for a while I guess.

sigh—well I guess there won’t be any Synagogues attacked in Wisconsin now----and that’s a good thing but the Chinese workers will no doubt be another target----I wonder about the places where the Chinese will be working—are we going to have a recreation of the murderous Pinkerton men again who attack their own protesting and jobless American citizens of Wisconsin ?

It’s time for a new Mother Jones to lead a Children’s Crusade out of Wisconsin to remind Americans that kids starve in America because their parents can’t make a living. I read that Teddy Roosevelt ran out of the White House to escape the Mother Jones and the children — I wonder what Trump would do? Shame on YOU American Government---- you have turned into a GIVERment for the corporate ones only!

Breeding is not the main objective of many people on this planet, and we live healthy productive lives.

I know I know, it sounds unbelievable, yet there it is.

Yeah, the greed never ends. But at least your friend did not have to go to China!

Centuries ago, Malthus said what you are saying about breeding. The poor breed more, but the majority of impoverished world populations are NOT wasting the resources and altogether use FAR less than the wealthy minority who are over consuming.