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'Absolute Ghoul' Joe Lieberman Emerges From Political Irrelevance to Urge Third Party Bid Against Ocasio-Cortez


'Absolute Ghoul' Joe Lieberman Emerges From Political Irrelevance to Urge Third Party Bid Against Ocasio-Cortez

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Taking a quick break from his lucrative work as a lobbyist for the law firm that has represented President Donald Trump for years, former Democratic Sen.


what rock did this awful shit climb out from under? another member of the damn dems who led us astray so many times. ugh Go Alexandria, a breath of fresh air.


Wait, it’s the Working Families Party that Crowley is running with? WFP is with him?


I thought this repulsive moron was dead. And, the larger question is exactly who gives a fuck about ANYTHING Lieberman says or thinks?


If Crowley wanted to run as a third party candidate he would. Like many members of the House he is probably sick and tired of the polarization and wants to do something else. These days being a member of Congress is not the most pleasant of jobs. Also, many spend about half their time on the phone raising funds which also is not something anybody would want to do. If he is that good of a musician maybe he can do something their. John Hall went back to playing music after serving two terms in the House and I think he is doing pretty well entertaining audiences.


This ugly (in every way) POS shows his betrayal of America and progressive/“socialist”/people’s issues by this act! He has always been a dual-citizenship sellout and traitor!

WFP asked Crowley to remove himself but he “declined”…WFP thinks Crowly will not actively run and is about to trash the vile Lieberman for his typical betrayal effort to encourage Crowley to be active…WFP IS and WILL be working hard for Alex Ocasio-Cortez…

And add to my denunciation of this creep the idiot candidate that chose this scum (and the DP party elite that sanctioned him) to run as VP pick to the list of weak looser DP sellouts and cowardly complicit fools…


WFP should be ashamed of themselves for nominating him in the first place.


Ok, what you say is a sweet story, but the question is about that human POS joe Lieberman. Your thoughts on his “comments”?


Unfortunately, a large populace of center/right Jewish democrats still think Joe and Hillary walk across the east river every day.
With friends like these…


Is it too soon for a Joe Lieberman in the oven joke?
I honestly don’t care where this old Golum goes, just don’t stay here.


What a pathetic uncivilized human being this callous greedy warmonger turned out to be.

Mr. Lieberman is living in the wrong country; his allegiance is strictly to Israel. He wholeheartedly endorsed the invasion of Iraq because Israel did not want a sovereign neighboring Arab country interfering with their imperialistic behavior and the cruel suppression and incarceration of the Palestinians.

He was the Senator from Connecticut, which is a major stronghold for Insurance companies.

Apparently, he favored a few Shekels of legal bribes from the healthcare insurers over the health and well-being of his constituents, a majority of which favor Medicare For All.

People want to be free from the ridiculously expensive private insurance companies that leave out millions of our fellow Americans.

Are we just going to let our neighbors die because they could not afford the exorbitant monthly premiums? Or do we consolidate our resources together like a giant corporation and make sure that We The People all have access to finest healthcare available.

It is time to ignore thoughtless politicians, and businessmen like Mr. Lieberman who place profit before people.

It is time to move out of the stone age and stop acting like cavemen. We can accomplish healthcare for all, this is a civilized society and it is time to stop acting like every Baboon for themselves.


Lieberman is the worst of Washington, honestly. Worshipped by media friends who made he and John McCain icons of righteousness, Lieberman was maybe the worst attention-seeking prick on cable television for half a decade. Him being gone from the Senate is a very good thing.


True, but what is so unfortunate, Joe is not an exception but represents the majority in Congress.


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So much for changing the party “from the inside.”

We need more third-party and independent candidates.
We need proportional representation.


It’s such an unpleasant job, Crowley ran 10 times.

Your comment ranks in top ten for most absurd. Nice work.

Also, you do know this thread is about your party’s hero, Joe Lieberman, right?

As an avowed centrist, I’m sure you support his wanting to take down Ocasio-Cortez.


Did they dig him up just recently?


But you held your nose and voted for him, remember?


Perhaps the hint is in their name. When folks refer to the Working Class as “working” people or families I have to wonder too.


I wonder if he is not also a closet racist.