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'Absolute Hogwash': Romney Blasted for Backing SCOTUS Vote as Progressives Vow Fight to the End

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/absolute-hogwash-romney-blasted-backing-scotus-vote-progressives-vow-fight-end

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How pathetic that “progressives” are in the position of groveling for support from the likes of Romney. It’s enough to induce nausea. This is what the GOP capture of the Democratic Party and four decades of tacking rightward by the DNC have accomplished — the utter abandonment of the People… the disfiguration of government into a horror movie.


And to which, precisely, corporations and industries is Mr Mitt(y) now beholden to? The guy has been running errands by the skin of his teeth for decades. Were there any former football head injuries in that particular biography?

Excuse me, I feel the urge to watch TV …


RBG’s last wish and the Republican Party not honoring her last wish, ( and I am not a democrat ) tells me again that they are a party without a conscience and ARE so morally corrupt that they are exactly what I have called them: THE AMERIKAN FASCIST PARTY.


Here you go, Democrats . . . your new besties, the “Never Trump Republicans,” are NOT going to come to the rescue.

We ALL know that if Trump and the Republicans are able to fill this seat, Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and ALL women will become Second Class human beings!

The mostly peaceful Black Lives Matters movement has shown, by example, what modern Civil Disobedience looks like.

It is time for women, and their male allies, to take to the Streets, Black Lives Matters-style!



How many more times are the Charlie Brown democrats going to play the fool for the Lucy republicans?
Apparently at least one more time.
After Nancy and Steny caved on the budget and about to on another Covid relief package, and Kaine and Feinstein saying they don’t support reforming the SCOTUS or the filibuster, and Joe Biden crying in his best Rodney King “why can’t we all just get along” mantra, we are beginning to see what a 2021 america under democratic control will look like.
We are fucked.


Mitt Romney has proved himself as malleable as the other Republicans who care little for the people of this nation while they support the growth of unlimited wealth for the few and oppression for the many.


The mainstream media - and thus the public - refuse to notice that Congressional Republicans are a plague upon society.


That’s right imho, if anyone had any reservations about right-wing integrity, conscience, or morality, well they have none.
I venture to guess that even the richest of them know this is wrong (bad) for the country.


Let’s look at the situation in reverse. (I am an independent, BTW) If democrats had the upper hand, you can bet on it that republicans would find a way to get the democrats to do what republicans want. Republicans will always get what they want because democrats either secretly agree with republicans or are simply just plain weak. Where is that powerful Progressive Party that we so desperately need???


“Fury - our political system needs your fury right now”

It needed that a long time ago, if we’re being honest. 🤦🤷


This is 1934.


The Democrats are not weak, the Democrats are democrats in public and republicans behind closed doors where they make their deals.


Except when you have no conscience like Trump and his fellow Republicans, one does not know right from wrong!

In Weimar Germany, yes.

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Is this going to be another LOTE situation?
One the one hand we can fight ever harder for fairness and justice. On the other we can just throw in the towel.
Which ends up worse than the other? Or do they both end up in the same place?

FASCISM is here today because that’s what our Elite Founders set us up for –
certainly not a democracy –

It is their deeds we are trying to undo –
and requires a full scale rearrangement of government –
beginning with NO CONFIDENCE vote to take down an administration –
no waiting for the next election – call one immediately.

Otherwise, if you don’t have that power, the people aren’t the government –
they are the enslaved –

And those who have furthered that cause for the benefit of Elites –
have piled on – or pile-driven it on – with the fakery of “Citizens United”
which is actually “Corporations United” for benefit of Elites –

"It is based on the immutable fairness of following the law, which in this case is the Constitution and precedent," the senator added. "I intend to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the president’s nominee. If the nominee reaches the Senate floor, I intend to vote based upon their qualifications."

And just WHY didn’t Obama and the Dems think of saying just that?

Any way you look at that BS, the GOP OWES the Dems one nomination –

“Qualifications” seem to require that the nominee can be blackmailed –
that he is a pervert and/or an alcoholic and ready to sell his soul –

Things got so bad with Clarence Thomas that the GOP finally banned the
American Bar Association from commenting on their “qualifications” –


Democratic control?

The Ds are having a hard time taking the Senate – in fact, they could easily lose seats.
And Biden still has a swing state problem, shades of Hillary.
This SCOTUS move will fire up the R base big time, and depress D turnout.
Lots of uncertainty.

Of course, there is one guarantee.
If the Ds win, it’ll be because they moved to the right.
If they lose, it’ll be because the purist hippies wanted a pony.


You realized that the democratic rightward lurch was allowed by “its base”. The whole “neo-liberal” bs was an effort to acquiesce and coddle those white people that went into the GOP. Instead of actually listening to “the people”, they allowed themselves to be bought by the oligarchy.

The result is the horror show that we are currently trying to survive.


Can I ask a question?

If the tables were turned and this was Democrats coming together to take a 6-3 SCOTUS majority, would you be decrying the Democrats’ party unity and use of the Constitution?