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'Absolute Robbery': Gilead Announces $3,120 Price Tag for Covid-19 Drug Developed With $70 Million in Taxpayer Support

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/29/absolute-robbery-gilead-announces-3120-price-tag-covid-19-drug-developed-70-million


“You didn’t build this.”–Pres. Barack Obama

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The medical industrial complex has been jealous that they don’t get as much corporate welfare as the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) gets. Exploiting COVID-19 will narrow the gap.


Shortly after we joined the WTO - as if by magic,
The Reasonable Pricing Rule just vanished!

Its not a coincidence


“I’m shocked, shocked to find that profiteering is going on here!”
(“Your winnings, sir…”)
“Oh, thank you very much!”


Maybe a “task force” to get this on the dem platform will help move biden to the left.

He is beholden, his handlers are beholden to those with the $$$$ This is the kind of thing that people who blindly vote for biden do not want to see:
(and how the hell does Sanders rationalize this?)

Employees in the pharmaceutical and health-product industries have combined to spend $2.6 million on Biden’s run for the White House so far

Biden Sides With Big Pharma Against Affordable Coronavirus Vaccine Plan

Unlike Sanders and other Democrats, Joe Biden has not embraced a key executive authority: cutting the cost of a possible coronavirus vaccine and other pharmaceuticals developed with federal research dollars.



Again, and again, and again : Socialism or barbarism!

We will not pay.

We cannot pay.

We will stay in the streets.


Socialize expenses and privatize profits. A capitalist’s dream.


Biden is from Delaware, the biggest tax haven in the world? (Maybe not yet but last I looked it was #3 and rising fast.)

Half of the US corporations are registered there. In one building.


The announced prices are for developed countries ($2340 to governments and $3120 to insurance companies). There are also five generic drug manufacturers in India and Pakistan who are going to make it at a small fraction of the cost for the other 127 countries in the world.

Should be interesting to see how many people cross over to Mexico to get Remdesivir for their infected friends and relatives.


The first word is NYC
The second is Hollywood with amazing accountants.

C-span had a hollywood person brag to a house committee that they sold over 10 billion dollars of music, movies and games overseas. the committee members all applauded.

One factory in central Illinois shipping diesel and natural gas engines all over the world had over 10 billions in Profits brought home into the USA. 600 factory workers and about 2,000 staff outperformed all of hollywood, california. One senator from Michigan whacks for legal movement of dollars to Swiss used for disbursement to employees, pensions, benefits and suppliers all over the world. The IRS dutifully followed up with a lawsuit years later. The federal court dismissed the suit. Gee, I should have made the generous campaign donation.

Notice that if Trump loses in November, all unspent campaign funds are transferred to his personal ownership - tax free. Jimmy Carter did 19 million dollars.

All the top executives at Gilead should be buried alive in a mass grave along with all the politicians who take their bribes. My partner and I have been watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds the last few weeks. I would think the US Government could invoke something like eminent domain and pay Gilead one dollar to simply take any vaccine on behalf of the citizens especially since they are already paying for it now.


How much is the orange shit gibbon making on this? Follow the fu*king money!

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We have to get the worst deal of all because we paid to have it developed so they know we’re idiots.


The DNC is profiteering. Rather than facilitating the best candidate, who’s policies win the support of the voters, the DNC is foisting their pre-selected candidate regardless of the actual winner of the democratic process.


Lets you and me team up and run for Pres, lose, and keep the campaign funds. I’ll flip you for it to see who gets to be VEEP.

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I would charge that trump is responsible. He could stop this. If by no other means, a drone could deliver a package.

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No wonder Alex Azar was red faced and choking on his own words as he testified about his role as a covid response team member. Oh, those public-private partnerships. If you didn’t see this coming you missed a good show. R A Bast***.

We set up TRIPS, we trade jobs for policy in the WTO on drugs. They have used it to increase the prices on some drugs hundreds or maybe even thousands of percent. In exchange we’ll trade them, jobs that US engineers and teachers and IT workers and nurses dont want, because they’ll pay too little.

We’ll stop the flow of generic lifesaving drugs, even if it is the last thing we do.

During the AIDS crisis an Indian generic drug manufacturer, under the cover of saving millions of human lives - made generic drugs that may have violated US and EU patents.

And they got away with it!

We may also trade patients. But there is a possible gotcha.


If only we had a chance where a progressive could have pointed this out on national TV. You know like a presidential candidate that actually had the courage to stand up for the people, but no I think that was just a pipe dream I and many had.