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'Absolute Robbery': Gilead Announces $3,120 Price Tag for Covid-19 Drug Developed With $70 Million in Taxpayer Support

Thats his retirement! Dont you dare touch my yields.

How many times have I heard that.

Doing so would instantly win him reelection. But alas in the end Trump is also just a product of the rapacious oligarchy.

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Same as it ever was.

Everyone should have expected this coming. This will only lengthen and worsen the pandemic. Because not only do you have people distrustful of our institutions, the anti vaxxers, but also more and more people who won’t be able to afford it, especially now since the pandemic caused so many to lose their jobs and soon homes.


darnit, a good idea
I promised my son that I would never do anything wrong.
Saves my grandchildren and great grandchildren future
embarrassments that prevents them from public service.

In 1942 and 1943 the army taught 1.5 million young men to read and write.
Just look at what they proudly accomplished over the next 30 years.

Right now, I am suspecting that a military draft will be used
to teach reading, skilled trades and maturity. Our unemployment
for yoiung black and mexican heritage men is going to stay too high
for maybe 3 years.

Expect rich, republicans, pill hill and gated community boys to be exempt.
as always.

“. . . how the hell does Sanders rationalize this?”


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The utter shamelessness of these turds is breathtaking.

They have to know, one day, masses of angry people will show up where they live…


Not even a mention of Biden personally making sure that pharma companies can extort sick people with exorbitant prices.

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The web site ~pharmamyths.net has some very interesting writing about the rationale that goes into pricing cancer drugs and drugs for other serious diseases.

Hint, it has absolutely nothing to do with how much or little it costs to make!


Ah, the value system of the European invaders from day one. Profits over people. Kill people off to take the land. Enslave others to work the land, whether you pay wages or not. Sit back and pretend you’re working hard when actually you’re just a parasite. Meanwhile, the hoi polloi are brainwashed into believing it’s their God-given punishment to toil here in this world and reap their rewards in the next. And that the rentier class are god’s chosen ones.
No surprise, really. As for how to deal with the gougers, I’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones and Dexter. And Breaking Bad. We don’t have dragons, alas, or Wights or The Others and seasons that last for years, but we can bring back beheadings and have Walks of Shame, where we get to fling shit at the profiteers as they walk butt naked in the streets. …And if we did have dragons…well, The Field of Flame comes to mind, held wherever we can round up the profits over people dudes.

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so is this $3210 out of pocket or this is what your health insurance pays and you pay whatever your co-pay for prescriptions is?

When you have lawmakers that wanna bail out lobbyists and debt collectors, is this any surprise?

What people need to understand is that our lawmakers, on both side of the spectrum, really don’t give a damn about the average person. We are just cogs in a wheel, a source of mostly cheap labor and taxes to serve and finance them. We dont count. This has nothing to do with Republican vs Democrats, this is an American thing. That is the culture. When the pandemic hit and the treasury was literally printing monopoly money to throw at the stock market full socializing it while the people got a one time $1200 check and some free testing I realized we are on our own.

Nothing has changed.

And Im sorry but I blame voters: no one twisted their arm forcing them to vote for Biden. I mean voters in this country either dont vote or when they do, it is for the wrong people. You get the government you vote for. Look at how everyone is rallying behind Biden when the man is why we are where we are. Our government is a reflection of our values as a nation and as voters and by the looks of it we got exactly what we voted for. Enjoy!


There is virtually no discussion here about key issues such as the suitability of the WTO TRIPS agreement in the modern era. Just like the GATS whose intent is to push the rice of labor low, the TRIPs agreement which keeps the prices of drugs high, has not aged gracefully, (actually it was never legitimate) Americans have let their discussions here in the US be ghettoized, we need ti break free of this trap.

There is a whole global discussion going on about IP and the cooperative modelFrankly both UIS candidates are rofoundly out of touch with 21st century America, they are trapped in the 1980s. Trying to force a greed model on the country.

Another fake cure from Gilead. The last one was Tamiflu (oseltamivir) peddled to morons governments around the world as a cure all for the flu. Billions of dollars paid out to stock giant inventories of this wonder drug before it was admitted as no more than a low level cold medicine. Tamiflu can now be found on your big box store OTC counter.

Remdesivir was going to be an ebola wonder drug but could not generate enough customers … now they have found a whole new bunch of suckers. It has been shown to perhaps relive some symptoms of those not very sick. As for the really sick, maybe make you feel better while you die. If you can afford it!


Resveratrol likely can do better than that and its almost free.

I hope to god I don’t get this virus but if I do, I will request that if it’s going to make me go homeless, I’ll tell the hospital to forego any expensive treatment. I’ll suffer the consequences and hope I come out alive. Some of us don’t have a lot of financial leeway.


The fact that you even have to consider such shows how much the U.S. has fallen into barbarism and, to be frank, doesn’t deserve to be saved.


It doesn’t cure the virus. It only decreases the symptom a little. It may keep a few people off the ventilator but it’s not the answer. We need to close down again and start a nationwide testing program. Once the virus is contained, Gilead can charge whatever their little black hearts desire. We won’t need it.


Its based on how much they can get away with, as always.

See this article by one of the world’s leading experts on drug pricing, ~http://www.pharmamyths.net/_market_spiral_pricing_of_cancer_drugs__120860.htm

And this listserv which has a lot of content on COVID-19


I believe I have a rather simple solution: All we need to do is send Gilead individual bills for our $70m and charge 5% interest for the use of same. This is a reasonable amount as they are making such an enormous profit and can obviously afford it. Any failure to pay will cause us to send them into collection.
Interestingly, balm-of-Gilead, from where they get their name, is a medicine made to ease sickness. Sickness seems to be what they intend to keep, not cure.