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'Absolutely Devastating': CBO Predicts 22 Million Less Insured Under Trumpcare


'Absolutely Devastating': CBO Predicts 22 Million Less Insured Under Trumpcare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

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The acronym for this healthcare bill is pronounced “burka.” Fitting, in more ways than one!


Kindawondering what you’re inferring?


Pure evil incarnate…un-effing-believable that such a destructive, inhumane P.O.S was crafted by rich old white men of privilege behind closed doors, without input beyond these 12 devil’s disciples distorted minds and with expectations that their reprobate peers will ram it through before they leave for “vacation/recess.” Haedes is too good for them…light the pyres for these demons.


As the number of people on Medicaid decreases, some people may die, but also the number seeking care in emergency rooms increases. The emergency rooms cannot absorb the increased amount of uncompensated care, so they shift the cost to either self-pay individuals or to insurance companies. The latter in turn increase premiums, co-pays and deductibles for those who are insured. As these increase, more individuals and companies are priced out of the market to send more people to the emergency room to shift more costs. This what the Institute of Medicine, the medical branch of the National Academy of Sciences, had in mind about fifteen years ago when it said that the health care system in the United States is not sustainable in the 21st Century. The only sustainable system is a national Medicare for all program. However, we will not have it nationally until we have it in a state or two. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said in the 1930s, “The states are the laboratories of democracy.” Several states are working toward that goal-- California, New York, Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio (SPANOhio.org), perhaps some others. Sooner or later, the richest country will join the remainder of the industrial world that now provide health care for all of their citizens.


And in the meantime, how many human lives will be lost and families/friends lives forever destroyed as a result? No mercy for these brigands that have crafted death notices for millions of people.


Let’s call this bill what it is. It’s a cleansing and extermination bill designed to cull that portion of the population the ruling elite consider to be unproductive and a drain on this country’s corporate fascist state. These bastards don’t merely ignore the homeless, the poor, the disabled; they hate them and want them gone. It’s a page right out of the Nazi playbook. What has this country become?


What are the objectives of Trump care? Reduce the number of people insured by 22m, gut Medicaid, close hospitals in small towns, increase costs for everyone over 50? The objectives are to give a massive tax relief to the very rich and gut Obamacare because Obama put it in place. How can any Republican go back to his supporters with this hanging over his head? Which of these 22 million people and their families and friends are going to support Republicans that support this.


You’re right, and I’m still a little astonished that the GOP is really going through with this.

But at the same time, I can’t help but feeling that we’re arguing over crumbs. Tens of millions are left uninsured under the ACA. I’ve seen a lot of righteous anger over the Republican Death Bill on Twitter, and rightly so, but gosh…are we saying that those left uninsured RIGHT NOW are worthless? Because they’ve been left out of the conversation pretty much entirely.

To me, this is a big part of the problem. The ruling elite still set the terms of the debate.

That said, those of us who said that if Trump is elected we’ll be spending all our time trying to save what little we’ve won are being proved correct.


As I have commented in the past, using the term “care” is absurd as there is not a bit of “care” in the Death Act. It is like water-boarding the poor, sick, elderly, and most vulnerable…drip-drip-drip until they die or their blood is sucked dry while the wealthiest with their platinum insurance policies, private physicians, and gold-plated health clinics catering to their every whim and fancy fly off to their private island or isolated mountain retreats. Cruelty at its most heinous.


Susan Collins said on Twitter that she’s going to vote no on it, so that’s two so far, I think.

Oh, and you saw that Gorsuch sided with those who think the entire travel ban should be permitted? He’ll be around long after Trump and many current Senators and Representatives are gone. I’m starting to wonder if gay marriage is going to be legal in a few years.


a few years…how about a few months for this cabal of crazies (marriage equality) that are giddy with hubris.


Yes, but let’s not forget the brave souls who chose not to “fear vote” this last election. They made a huge and historic statement against the “duopoly.” That’s way more impactful than having a neoconfederate sitting atop the DOJ or a hard right fifth vote, one without Antonin Scalia’s libertarian streak, on the Supreme Court. These folks sacrificed their votes for the greater good. Folks like you and I just sold out.


I’ve gotten so cynical that I think FOX News will just scream “illegals are stealing Medicaid!” when people’s parents lose nursing home coverage and 40% of the population will believe it.


Notice that never are the perpetrators of this sadism asked just why they are willing to do this.


Those are not crumbs that will be thrown off Medicaid, and the repeated claim that coverage of pre existing conditions will continue, repeatedly endlessly by the NYT(Robert Pear) is a swindle. Coverage won’t continue because it can’t continue under the terms of either the House or Senate bill.


Pence, citing his close personal relationship with Jesus will be called upon to pray in public, before casting the deciding vote in favor of The Premature Death Act ( TPDA ). It will go something like this, " Oh lord, won’t you buy me another Mercedes-Benz, My boss has twelve Porches, And, he makes me shout lots of Amens. Parsed hard all my lifetime, with some help from crazy, born-again friends. So lord, won’t you, at least, buy me another Mercedes-Benz ".
Sorry Janis, it was just too easy.


That was the laugh I needed. Thanks.


The 22 million losing Medicaid coverage will be dwarfed by the tens of millions of Murkins losing Medicare when the time bomb embedded in Trumpcare explodes. See Nancy Altman’s article on CD today for details.


I’m watching Don Lemon Tonight on CNN. There is this guy named Bob Ruscoe, a trump voter, life-long republican, talking about his fear of losing his ACA Coverage (I refuse to call it Obamacare, because it disrespects the people covered by this bill by accepting the name the right gave it). Will I feel sorry for this guy and his wife if they lose their ACA insurance coverage, HELL NO!. When Republicans tell you they’re going to take your insurance coverage away you ought to damn well believe them.