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'Absolutely Disastrous': Progressives Furious as Fellow Democrats Propose Funding Cut for Health Clinics That Serve 30 Million Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/18/absolutely-disastrous-progressives-furious-fellow-democrats-propose-funding-cut

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Frankly I don’t see how you can concede a single inch to an entrenched republican party that’s mission is to see that the poorest of us get no help with tax dollars. Pallone must prove healthcare won’t go up in the next four years or crawl under a table so he doesn’t get hit by something from his democratic progressives and other concerned dems.

Once again Bernie is on duty for the people.


With friends like these, who needs republicans.


We are closing specialty clinics in CA and instead opening a larger demographic area for services, which are optional. I wonder what the objective for this is, cost savings? I wonder though couldn’t fee structures and other methods achieve the same results?

They sure are making it hard to keep being a democrat, it’s kinda a family thing ya know, it’s my DNA but gosh this is stretching it thin, dammit.


THESE are the Democrats we’re looking to for support for Medicare4ALL?

Labeling them as their top sponsors should be happening regularly …

Would it be Koch’s Trump – ?

Who’s best earned the “Wall Street” label among the Dems?

Should be happening –


the damn dems take money from big pharma and the insurance companies. why are any of you surprised by this piece of garbage from them? we need a real revolution - GO BERNIE AND THE GANG OF FOUR in the house.


Focusing on policy instead of politicians will never get to comprehensive health care
unless we first get rid of some wall street leeches like Pallone…and his centralist pals.


To all the DINO members and distinguished sellouts of the party.


I’m starting to wonder if Sanders is seeing the party in a new light, and if he should have walked out in 2016, taking his voters with him, after his screwing in the primaries.


Don’t just stand there being “disappointed” or “stunned”, stupid Democrats. If you are serious about a single payer health insurance system, or anything progressive at all, stop swimming upstream in a party that is an enemy of progressives. You make me think you are just sheepdogging progressives into the Democrat corral to be slaughtered.



“but…but…but Republicans!” Gird up, this will be the chorus every single day until Trump probably wins again.

It’ll be all over these comments.


This is what happens when you allow Republicans in to, and to control, the Democratic Party.

We really need another Party on the Left and just abandon this Second Republican Party

Chris Hedges -

Let’s be clear. The Democratic Party under Bill Clinton transformed itself into the traditional Republican Party, and the Republican Party moved, was pushed, so far to the right it became insane.

In a interview reported in the Hill, Obama admited:

“… back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican,” he told Noticias Univision 23 in a White House interview.


Frank Pallone is a complete waste of skin, who “proves” his “environmentalism” (mandatory to win reelection in NJ) by showing up for a photo op at Clean Ocean Action"s annual beach sweep events. Cindy Zipf, for whom I have the greatest respect, should be ashamed to lend COA’s credibility to such a mealy-mouthed fraud.



“Pallone must prove healthcare won’t go up in the next four years or crawl under a table so he doesn’t get hit by something from his democratic progressives and other concerned dems.”

I would like to encourage people to remember that it’s not just Democrats who care about real health care for all. This issue cuts across party lines, as polls show us again and again, and it’s why Medicare for All is such a true winner, even in the face of concerted Media and Political Class efforts to squash it.

Also, I think you speak of a risk to Pallone that he will “get hit” not because you really think he will be physically attacked but rather to make a point, but I encourage us to rethink using metaphors of violence in this way. The real violence here–as I believe you would readily agree–would be the cut to life-saving community health care clinics.

Other than these concerns of mine, I appreciate your passionate defense of health care, and noting Bernie’s big, ongoing work here!

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Dr. Margaret Flowers

"Pediatrician, Activist for Universal Health Care : b. 1962

The phrase that continuously runs through my mind is ‘To be silent is to be complicit.’ I cannot be complicit in the face of a healthcare industry that profits at the cost of human lives and in the face of an administration and a Congress that are too dysfunctional to stop this practice."

Join Dr. Margaret Flowers who is a leading figure fighting for Single Payer Healthcare 4 all.


This follows democratic party support for the latest giant war budget.

BDS the Ds.


The Greens have withstood twenty-five years of constant and united opposition from the Ds and Rs, who are partners in Presidential Elections, inc.

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I hate bringing up the “Trojan Horse” reference again when referring to Bernie, but it seems to me such a smart man would have learned better by this point.

Don’t you think?

The Republicans in the Democrats party will never let Bernie advance to the nomination.

Don’t listen to what the DINO hierarchy says, watch what they do.

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I appreciate your devotion and loyalty to this political party, however, it’s not the same political party you joined many years ago.

You know this.

I too joined that party in 1969.

It took me more than 30 years to admit to myself, it was time to leave, for good.

I’ve been proud of myself for doing so ever since.

One of the best adult decisions of my life.

“It’s kinda family thing.”

Your family, if they’re supportive of one’s individual rights, will completely understand.

For me, as a longtime pacifist, it was the party’s politicians support of warmongering that I refused to ever be a part of again.

Your vote implies your support of everything they choose to vote to support.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking it doesn’t.

Be an independent thinker, your family’s first perhaps. You don’t need a political party devoted to the wealthy and the corporations to do your thinking for you Ditton.

Register as an Independent, a Socialist, a Green.

The two warmongering, corporate parties don’t deserve your support.

I’ve read your comments for quite some time. Your dissatisfaction is clear.

Make a difference.

The Duopoly have herds of sheep.

Leave the herd.