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'Absolutely Disgusting': In First Comments on Deaths of Two Young Kids in US Custody, Trump Falsely Blames Democrats and Child's Father


'Absolutely Disgusting': In First Comments on Deaths of Two Young Kids in US Custody, Trump Falsely Blames Democrats and Child's Father

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In his first public comments on the deaths of seven-year-old Jakelin Caal and eight-year-old Felipe Gómez Alonzo in U.S.


It would seem political point scoring is about all those poor kids were worth, all the way around.


Trump is just the overt expression of the duopoly’s depravity.


“No empathy. No compassion. No sorrow. No regret. He doesn’t even pretend to care about the death of two innocent kids.”

When any nation is ruled by wealth, ignorance, and greed over human/civil rights, science, and a strong moral code, the bigoted/exploiter scum rises to the top, and their influence (in this case the odious trump) is passed-down to, and empowers, the brown-shirt, even more overtly racist, bigot haters in the street, and environmental rapists/destroyers and polluters…AKA the “trump base” he caters-to in his brand of political manipulation of the mob…that lack of moral compass, incompetence, and a sustainable moral future characterizes the trump regime

The “opposition party” is so weak in their leadership and complicit in their lack of advocacy…afraid of the mob and supposed political “repercussions”, they do not stand-up vigorously for much of anything, but move to the ever-rightward “center”; timid “compromise” being the name of their game…“compromise” that often equals craven weakness and actual complicity by a “leadership” that betrays the majority of a “base” that is demanding a real American, progressive “left” representation!


The detention centers are nicknamed “iceboxes”. ICE is apparently under orders to torture the refugees. In the case of kids, they don’t have much extra energy and they often die first. Putting kids into a high-stress environment where they can’t sleep because you have to step over people to move, where guards quit because of the screaming, where the sandwiches come frozen, where if one person has a communicable disease they all get it, is torture.


What do you mean? Shouldn’t this event be discussed.?


Why is this on CommonDreams? Total nonsense thinking Trump would do anything different. Better idea to put up relevant News even tho it’s hard to come by these days.


Leaders of the opposition party are not just weak, cowardly and feckless. They have proved over decades to be equally as vociferous as Trump in their willingness to kill innocents by the millions around the globe.

The main difference is that the Idiot of Orange is a truly disgusting and vile personality and likes to brag about the horrors the U.S. visits upon the biosphere and its inhabitants.

The others hide behind PR and the “dignity” of their offices, except when Hillary C bragged about the assassination of Mohamar Ghaddafi.


It should be discussed in context of what a U.S. president does and the near god-like power he is granted by the most expensive, largest military machine in the history of humanity. The context should also include that Trump’s policies are outgrowths of previous ones going back at least to WW2 and both wings of the Duopoly have developed consensus around them.

As other commenters point out, this is a cheap piece of political opportunism based on the tragic deaths of two immigrant children. Meanwhile, U.S. policies and its military are abusing children in U.S. prisons, jails and institutions, starving children, rendering children parentless, destroying the possibility of healthy lives, and slaughtering children at a horrendous rate domestically and around the world.

Selective morality is as immoral as anything can be.


The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan sez:
“Has there ever been a more heartless, shameless or dysfunctional human being in the Oval Office?”

Cheney comes to mind. And haven’t Kissinger and Bolton at least visited?


US mainstream media has practice of superficial and short term coverage. At the same time, there are many pundits, commentators, and people with political or economic power, who fill gaps in coverage and followup with right wing, racist, xenophobic, dogma.

I live in a region with a large number of undocumented workers. There are also large numbers of white people living paycheck to paycheck, underemployed, unemployed, and unemployable. When family separation was in the news this summer, many of these folks expressed shock and disapproval. But, then the media coverage faded while right wing messaging took over. A little later, what I heard was a focus on blaming migrant parents.
Similar trends seemed to occur nationwide:
https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/06/22/Poll-Most-in-US-blame-parents-for-child-separations-at-border/6421529643307/ .

Now, where I live, many people echo Trump’s comments blaming migrant parents for the deaths of their children. I’d be interested to learn what national polling suggests.

One more challenge, for those of us who are progressives, is the need to do a better job challenging right wing dogma and bringing progressive perspectives out to a wider audience.


Trump sounds more and more like a four year old demanding more ice cream, or else.


Just two years into this Regime and already the amount of innocent blood on America’s hands, Trump’s, and and the religious right who elected him and his fascist platform, collectively, will never wash off. I’ll say this, its quickly approaching a number so high that it’s more than all the abortions in US history.


Christianity … Trump style.

Surely his fundamentalist Christian supporters should be asked if they believe that Jesus would have condoned Trumps decisions on this matter. If they say yes then that is further proof that they are merely faux Christian heretics and members of a pseudo-Satanic cult.

So much for being pro-life … I wonder if they would mind is muslim women got abortions … something that I doubt they’d ever do anyway, but would it bother a Christian fundamentalist pro-lifer if they did?


That is to be expected from Trump, but why is there absolutely no response of empathy, sorrow or regret from the Bible Trumpers who claim to be Christians? Not a peep!


Trump is doing what his voters wanted him to do from the very start.


I’ll go even further in depicting Trump: he is a first class SHIT, dammit! It was HIS policy, his orders, his House, his Senate, his Presidency that rules America until January 3, and then he still has the upper hand in many ways. None of this was the Democrats’ fault, though there are other Democratic policies we can complain about. Trump is a spoiled BRAT, that I still say should have been taken behind a barn about 70 years ago and should have had his butt blistered, every time he was arrogant and a bully. His father was also a fool for giving Donny-boy so much money while he was so young. Fred could at least have waited until he died.


Trump and his criminal cabal are the unadulterated face of fascism. In 1990 Bill Clinton introduced the ‘Prevention Through Deterrence’ policy which made travel through the desert more deadly for migrants…


To put Christianity and Trump in the same sentence is an oxymoron…if I ever saw one!


There are in fact Christian groups down there trying to help just as there Christian groups that protest wars or break into Military bases to paint graffiti for peace on missiles.

They are not being reported on. You are not hearing a peep because the Mainstream Media does not wnat you to hear their message.

Here one example and keep in mind a whole lot of those migrants seek sanctuary in Churches.

Now I acknowledge that these Christians are not the ones you refer to in your post. The ones you refer to are frauds just as their President is.