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'Absolutely Earth-Shaking': North and South Korea Reportedly in Talks to Officially End to Korean War


'Absolutely Earth-Shaking': North and South Korea Reportedly in Talks to Officially End to Korean War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Technically, North and South Korea are still at war, and have been for more than six decades—but an "absolutely earth-shaking" new report on Tuesday indicates the conflict may soon be coming to an end.


Among the theatrics that get played out in the news is the likelihood that Moon and SK have enjoyed their experiment with cheap labor in NK and want more of the same. There could be worse things for NK, of course–by a long shot. If this is part of the equation it represents further downward wage pressure in SK, which may just be the “cost of peace”. Expect the IMF and World Bank to open their loan windows any moment. In ten years they’ll own NK.


Quick, somebody send Kim a copy of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Pilger!


It will indeed be sooo chic to wear garments with the NK label !


It’s John Perkins but point well made.


This is terrific news.
The US power and war elites will never stand for it but still great to know some people are capable of rational thought.

Expect a sarin gas attack any hour now.


Thanks for catching that. Sometimes I type faster than I think.


It’s what Koreans have been working on literally all my life (begun the same month as the truce). But for us, let’s start with using the correct names of the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or ROK and DPRK if that’s too confusing. They are family, blood relatives that every Korean I know can name on the other side of the DMZ.

What makes this negotiation news is that djt’s provocation of Kim has made it so urgent that the Koreans had to rush around him. They had the handy opportunity of the Olympics, and the DPRK’s proposal of a united team was uncharacteristically brilliant. Maybe Kim is realizing that pulling the ROK out of US control puts the DPRK in a better position in the world than having nukes. Maybe he’s tired of being a rogue.


Whether it happens sooner or later, this news/information of a potential “end to hostilities”, when floated into the minds of the public domain, it improves the possibility of peace and a better human condition around the world.

It is also a direct rebuke to the unhinged, violence-worshipping Bolton/Trump.

Make it happen N&S Korea.


Best news all day!



“The groundbreaking report comes as Kim has increasingly expressed his willingness to discuss denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula—an openness that foreign policy experts have attributed to South Korea’s “masterful” diplomacy, not President Donald Trump’s “fire and fury” threats and warmongering.”


Unfortunately, even if this works out well, Trump and his warmonger lackeys will be given, and will happily take, credit for it, claiming that the threats of annihilation were the deciding factor. It will embolden people like Bolton to ramp up the perpetual wars all over the globe.


Great defensive maneuver to prepare for any offensive moves by the West.
I hope this works out and embarrasses the shit out of the war-mongers who have no interest in words when weapons are so easily in reach.


Trump is taking credit, right?

And pointing fingers whenever things go wrong, right?


Uh-oh! That sounds like a symptom of “Tweeter Trump”!!! :smile:


Just shoot me if I ever get that vacuous.


Excellent book one of the first to “clue me in”…


So…I get this terrible feeling that Trump is going to take credit for this…??..anyone have an opinion on this?


Me too…


See this is what I have thought alTrump will try to take credit. He will say …see what strength and power can do??? …I started the ball rolling …and his supporters will say the same thing. He will say he “scared”.them in it this… I am going to be sick …


Shortly after taking credit, Trump (and his lock step supporters) will be blaming the morphed North Korea for stealing Murkin jobs.