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'Absolutely Insane': John Bolton Suggests DNC Hack Was Obama 'False Flag'


'Absolutely Insane': John Bolton Suggests DNC Hack Was Obama 'False Flag'

Nika Knight, staff writer

John Bolton, the hawkish former Bush administration official now reportedly under serious consideration for deputy secretary of state, suggested during a Fox News interview on Sunday that the reports of Russian meddling in the U.S.


Bolton is an evil dolt; however, diverting attention from the content of the DNC's emails to their (potentially Russian) source, is, sadly, a bit of a false flag operation.


Just because Bolton is a neocon maniac does not mean that everything he says is false. He is just saying an obvious truth to protect Trump (and his new job).

From what Assange has said, the much of the DNC material came from internal leaks, not hacking.

One does have to ask why this is happening...desperately seeking scapegoat?


Then there is this:




This article gives insight into the ability of the NSA to easily determine whether ot not the DNC servers hacked and who was in fact responsible.

It cites an ex NSA diector deemed an expert on such matters along with Edward Snowden. It also points out that both Assange and British Diplomat (craig Murray) claim to know the person who leaked this information and know him as an American Citizen.

From Craig Binney Ex NSA

If it were the Russians, NSA would have a trace route to them and not equivocate on who did it. It’s like using “Trace Route” to map the path of all the packets on the network. In the program Treasuremap NSA has hundreds of trace route programs embedded in switches in Europe and hundreds more around the world. So, this set-up should have detected where the packets went and when they went there.

By the way , given it the internet that has all of these rebuttals to the officialy "Sanctioned" news that the Government and propaganda agencies want the people to read , this makes it equally clear as to why that recent bill passed to try and gain contol over such sites and why the MSM so wants the people to believe anything that they are not promoting is FAKE news.

This article offers information as to who is behind propornot concluding it a CIA porgram affiliated with Ukrainian fascists.


I seem to remember that this same John Bolton was caught taking hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby on behalf of a listed Iranian terrorist organization in D.C. some years back.


Bolton always was a freakin nutter and extremist neocon wack-job! He seems therefore perfect for the Trump Cabinet from Hell! The most ignorant, ego-centric and delusional Prez & Cabinet in modern history!

Remember, it was Trump who called for the Russians (whether they did or did not) to hack the Dems/HRC - in a saner nation/political world that would be rightly seen as treason!

Trump is likely cozying-up to the Russian oligarchs - some of the most viscous in the world, and solidifying the "deals" he can make now, and in the future. after he leaves office, both personally and for his "business" crony's!


What exactly was so horrific and evil about the content? One would think that Podesta was employing death squads or something the way people go on about them.

Even the possibility of an election being influenced by a foreign plutocratic power - a plutocratic power that will, starting on January 20, be part of a monstrous Trump-Putin-Exxon global capitalist axis, is very serious business.

What used to be the "left" has become utterly indistinguishable from the fascist right!


Ah, The Duran, where Putin can do no wrong.


You are committing a Tu Quoque fallacy.


No love for Bolton here or the theory that Obama was behind it BUT we can rule our Russia being behind the hack as well. If there was any evidence it would not be secret, it would be broadcast. The most likely scenario is that it was leaked by a concerned insider.


I trust Craig Murray. He is an honorable man.


There is no way that Assange and Murray can have certainty as to where the info came from. They say it was delivered by one man. Even if that is true, that man's info could have arrived in his hands from who knows where? That "man" may know or he may not. If any of us pretend to know anything about this issue with absolute certainty, than that person is a fool.


Mr. Bolton is one of the most hawkish, insane,ignorant and dangerous war mongering, political hacks in America; that is why he is a perfect fit for the Trump administration.

! do not know what we are in for the next 4/8 years but rest assured for sane people, it is going to be a total nightmare!


I do not know if Russia was involved, but always look at cui bono.
Bolton: " if the U.S. election was interfered with by a foreign power, ( Russia) such actions should provoke a military response."


The Democrats are looking for a scapegoat and have come up with an old standby, The Russians are Coming. Dave Lindorf pretty much sums up this mess here: "The reality is that the CIA has presented no hard evidence that Russia is behind the hacking of the DNC’s or or Clinton’s private home server. The excuse is given that the Agency doesn’t want to disclose any of its sources, so the reader is left with the pathetic plea, from both the Agency and the White House: “Trust us.”



Nothing much; didn't mean to imply there was; just pointing out the false flag logic implied by the misdirection.


William Binney -- slip of the keyboard, me thinks...:Not as bad as my erroneous "Craig Murray, Ambassador to UK" (UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan) reference of yesterday. :relaxed:


Come off it, Vox. You having trouble finding Craig Murray's blog, where he initially published his statement that THE PERSON(s) WHO LEAKED THE E-MAILS IS A WASHINGTON INSIDER? TheDuran simply is better informed than your favorite MSM rags, who act like local gas stations, all quoting the same price by 8:00 AM each day.


And is Bolton's info source Alex Jones of InfoWars (a favorite news source for T-dump)? Wonder how much Bolton was paid for this "suggestion" and corresponding press release....

And how are Bolton and what he has to say relevant or worthy of any notice anyhow?