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'Absolutely Ludicrous': Canadian Election Officials Tell Green Groups That Ads Urging Rescue of Planet Earth Could Be Illegal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/absolutely-ludicrous-canadian-election-officials-tell-green-groups-ads-urging-rescue

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Why do I even choose read stuff like this… I already know people, governments, the financial industry and corporations get exponentially more stupid and/or evil with each passing day…


Missing Context: Bernier and People’s Party position on Climate Change


I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a lot more stupid people in the world than thinking people. That is why we see ridiculous plans like this generated all over the world. There will come a day when some future being will equate humans to dodo birds.


da chicagoo boys ev put deir foots down and shooked deir heds no.no.no.you.don’t.

the.system.has.toasted.itself … feel the bern?

Thomas Merton wrote that the end of the world would be legal.

We’re currently on a path from 410 ppm to about 1100 ppm in about a century. This would seriously damage humankind’s ability to grow productive crops on most of the Eaarth’s current agricultural land. I had to look up these two tidbits of information on Google and source it to scientific journals.


Corporate governments have no shame when it comes to profits over facts.


If you were unaware of People’s Party climate chaos denialism, have a read:

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Nice mention of Thomas Merton, I was able to visit his grave while living in Kaintuck, a very moving experience.


As noted on another thread…micro-plastic’s are in the air, the rain, the soil, your food and thus your guts and your brain. People are beginning to show the effects in very odd ways. Rationalities are disappearing just as much as the ice is melting. The coming new abnormal will be very hard to adapt to, it will take intellect and patience.


Hey, Skeptic. Thanks for the link. “People’s Party” my ass! What delusional right-wing-fossil-fuel corporate talking points on their issues page.They are apparently a bunch of oil shills and have nothing much whatever to do with “the people”, a sustainable future, common sense or truth. Fookin dung-heads!


If we’re gonna talk about gangsters…



Thank-you for adding this. (peoples party about 2-3% of electorate)

Also of “interest”: The Conservative Party Platform (about 33% electorate support for this party)
https://arealplan.ca/about-our-plan/ … the “real interest” here being to sell clean Canadian energy

This is rather off-topic, but I have noticed that “the Guardian”, which has some really good reporting that generally leans left, completely ignores Bernie. Instead, their are numerous articles written about Biden and Harris and other corporate-friendly candidates. I think CD is one of the only outlets, along with the Intercept and a few others, that supports the most popular candidate. The reason? No corporate advertisers influencing unbiased journalism.


Et tu, Canada? Haven’t you learned anything from the appalling example that the U.S. under the Hair Fuhrer has provided? Looks like Justin Trudeau is definitely NOT his father in any substantial way. We learned the evil of political dynasties here as well with the Bush Crime Family. Oh, Canada!

It’s only “ludicrous” for things like this to happen if you haven’t gotten it yet: the fascist entropy we’ve allowed to stochastically seize everything in sight is the outrage to decency. This is just another little illustration of why you can’t do anything to stop part of the madness until you roll up your sleeves to stop all of it. Petitions, letter-writing campaigns, lawsuits, op-eds, billboards… like hitting a cinderblock wall with a BB gun. The toys the system allows you are designed to do nothing. “Look, there are some little marks where we hit this brick a bunch of times!”

Meanwhile, global corporate fascism keeps encroaching from all sides like ever-warmer Arctic waters around the amazing shrinking icecap.


could you please define the mathematical term “stochastically” as you understand it… on the web it seems to have variable meanings as “random process” or “randomly determined sequence”

Canada is second to Russia in land mass and has always been one of the lease densely populated nations (more people in California than all of Canada), hence long carbon intensive travel distances. The Canadian economy has always been heavily weighted with extractive industries…logging, mining, petroleum, fishing and the like. Reducing carbon in Canada will therefore be more difficult than in other industrialized nation, including the US.

Expect more push back from Canadians, not less.

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You’ve got it, I think. So far as I can tell, mathematicians say “random” while physicists says “stochastic” – but they’re talking about the same basic thing. Social critics have recently coined the term “stochastic terrorism” to describe things like the New Zealand attack.

To really understand what is going on here in the Reich, and around the world these days, you just have to remember a basic truth.
*If anything might get between one of the people’s pennies and a billionaire’s overstuffed safe, just remember, from a song popular in my youth, "It’s illegal, it’s immoral, or it makes you fat!"

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