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'Absolutely No Respect for Human Life': Trump Compares Turkish Assault on Kurds to Two Kids Fighting in a Parking Lot

Kinda appropos, sadly…

Are you proposing that a military coup is the solution? Have you ever lived in a country that has had a military coup? Or have you read what happens to the left when they happen?


They did fear that. They were desperate. There were many within the Kurdish movements (there are several) who thought it was disastrous and that they should have tried to work out something with Assad. Others were fearful because of years of repression by the Syrian security forces and fear about what it would mean if they were invited back in. So Rojava is over.


I was able to get the gist ditton - thanks !

Here is another ~ https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-50094679/james-mattis-mocks-donald-trump-at-gala-dinner

You know Gil, I have an afinity for the military going way back to my youth when I was a Sea Cadet, an affinity which has never faltered, believing as I do that the fist instinct of the soldier is to protect.

I undersatand many on CD are not fans of the military, and I understand that the Pentagon was involved in the coverup of JFK’s removal. This changes nothing about the soldier, the ancient warrior who has always had the good of the tribe foremost in his heart, who has always lent his strength and sacrificed his life if need be.

I have read a ton on the SEALs, the Marines, Delta Force, Sayaret Metkal, and the original SAS and their founder, David Sterling. Yes - some are religious, but many are not. It is not a perfect world, you and I know and understand this.

Civilian control of the military is I think an essential part of America the IDEA, and General Mattis agrees with this.

In the Iroquois Cofederacy, the clan Mother(s) elected the Chief, and had the power to remove him from office.

We don’t have any clan Mothers that I am aware of, this impeachment is so far as close as we get.

But this tyrant, this miniscule personality, must go.


"The president of the United States is using the language of ethnic cleansing. If we allow him to continue, who would he use it on next?"

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the (Kurds), and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a (Kurd).

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

(Apologies to Martin Niemöller)

And here you know a whole lot more than I do! About all I knew about Kurdish history is that they’ve been seeking independence for a very very long time… And that’s what I was trying to get that other person to realize. Those “quadruple winners” would be quadruple losers if the Kurds finally had their own state. So, at least you and I understand how this “Kurdish genocide” has been going down and why.

Wonder if god will plop down a “promised land” for them? On that note: where’s my promised land? Wait, where’s god? Ok I’m starting to get nasty here…

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War is an attack on the environment and quite devastating on the environment and on other animals. It kills them. War destroys the land. Seems you haven’t considered this. Obama left office with between 8-10 wars in progress (I lost count).


trump should have his air removed entirely, for about 10 minutes.

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Building a concrete wall would have been much more devastating, stupid and more futile a money pit than any war.
DavidCarson was referring to the way trump has attacked environmental protections in the united states.
obama never started a war.
trump supports brutal authoritarians and instigates conflict even among democratic americans and communist republicans.

He should be dumped off in the middle of the Kurds front-lines. I’m sure everyone would want a souvenir piece,

This should dispel all doubts anyone had about whether or not trump is a sociopath. He cares about nothing but himself.

I’m a bit disappointed with the military who supposedly lamented leaving their allies to be wiped out. But they left, didn’t they? And said, we had orders. Sounds a lot like what the Nazi’s said after the war when they were called to account. So I guess that makes our military, every soldier, one of Trump’s mercenaries. I wonder what will happen when Trump orders them to round up our own citizens?

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Hi reader321:
I think we already had one. Don’t forget that Bush 2 majored in cheerleading and drinking—but it was at Yale, so I guess the majors didn’t matter. : (

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Apparently you weren’t paying close attention during the Obama years. Obama greatly expanded on the neocon policies of the Bush regime, including US imperialism (war, whether a declared war or not). His first week in office he attacked Pakistan (that’s war) and Obama’s devout supporters said, “This must be left over from Bush.” It wasn’t “left over” from Bush. Even though during the campaign Obama spoke of attacking Pakistan, they chose not to hear that. All the devout wanted to hear were chants of “Hope and Change We Can Believe In.” I was glad when Obama left office and I despise the current White House occupant. Note that I don’t call him “president” like all the others on here.

Hi pinkbarrio:
Oh we should have known what Obama would do with his 3 syllable name. After all “bam” is the sound of both a corporate and a military owned president. : (

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I’m pretty sure I’m Kool-Aid free, but you never know what the deep state might be putting in my water from the con trails and GMO nanobots and all that. I’m definitely not advocating for the corporate, permanent war line where the Dems and Repubs have just joined hands. I’m just saying don’t expect Kurds not to be slaughtered. Seems to be the most reasonable expectation, given history.

Except one is a 10th Grader with a machete and the other is a 6th Grader with a pair of Blunt Nose scissors…

Its like watching those old horror monster shows like Gammora or some other beast stomping through the streets wreaking havoc and destruction at every turn with a back story of evil unstoppable corruption

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I’d caution you to play a wait and see game.

As if nobody had the measure of trumpty dumpty before he was president ! This is yet another example of his total disregard for anyone but himself. It also speaks volumes for the fascist in 10 Downing Street that he has uttered not one word of condemnation of this evil man and is intending to take us out of the EU and deliver us into the maw of a psychopath. The world has truly gone mad and the sooner we, the people take control, the better for all humanity.