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'Absolutely Nothing to Offer': Beto's Answer on Healthcare at CNN Town Hall Angers Progressives

'Absolutely Nothing to Offer': Beto's Answer on Healthcare at CNN Town Hall Angers Progressives

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Democratic presidential primary candidate Beto O'Rourke went on CNN for a town hall Tuesday evening in an attempt to breathe some life into his dying campaign, but all he did was earn the ire of progressives after delivering a less than ambitious answer to a question on Medicare for All.

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An empty-suit flash in the pan - NOT ready for prime-time. let’s hope Biden follows Beto’s downward spiral to political irrelevance as he deserves, as well as all the other frauds and business-as-usual shill candidates. Hopefully as well, the electorate will somehow (yeah, I know, a pipe-dream) wake-up and demand/support real progressive leaders, ticket, and agenda and the removal of the DINO establishment craven corrupt failures who also equivocate on critical issues while pandering to big-money, corporate/banker power., and the war-machine that steals trillions from our ostensibly civilian republic!


No need for anger, just ignore him and his personal use of sign language.


Did anyone tell Beto-and-switch that Medicare is an existing program that liberals are looking to build on by extending an upgraded version of it to everyone?


@Skeptic Tank

And not a single “great mind” at the forum thought about that reality. It’s a shame what passes unnoticed and unacknowledged at CNN - the establishment news organization that ignores actual news. Corporate media is for profit, not news.

Thank you.


Is he just another of multiple candidate set ups by the DNC and/or Democratic establishment to dilute the Bernie Sanders support?


Do not waste any more time on him.

He’s eliminated. Check.

If you haven’t accepted that the Democratic Establishment is going to force Status Quo Joe down your throat, WTFU.

Just accept it now.


The proof is if the Corporate media, had no Corporate sponsors; they would cease to exist.

Note that it the people, the grass roots organizers from the Progressive community that are exposing all of these frauds that the DNC puts forth as candidates.

It is NOT The media. The media tries to champion these frauds which is the reason so many people simply refuse to accept them as reliable sources of information or “fake news”. They can whine all they want about how Trump the reason people turn on the mainstream media but the reality is the damage is self inflicted.

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Well said: Beto is all theater only nothing but double talk bullshit comes out of his mouth.


Warmonger Joe will attract the Wall Street crowd, big banks registering in his home state of Delaware so they can raise the Interest on your credit card balance to the sky, and the Military Industrial Complex loves him because he justified the invasion of Iraq beautifully.



You lost to Ted Cruz.

Good question.

Gotta get the primaries to round 2, so the superdelegates can steal the show…again.
The best way is to flood the race with candidates, so no one has enough of a majority to win the first round.

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As you point out, the Democratic Establishment has plotted this all out in the most deceptive way so as to fool their base, and f#€k Bernie, Tulsi, and Liz.

Same shit, different election.

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It’s just sad. You, myself, and others saw this coming, tried to warn people, all we got was “the party can be reformed”. BS, now we’ve lost 2.5 years to form a Workers Party or boost the Green Party. Under normal times this would be bad, in todays world, it’s catastrophic. We may not have enough time to hold this republic together.

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Sorry for the delay in responding ReconFire. You really must begin to realize that we can only do so much as individuals for others who either cannot see or just plain don’t care to see what we see.

Be happy that you’ve lived as long as you have, made some friends, and reached a point in your life on Earth where aside from all the noise and commotion of the Zombies in search of some brains, you can sit back, relax, and say, "What the Fuck?"

And all the while, being happy within your skin suit.


Always remember, we’re only human.

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Oh I’m ok, just feel like were watching it all slip away. I realize there were many screwed up issues before all of this started. Now it’s like, how the hell is this going to end type of thing. Like I said above, just sad, because it didn’t have to be this way.
Thanks for the encouragement, seems like in these times everyone goes off the deep end every so often, becoming part of life. The faster we legalize nationwide, the better.

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