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'Absolutely Shocking': Federal Prosecutors Use Project Veritas Video in Case Against J20 Protesters


'Absolutely Shocking': Federal Prosecutors Use Project Veritas Video in Case Against J20 Protesters

Jake Johnson, staff writer

One activist said it is "appalling" that the government is relying so heavily on far-right and "widely discredited" sources


From the article:
"‘The police failed to discriminate between lawbreakers and protesters,’ McCool concluded."

The state has decreed, quite some time ago, that protest IS lawbreaking. See the murders at Kent State and Jackson State for example.


Stick a fork in American “democracy” it’s officially done. Witch hunts, anti-protest trials, the government being run by multi-national corporations, we as a people are being marginalized by the droves and we can do nothing to stop it. Dystopia reigns supreme these days. Taxes favoring the extreme wealthy and corps rule the day, no social support,etc. Justice these days is in name only and only if you’re well funded or have at least a cool quarter million to have a decent defense. Where will this insanity stop? Perhaps after the collapse. Those that have a substantial amount in stocks watch out because when the market falls, and it certainly will, there’s no telling where it ends and justice will only favor those in power, just like now but worse than its ever been.


The Patriot Act and the NDAA are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. Both documents were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Without the protection of the Constitution we the people are subject to the despotism of our own government…


If the video is legitimate and authentic, not edited or doctored, who cares who was holding the video camera?


Isn’t the veracity of the video called into question based upon the fact that it was produced by a convicted, repeat liar?

His organization was just caught committing fraud this week!


Has anyone thought to ask if the Window Smashing and “Rioting” was actually done by Project Veritas?

They’ve got a Record of being willing to Lie & Cheat to advance their “Brand”.
Riot & Vandalism are just the next step.

Plus, the undercover Cop is giving some very Weasel worded answers and appears to have some serious mental defects related to just what he “Remembers”. Why is his memory of events that argue for Guilty so much better than his memory of events that might prove Innocence?


Well, that’s the thing.
The Video has Not been proven to be “UnEdited or UnDoctored”.

Project Frauditas, OTOH, has been proven to both edit & doctor their videos in the past. And was caught again Just This Week.


The owner/founder of Project Vicious (there is NOTHING true/veritas about the operation) is a convicted felon…so he fits right in with the DJT gang of crooks and thugs. This gang virtually dismantled ACORN after it maliciously targeted them. What is even more distressing is that there are people who pay them for their treachery and malevolence.


How would one be able to tell from such a video whether masked provocateurs (not true demonstration participants) did the violence or vandalising, or whether such agents, who have been present at peaceful rallies – on behalf of whom?-- to discredit peaceful lawful demonstrators, were even arrested? What truth would a video of such capture or prove?


There needs to be popular demonstrations that the Patriot Act is illegitimate and that the Constitution is still the law.


Politicians lie, everyone knows that.

But the right wing has now accomplished the complete and utter institutionalization of lying as policy.


Yes, because ACORN folks aren’t the right kind of Democrat. The Clintonistas/Obamabots showed their true colors on this O’Keefe smear. They voted for the color of money, of course.


An office should be named with the acronym POOP (Portal of Outrageous Prevarication)


Who funds O’Keefe? The Kochs? The Mercers? The Trumpster himself? The Fox News?
Leave it to Sessions and his new goons to use PV and try to legitimize those sleazy creeps. Ol’ Bullshittin’ Beauregard rides again. Yeehah, not!
Sounds more like a railroad engine than a cavalry charge, from rootin’ tootin’ Ol’ Bullshittin’ Beauregard. How many times has he lied under oath; for the life of me I just can’t remember.


No need to count…whenever the Confederate Colonel wannabe opens his mouth (especially while under oath), you know he is lying and/or equivocating (be evasive, be noncommittal, be vague, be ambiguous, dodge the question, beat around the bush, hedge…or…use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself). Alberto Gonzalez was a novice compared to the colonel.


This is another example of Trump and the Republican Party engaging in dictatorial behavior worthy of Vladimir Putin. Liars using liars to slander peaceful protesters trying to exercise their Constitutional rights because this president and his far right cronies in the Republican Party cannot tolerate anyone who disagree with them on anything, just like the zombie trumpites. I guess making America great means destroying the Constitution and turning America into a right wing fascist oliogharchic theocratic totalitarian police state dictatorship run by racists, misogynists, and global warming deniers. This case should be thrown out of court right now if there was any justice in this country. Sixty years in prison for protesting, my God is this really America! We are in deep do do people. It is past time to wake up and vote this scum out of office and get these bums out of any positions of power. I really don’t want to have to leave for Uruguay.


How many years in prison will that get the protesters at that event? One hundred years? We have lost our rights folks!


This may answer some of your questions about funding: https://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/secret-right-wing-donors-behind-james-okeefes-vile-project-veritas


Trump and the Republicans are making it as clear as they possibly can that this is an oligarchical plutocracy and we better submit, or else. They are only feigning attempts to hide it. They don’t give a rat’s ass what we think as long as they can keep us divided.