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"Absolutely Unconscionable': In Post-Harvey Texas, No Relief Funds for BDS Protesters


"Absolutely Unconscionable': In Post-Harvey Texas, No Relief Funds for BDS Protesters

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Called an "egregious violation of the First Amendment" by the ACLU, Texas city won't approve hurricane relief grantees who participate in non-violent boycott over Israeli government's crimes and abuses

flooding in Texas


The Zionist thugs have won…


What ever happened to Texas’s plans to secede from the Union? Better late than never…


It seems some have greater loyalty to Israel than to their fellow Americans freedom to think and act for themselves. Its beyond question that Israels actions are both illegal and contrary to official US policy, and at best morally questionable. Take your conformist jackboot off your fellow Americans.

Of course I could be wrong. They may be motivated not by loyalty to Israel, but instead, fawning before the power of AIPAC and company.


Well, in that case you MoFo’s, all critics of Israeli ethnic cleansing and vicious racism (among many other things!) strengthen and enlarge our B.D.S. boycott action against Israel AND ADD Texas!

Boycott .Divest .Sanction. the terrorist Israeli entity!


Politics is being interjected in everything including a humanitarian crisis. This is everything that George Orwell wrote about in Animal Farm.


Israel has somehow gotten entangled into the whole mythic, epic, Legend of The Greatness of America, to the point that people have to be reminded that it is not a US state. The majority of Israelis themselves have adopted an arrogant, swaggering, genocidally racist, thuggish style that, except for the Hebrew language and Stars-of-David and Menorah’s instead of crosses and white-man-Jesus portraits, is indistinguishable from many of the more right-wing parts of the USA. And tiny dissenting Jewish organizations or a smattering of individuals like Chomsky, Amy Goodman or Abby Zimet notwithstanding, the great majority of US Jews, even the “liberal” ones, turn into mouth-frothing, “anti-Semite!”-spitting extremists, spouting all the same refuted-a-thousand-times racist anti-Arab tropes, at even the faintest criticism of Israel, or the faintest whisper of “BDS”.


And we are supposed to be concerned about Russian influence.


Putin and his right-wing social-media-savvy follower’s influence and support of the US-right is probably almost as great as Sheldon Adelson or Breatbart, so yes, concern is warranted, but it shouldn’t be the only concern - especially compared to the influences we have a better chance of reigning in.


Tyranny, is being jailed for supporting the laws of Humanity.

Crimes against humanity , Just reason to boycott Israel. My Congressman Brad Sherman attacked the bill of rights, giving me a reason closer to home, to boycott Israel, to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. The First Amendment of the Constitution or bill of rights says
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The Supreme Court ruled boycotting is protected as free speech.

Brad Sherman despite the Bill of rights, still tried to make boycotting Israel illegal.

What AIPAC the Israeli lobby tried but failed to do is make a law to send Americans to prison for 20 years and fine them up to a million dollars for boycotting Israel. … WTF we can boycott anything but Israel?

Boycotting Israel until it no longer attacks our basic freedom is a way to protect American freedom. Take away the money. Take away the power.
Take away the ability of Israel to attack American rights.

Tyranny, is being jailed for supporting the laws of Humanity.

You can see who voted for it by checking
HR 1697 and S 720

Please write your reps and tell them that the bill of rights is the foundation America is built on. We should not give up our rights in support of another countries criminal activity. Write all your reps tell em how you feel and vote those congressmen and Senators out of office. America for the people, by the people. The American People not by a foreign Lobby attacking our basic rights.


Having just finished Phillip Tourney’s book “Erasing the Liberty” regarding the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in June 1967, I more clearly understand the criminal nature of the Israeli government, and how deeply its tentacles go into the US government.

This effort against boycotting Israel shows too how deeply those tentacles go, how thoroughly controlled the federal government, and even Texas government in this case, by Israeli interests. It turns out that Lyndon Johnson of Texas was greatly influenced by Israeli interests.


What exactly has Israel over the US Congress?


“greater loyalty to Israel”

More like: greater loyalty to brown envelopes stuffed with cash.


No. Just no. Obsessing over not-so-subtly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding military incidents 50 years ago, and even more anti-Semitic canards like the “Jewish cabals control the US Government” memes, is absolutely NOT the way to oppose Israel.

Our cause is the cause of the Palestinian people, yet, you never used the word “Palestine” once.

And the kooky Tulsi Gabbard is no friend of the left:


And Animal Farm was a “faerie tale” capturing the most demonic side of human behavior. Excellent analogy, R321.


Hubris; AIPAC; lobbying; all-expense paid vacation packages; private aircraft charters to resorts of their choice for themselves, their families, their friends; just to name a few; tailor/custom made clothing/shoes; Louis Vitton luggage for all expense paid golf junkets to the DJT course of their choice, etc.


Dick-in-some, Tex-sucks. How is it that the Texas Attorney General has not brought suit against the town for violation of the Equal Protection guarantee of the Texas constitution? How is it that the US Attorney General has not brought suit against (or jailed) the Texas Attorney General for failing to protect the Rights of ALL of the people of the state? How is it that the PEOPLE (owners) of the USA have not pulled the plug on charades like this?


The traitors in Dickinson need to go to prison!


Texas is going to Secede. They are moving Capital to Nerusalem.Texas Christian Makita has both Texas Star and Star of David on insignia.


Israel screams like a stuck hog because BDS works! Their billionaires and political rulers feel the loss in profits. They’re using all the bribe power they have to make it illegal in its client states like the US Fourth Reich and the UK.
*If it works in Israel, don’t you think it would work here, boycotting all the interests of the war machine? Remember, these companies don’t just make guns and gas, they sell flowers, make peanut butter, sell sweatshop made clothing, and on and on. Same thing in other countries with a big profitable war machine. Tighten your belts and BDS the bastards until they are screaming like Israelis. Then BDS some more until they beg to rejoin the human race, then don’t accept them until they prove their desire to reform by treating their own citizens with decency, practice diplomacy instead of agreement at gun, or drone, point, demonstrate a concern for the environment and act to improve it.
*Then, watch them like a hawk to see that they don’t backslide into fascism.
*It could work, if we did.