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'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump EPA Refuses to Limit Toxic Chemicals That Contaminate Drinking Water of Millions

'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump EPA Refuses to Limit Toxic Chemicals That Contaminate Drinking Water of Millions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a decision deemed by critics unsurprising but also "absolutely unconscionable," the Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reportedly plans to refrain from regulating a pair of toxic chemicals linked to kidney and testicular cancer, even though they are contaminating millions of Americans' drinking water.

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From the srticlez

“… the agency and White House blocked the release of a federal study on PFOA and PFOS last year over concerns that it would produce a ‘public relations nightmare.’”

It’s far more likely that they’re concerned with possible civil and criminal liability nightmares cutting off their donors’ revenue streams.

It’s high time that states began acting once again, as Justice Louis Brandeis suggested, as the “laboratories of democracy,” since the Age of Regulatory Capture descended on Washington DC some decades ago.


Welcome to 21st century “civilization” where industry suffers from only the mildest of psychoses being under so much pressure from having the responsibility to pay taxes so very much lightened: murder of the civilization on the planet it needs to buy its products.

Now, hold on just a skinny minute… isn’t this the same government that just slammed the door on the constitutional right to dissent, with one’s fellow citizens, in public?

Maybe that psychosis is just being hidden under a 21st century zoot suit.

Couture, couture… over here… new costume please.

This is no less than premeditated murder, a crime against humanity. I am ashamed of this country’s so-called leadership—not that they care. Revolution.


Time to log onto your city/town website and check the status of the water regulations and communicate NOW with the people and committees that monitor. When these ###!!! screw with the federal level, bring it home. Welcome to the re-evolution.


IF we had a real Attorney General, this scumbag prez and most all that serve him would be prosecurted to the fullest extent! Instead we have complicit craven cowards and co-conspirators in our elected officials and appointees.

How much longer can this diseased mind of the lowest moral conscience and understanding continue to destroy our republic and endanger our citizens so many ways to serve his big-money interests and corrupt personal gain?

There are no politicians and/or elected reps with a shred of moral fiber and political courage in our nation apparently to stand-up to this evil POS and his cronies…ENOUGH!


One of the reasons that the Roman Empire collapsed was because its citizens were drinking liquids from utensils with heavy lead contents.


Judging from the behavior of Trump’s base they have been accumulating lots of lead and other deadly toxins in their bodies for decades.

Making America Great Again includes restoring pollution levels to what they were a half century ago when the Cuyahoga River caught fire in Cleveland and most bodies of water had a bad odor.


This story reminds me of the commercial on TV where they go into a business and the shop owner tells the customer the water is within the legal limits for lead, The customer screams who wants a glass of lead? Every time I see it, I think Scott Pruitt does. Now Wheeler must too.

This must be correction Tuesday, the chemicals in military firefighting foam were in all firefighting foams at one time, used everywhere-houses, airports, petroleum plants, etc. I’ve been in that shit over my head in training evolutions in the 80’s, so I’m pretty sure I’m contaminated.

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On a side note, well not really a side note…aint it so predictable that Cohen’s “testimony” goes behind closed doors, ostensibly because of security concerns.

If these Democrats who now have subpoena power cared anything about the “transparency” they railed against Republicans for not having, then the subpoena would have been issued to Cohen for public testimony, and whatever testimony might interfere with Mueller’s investigation would be disallowed on the spot by one of Mueller’s cohorts.

As for the security issue. There are witness protection programs for that.

Cohen is the last person that should be complaining about security threats given the jerk’s propensity to have enthusiastically worked with a fucking mafioso epic jerk for so many years.

Yes I want Cohen to spill any beans he has publicly. But buying into his supposed change of heart? Only a fool would be convinced of that. And his attorney is a schmuck of the first order pimping that Cohen sainthood narrative for a clucking buck.


Good to see you back, brother clucker.


Kind of you to say…been predominantly focused with survival stuff of late, but aren’t we all burdened with such things. Suffice to say, my chicken pecking soul disallows complete disengagement so I’m around for the long term to the chagrin of some…cluck cluck cluck!


Old News. We live on a poison planet where food, water, man made products and the air we breathe is toxic. Even a simple problem like holding the people accountable for the water crisis in Flint is still going on. As long as people remain passive, these outrageous acts will be commonplace. Just look at the Naitives doing Sit in’s against murderering corporations running Pipelines across their land poisoning their habitat. When will we finally rise up???

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Conversations With God Book 2 .

Be ever vigilant , as there are beings of lower -conciousness that walk amongst you even as you walk among others.
Which consciousness do you take with you ?

Let’s take a walk.

In defense of committe Democrats, Adam Schiff, a former prosecutor, is clearly astute and obviously trying to work with special counsel in a way that does not impede the investigation. Beyond that, note what he told NPR in November:

“There is evidence that we gathered that we would like to share with the special counsel. There is also testimony of witnesses before our committee in which we have profound concerns over whether they committed perjury…”

“There certainly have been issued raised within the last couple weeks pertaining to Roger Stone with the release of email, which if authentic would that some of his answers before our committee are highly suspect. And I think it’s something Bob Mueller should have the benefit of.”

What just happened last Friday?

They are just getting started, and I think it’s important to note that Schiff plans to share more information with the special counsel’s office. Stay tuned.


Disgusting that 30 - 40% of the voters enable this administration. I have tried to change their opinions, however they don’t understand words over 3 syllables.

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I bet if they tested Trumps diet cokes they would be able to tell the Dotard he is drinking that poison. The poison is in everything even beer. Dotard is such a fukn moron and his supporters are the ultimate morons.

Sincerely I appreciate your viewpoint, and I reserve judgement to a degree. I’ve just got this pattern recognition thing I can’t shake.

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Don’t get me wrong, I get frustrated too. There are legitimate points of inquiry the public needs to be aware of and should be aware of before 2020. At the same time, and as I demonstrate in my comment, Schiff is clearly playing things smart. What he was “speculating” about in November, he had good reason to believe, and has made sure the special counsel saw what he saw too. The coverup investigation Nunes ran will likely work against Trump now when more evidence is shared with special counsel.

The last thing we want is an Iran-Contra level fuckup, when the interest in public disclosure by Congress wrecked an investigation, undermined prosecutors, and ultimately permitted a successful coverup, in my opinion.