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'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump Rolls Back Rules Protecting Transgender Inmates from Sexual Assault


'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump Rolls Back Rules Protecting Transgender Inmates from Sexual Assault

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a policy shift LGBTQ rights groups denounced as "a deliberate recipe for violence against transgender people," the Trump administration on Friday rolled back rules allowing transgender inmates to use facilities that match their gender identity and instructed federal officials to use "biological sex" in determining housing assignments.


It is simply astonishing to me at least, that a person of such low and despicable morality, such devotion to exploitation and rule of money, is making America into the image of himself…and that a sizable number of people either support or just go along with the herd. And we are all paying the price!.

A man of shallow, limited intellect but some apparent cunning, with such a narrow ugly vision of life on earth can change who and what we are to such an extent and there are not millions in the streets demanding an end to the criminal tragedy.

There either are none, or few in positions of even limited power, that are willing to stand-up to the grotesque bully. That must change. Change with Europe standing with Iran, end the creatures environmental rape and despoliation as policy, end with the Rainbow Coalition standing tall for who they are, end with complicit politicians that, if they even once had a conscience or dedication to truth, justice, and civil rights, speaking-out loudly and forcefully to challenge the bully…and his goons that always go along with fascism and dictators.

Ray McGovern stands as one towering example; speaking-out even while being brutalized by jack-booted thugs…pigs in police uniforms…and THAT contempt for human rights, the rule of law, and protections for the common man and woman - contempt for the Constitution and Bill of Rights - that must change!


If it’s any conciliation, Hell awaits Trump.


Let’s deal with the specifics of this situation. The start is the presumption by those 4 “Evangelical Christian women” federal inmates (let’s remember) that anyone with a penis is out to rape them. Sessions has directed this change to try to get back in djt’s good graces and save his job, and he doesn’t care about the greater danger faced by any AMAB inmate (assigned male at birth) housed with men whose masculinity is already being challenged by their status as federal inmates. Let me (as the mother of an AMAB trans femme person who’s chosen hormonal and one point of surgical transition) assure those in the apparently new branch of the Bureau of Prisons responsible that every transgender person already has a significant history of trauma.

It may actually apply to only a very small population, but those people deserve to be treated according to what they’ve actually done, not what someone else is afraid they might do. The 4 plaintiffs had no specific charge against any specific fellow inmate; that would have been handled internally. Get over it, gals, you’re in prison. It’s traumatic.

I am also especially concerned that the policy lumps in intersex people with those in any stage of gender transition. My child made a t-shirt that’s very popular in their social-media posts, reading “Nice gender. Your mom pick it out for you?” I don’t know how the Bureau of Prisons is supposed to identify “biological gender” in someone with ambiguous physical condition, whether that’s someone born with some mix of sex characteristics or someone who’s had enough estrogen to develop breasts but has not undergone penectomy (which isn’t ever just a matter of whacking it off, given its excretory functions).

Yeah, they got my mama bear up.


Good God! A trans woman lives in danger merely walking on the street in the USA - and they are going to put them in the male populations of prisons???

How much further down in the pit of vileness can this man go?


We definitely need a revised social contract that puts millions of people in prison in the first place. Further, we have to look at adaptive qualities in our society.


If one segment of the LGBTQI Community is under attack the entire community is under attack. Now is the time to continue the fight for equal rights before murder of LGBTQI people will be state sanctioned. Hint: 100.000 gay/bi/trans people perished in Nazi camps in fascist Germany…


Yes, but I am worried about my son’s future. The strategy around here seems to be to give Republicans another two years of stacking the judiciary and filling executive branch appointments with corrupt assholes. I’m still trying to figure out how that will result in progressive goals being achieved.


I too am worried about your son’s future. All of our futures.

It’s crystal clear this entire administration is corrupt to the teeth.

The call to have them locked up and prosecuted must be loud and long.

The “Resistance” party, doesn’t seem to grasp this completely.


Oh, I think they grasp it, but you have got to win first. On the TPM podcast, there was an instructive interview with progressive Congressman Ruben Gallego a few weeks ago. He made that point in spades. Absent a majority with schedule and Budget control, you are just yelling for something that you can’t actuate. You should listen to it.


A more direct approach would be to challenge this legally by issue.

"The analysis by the Bureau of Justice found more than one in three transgender inmates in state and federal prisons had been sexually assaulted within a year. In the general population, one in about 25 inmates said they’d experienced sexual assault.

The changes to the manual also include adding the word “necessary” to a section about hormone and medical treatment. The section is now titled “hormone and necessary medical treatment,” a possible signal on rollbacks for certain procedures or treatments."

I’m afraid that “medically necessary” is being applied to everyone or will be soon.


Transgender people do not wear the Star of David…yet, but just the same, it looks they are being singled out as the Jews of the Fourth Reich!


I worked on data collection for that Dept. of Justice (Congressionally mandated) study. While the good news was that indeed it found a lower level of prison rape than was expected, conditions for transgender inmates were awful. I encountered the first such respondent for our NY/NJ interviewer team, with an obviously feminine first name in an all-male prison. The prison was for short-timers, with whole sentences of less than 3 years or less than 3 left on a long sentence. Most of the actual interview was self-administered using a touch-screen laptop (brought one guy finishing a 30-year sentence to tears), but that transfemme, in for shoplifting (and smacking the arresting officer with the bag containing the goods) told me she’d not been specifically assaulted sexually, but left feeling constantly under threat from inmates and staff alike, and actively harrassed through such things as being written up for not “holding her mouth right,” as my Mother would put it. She had her commissary stolen, her clothes damaged, her hair pulled, an endless litany of horror. Now, this was a NY state prison, not fed, but you can just imagine. She’s one of the ones who haunt me.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, for a lot of people this is off the radar. I found that true for many vulnerable or less defined groups. I worked in the community integration project for institutionalized disabled people. It took 15 years to close one institution and many years before that for society to respond to that injustice.

It seems like anything we don’t understand well we try to institutionalize.


My child is no sexual deviant. My child has experienced being raped by women who provoked an involuntary erection and demanded sex. Now my child is free of that.

But seriously. You think some man’s going to pretend to be transgendered and commit a federal crime just to grab “a quickie in the bathroom stall”? I’m rather worried about your own sexual interests and fantasies. No. man. would go through the terrors to which trans women are subject to be able to rape women. There is not. one. actual case of such, even outside of prison. Just stop.


Well PonyBoy, I have to say that is especially refreshing news that Hell awaits this bastard. I am however concerned about one little detail. Are you sure the devil is still in charge or is it now just some low level minimum wage Hellfire, Inc. stooge who has no health insurance demonic apprentice that was hired personally by Trump himself while he takes a few years off to catch a few games of golf and gleefully destroy the lives of the masses on the surface, which by the way is also getting hotter than Hell all while the flaming combover The Satan does everything in his power to stoke the hellfire starting on the surface by his manic wand of deregulation.

Tell me again please! How did the “Greatest Country on Earth” (sorta sounds like The Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth with a hellish twist, no?) end up with Bozo Trump and Bozo Hillary Clinton) as the only two electable candidates out of a nation with ~ 300,000,000 people under a “free” election system? We had one not only good but IMO outstanding candidate running at Primary time. I mean I was REALLY looking forward to getting behind this guy and fighting like a rabid dog in his defense for the very first time I remember since JFK’s election. So what happened? Greed infected the “working man’s party (gee thanks Bill Clinton) and the big republican donars who have totally bought the worthless as teats on a bull Republican Party/Democratic Party that they are now irreconcilable. It’s obvious the Dems. are digging their heals in anticipating a leftward push. Well dig in boys and girls. You’re going to be at the very end of the lunch line come November and gawd knows you’ve earned it for so greedily and stupidly accepting your unearned position through being the money elites’ puppy while starving to death the rest of the good, strong minded individuals they need for future success.


This is not the place for your misappropriation of one trans woman’s account of her choices and experience. This topic is about protections for transgender people in our federal institutions. And yes, in general conversation “sexual deviance” is used to mean intentional, chosen misbehavior. Gender dysphoria, the only diagnostic category applied to trans folk under American Psychiatric Association standards, has nothing to do with sexuality, deviant or not.

This is from the APA’s brochure for concerned laypeople on transgender issues:

A psychological state is considered a mental disorder only if it causes significant distress or disability. Many transgender people do not experience their gender as distressing or disabling, which implies that identifying as transgender does not constitute a mental disorder. For these individuals, the significant problem is finding affordable resources, such as counseling, hormone therapy, medical procedures and the social support necessary to freely express their gender identity and minimize discrimination. Many other obstacles may lead to distress, including a lack of acceptance within society, direct or indirect experiences with discrimination, or assault. These experiences may lead many transgender people to suffer with anxiety, depression or related disorders at higher rates than nontransgender persons.

The treatment for gender dysphoria is support for the social and medical transition of the patient’s choice, and treatment of triggering trauma is a separate issue. The APA does not think my child’s gender dysphoria is a reaction to trauma, but that failure to support their dysphoria may have made some otherwise ordinary experiences traumatic. This is especially an issue for trans women at the mercy of cis men, such as in a prison.

There’s an article on the revisions to the Bureau of Prisons manual on NPR today, and it includes this important information about the lawsuit that triggered the changes:

The August 2017 filing said the women did not have a strong case at that time. The transgender inmates housed at the two facilities in question — Federal Medical Center, Carswell and Federal Prison Camp, Bryan — were not housed in the same units as the plaintiffs. In addition, the women alleged that the transgender inmates they named in the case had committed certain acts against them, but the Bureau of Prison’s investigation failed to find enough evidence to prove those allegations to be true.

But, the filing did anticipate that Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new appointee for Federal Bureau of Prisons Director, Mark S. Inch, would likely reevaluate the underlying issues of the four women’s case. Friday’s revisions are perhaps part of that predicted reevaluation. [emphasis and emphasis added]


Edward, my guess is you think that the whole LGBT thing is just a hoax, and that Fundamentalist Christians teaching them to trust in “God” to become “normal” is the necessary prescriptive to their “problem”, or “deviance”.


And some people with severe psychological hurts are those who project their own fears, insecurities, and buried or overt hatred on those “other” people.

Congratulations on your “normalcy”. If only the rest of humanity were up to your fucking standards.


You are very committed to spreading hate. What a lousy gig.