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'Absolutely Unconscionable': Trump Rolls Back Rules Protecting Transgender Inmates from Sexual Assault


Hey! I thought you folks were all about science and scientific facts. Guess that only works with climate change and not with sex.


No…my chicken buddy. Having gone through this stuff myself, I have a dog in this fight. People like this are often people with severe psychological hurts who need loving guidance and direction to understand why they are confused and doing what they are doing.

What they do not need is someone trying to tell them that they “really are gay” (as I was told in my early youth) or that their gender dysphoria is normal.


And some people with severe psychological hurts are those who project their own fears, insecurities, and buried or overt hatred on those “other” people.

Congratulations on your “normalcy”. If only the rest of humanity were up to your fucking standards.


You are very committed to spreading hate. What a lousy gig.


Are there any arrangements preventing intercourses between cis (full/partly transitioned) and horny of any gender exist in the U.S. jails?


Not just me, sir. A great number of psychologists, as well as people who also have worked through these issues.

I find it interesting that you consider telling the truth to be hatred. Apparently you can’t tell the difference between someone who simply states a fact and someone like Harry Byrd, who as a member of the KKK actually did promote hatred which resulted in lynchings and rapes.


There are rules against sexual contact of any kind, or even emotional connections, in every jail and prison. But they are unevenly enforced. What’s your real question?

@Edward_A_Hara are you implying that you’re a licensed psychologist? The APA does not support your claims, and you would have no code under which to bill for “correction” of gender nonconformity or transition, only for supportive transition to ease gender dysphoria.


No, but fortunately, I was educated in a time in America when children were taught to read rather than put condoms on bananas. Hence, I can scan the Internet and find articles written by professionals who state this fact.

But you go ahead and think with your emotions and ignore scientific, biological, and medical facts. Also ignore the growing number of people who are coming out to say that their gender reassignment surgery was not a cure and caused more problems than it fixed. After all, emotions trump science, right?


I’m not a psychologist either, but I do have graduate training in social science. That means I speak statistics well enough to evaluate claims made and to know there are very few “facts” in science, especially biomedicine, and most especially in psych and social psych, only probabilities. You criticize my anecdotal evidence, which was never offered as anything more than that, but make claims based only on the same thing. That some are disappointed in the effects of gender reassignment surgery (which can range from mastectomy to elaborate reshaping of brows, jaws, and adam’s apples) is not evidence counter to the findings, published in peer-reviewed journals and replicated by other scientists, that supportive care, including for hormonal and surgical transition, reduces depression and suicidal ideation. For one such study, I refer you to a study recently published in the Journal of Adolescent Psychology that found that just calling a transgendered teen by their chosen name (and using their preferred pronouns) can save lives exactly by reducing depression and suicidal ideation.

Your education shouldn’t have stopped before you learned critical thinking and the difference between anecdotes and evidence. And before you learned to stay on topic.