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'Absurd': After US Bullying, Every Mention of United States Stripped From UN Resolution Spurred by George Floyd Killing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/absurd-after-us-bullying-every-mention-united-states-stripped-un-resolution-spurred


It’s so good to see the USA actually take seriously the killing of blacks by police throughout its exceptional history by bullying this U.N. Resolution. Just kidding. Just as Trump believes that Covid-19 will be dealt with by no testing which will mean it isn’t happening, this action makes all the killing of blacks by police go away by stripping any mention of the USA in this resolution. From the mouth and mind of a toddler stuck in magical thinking. I simply wish the world will finally wake up and treat the USA like the Fourth Reich that it truly is. The time to do so is quickly running out. The USA needs a timeout once and for all.


The UN was a promising concept. Then reality happened and it fell far short of potential.

In the meantime, have you ever looked forward to the collapse of the US with more relish?


SF Chronicle’s Don Asmussen (who calls himself “Bad Reporter”) presents a miraculous Times American headline this morning:



Once again, I propose that the UN building in NYC, become a homeless shelter. Remove what used to be the UN to the Hague. They did some good work there before; maybe the great work can continue on another continent.


If in fact the UN is being in effect bullied, then Don and his wrecking crews have far more mojo than previously displayed.


We are witness to the machinations of empire when, due to the blindness ( consequence of 'externalized costs" being applied in all spheres of existance - negating reality) assiduously cultivated in order to ‘gain advantages’ and plunder, the aggregate weight causes the proverbial roof to cave in. A variation on Nature’s ‘inversion layer’ in weather systems. When the aggregate heat is sufficient to break through a cold layer weighing down the change, then equilibrium dynamics also readjust.

We are on a journey. Destinations, small victories, are and will be nothing compared to the journey itself breathing life into the suffering Spaceship Earth. Elon Musk - another example. Poor guy can’t even imagine this planet as a spaceship, hence he must design himself as ‘hero’ for … drumroll please… colonizing exploration. You cannot make thi$ $tuff up.

I guess there is a reason that the carnival ‘House of Mirrors’ is so popular. It resonates with actual human condition under empire.

…It might help if every GOP administration didn’t dox it and otherwise say that anything they do is fake, we may get somewhere. Until the 800 lb gorilla is tamed, it will always the same…It’s not the UN, it’s the GOP U.S…


U tterly
N ugatory

As long as the U.S. can throw its weight around & bully other nations into doing their bidding, no accountability & therefore, no real change, will occur. “Closed door negotiations” is where the dirty is done. If not, could be done in the open, for all to see.

Under this Trump Regime we have seen nothing but betrayal, bullying, extortion attempts, breaking agreements w/o just cause & all kinds of dirty bullshit that is more appropriate to muderous dictators in 3rd world countries, than the once-but-no-longer-respected United States of America.
To Trump I say, “Is THIS how you make America Great Again?!”
And to those who still support this hate-filled, lying POS, who has fooled them all while destroying everything they claim to love about America…& who plans to hit SSI & Medicare - HARD - soon as election is over… To those people all I can say is, “Open your eyes & look for the real truth; you will never find it on FauxNews! Don’t let Trump brainwash you into stupidity that will destroy our Country! He does not care about any of you! Just another lie he tells! Unless you’re a Trump, or a Billionaire giving him big bucks, HE WILL THROW YOU OUT WITH THE TRASH, COME ELECTION DAY!
HE’S JUST USING YOU! Sorry, but that IS the truth!! Wake up to it now, B4 it’s too late! PLEASE!”


I think the UN could find a lot of support on another continent if they made their organization an anti-USA organization primarily. Hell I think most of the world would be all for that concept.


I fear it is already too late. At least for the U.S. We had numerous chances to try to change this country but we spurned all of them. So there should be no pity expected when it all starts crumbling down.


Yes. And thanks so much to the GOP, who unleashed this monstrosity & gave him free rein to do whatever he wants with no worry of any “pushback” from his ever-obliging GOP accomplices! They, who are trying to lay low between now & elections, when they hope their voters will forget what they have supported & defended, as our Country has gone so downhill with the lying & conniving of the Liar-in-chief. Instead of protecting & defending our nation, they chose to do nothing at all to save us from what’s already begun & now they just hope voters will forget all that & give them another term to keep being fat, greedy piggies sucking at the public trough, while handing out Trillions of OUR tax dollars to multi-billion dollar corps, who pay no taxes, but do donate much money to GOP coffers!
Dems have nothing to be proud of - not really. Instead of fighting hard & tough, relentlessly, as GOP would against them (& without any real cause), Dems are at best, half-hearted in attempts to fight for real Americans. They start out saying the right things, but “cave” at the 1st sign of opposition. They are certainly the better of the 2 main parties, but far from what we expect of them.



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Thamk you

And to think that some people still believe that the UN is a Communist plot against the US.


Let’s recall that the first thing that happened at the United Nations was the
murder of Dag Hammaskjold –

And since then, presumably the right wing has infiltrated it almost totally –
same way they have taken over our own government.

Now …
It’s about threats and blackmail by Trump – and not so great treatment by
GOP ever where GOP has been trying to chase them out of NYC for decades now –

Ultimately – it’s about MONEY the right wing US does not want to pay for upkeep of UN
because they want to destroy it and the threat it is to Elites re peace and all that stuff they
don’t want to happen. Also keeping labor cheap – etc, etc, etc.


Yeah, yeah, we got it, Lorenzo, you’re poor, put upon, blameless party is just helpless in the face of the GOP. Well, you got the helpless part right.

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Rather than hope for the collapse of the US, which I believe will result in Mad Maxian chaos and suffering, I hope for a collapse of the two party system and a reset towards a social democracy, but perhaps that is what you meant. I do hope that we can have a political revolution that throws out the capitalist system, along with the oligarchic control, and stops our policies of endless wars, international bullying and murder, and focuses our intentions on providing a better, more equal social contract with policies that can sustain this planet. The imperial US must collapse and be replaced with a more just, humane, and future focused version, IMHO. If that is similar to what you meant, I fully agree.


I’d prefer your version. But it won’t go down like that.

Instead, climate chaos will usher in the Mad Maxian dystopia.