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'Absurd': After US Bullying, Every Mention of United States Stripped From UN Resolution Spurred by George Floyd Killing

This country has been brain dead for decades. The body of the country is finally starting to stink and decompose.


Yeah, that is far more likely.


Has nobody yet figured out BOTH parties have brought this country to where it is today? Has nobody figured out the parties maintain this paradigm by vilifying the “other party” and turning American against American? Has nobody else recognized this is intentional because as long as we hate the other half of America as the parties encourage, we aren’t a united people to hold BOTH parties accountable for their actions? EVERY ailment this country is dealing with can be traced back to the two party system and the complicit media that push the agenda of a 2 party system. How else would we have the two brain dead, demented retards to chose from in the last and next election?


I think a lot of us have figured those things out.




Speaking broadly, observe the dynamic.
First, that African nations would sponsor such a resolution against the USA. They do it because the situation, upon an anti-colonialist base, empowers them to do it. Consider, by contrast, whether Muslim nations would sponsor a similar resolution against China, for what it does to the Muslim Uighurs. Can you conceive of such a resolution?

Then consider that it was proposed in the UN Human Rights Council. An objective look at the UNHRC would find a body whose elected “representatives” come strongly from nations with bad human rights records: Libya, Mauritania, Namibia, Sudan and Venezuela. By its nature almost all of its attention historically has been on accusations of human rights abuses leveled against the USA and Israel.

And, for all the abuses suffered by USA-an blacks, the USA remains a top immigration destination for people from black nations of the Caribbean and Africa. Some, like Nigerian immigrants, have done pretty good. The Nigerian immigrants, I have read, have a higher per capita income than whites in America do. (So do 16 other ethnic groups.)

On specific, let us suppose that a Constitutional Amendment hadn’t blocked Barack Obama from seeking a third term. I think it better than 50/50 that Obama would have sought a third term, and Democrats would have wanted him to seek it. Despite his best efforts to micro-manage big city police departments, I think it likely that George Floyd would have still died. What would have been the odds of subsequent riots, statue pulling downs and calls for radical changes to the USA, if Obama were in office instead of Trump? And of Obama facing this resolution in the UNHRC? Would he have apologized for the US again, in front of the UN?

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Hi Skeptic – and Maineac –

Couldn’t Global Warming work for us?

Did we anticipate how this Virus would arrive and take us back to our communities?

IMO, there will be more – Jane Goodall is making this clear because of destruction of
animal-habitat. Raging in my town where the deer are daily visiting lawns of large homes
and grazing on the railroad tracks behind our Lord & Taylor store – now shut, but even
while it was open.

I believe it could happen – many are fearful of overturning Capitalism because it’s a walk
out into the unknown for us – but for many where there is still controlled capitalism and
National Health Care programs it is known territory.

FEAR – all brainwashing is through fear.

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Talk about “absurd.” DT is being allowed to seek a second term.


So much of it is fake. A lot of well-enriched administrators doing a little bit of good. Some really large decades-old war crimes go on unabated, and un-debated. Institutions whose primary concern is the continuation of their own existence over achieving their purpose aren’t really worthy of support.

When the peaceful way isn’t aggressively pushed by the organization ostensibly in charge of World Peace, then it isn’t peaceful at all because it leaves only conflict as an option.


You are so right. Nailed it! And look how well it’s working …for them. We have to open our eyes, be smarter than they think we are & RISE UP AS 1. They are the minority & we outnumber them so greatly that they should willingly be giving back & calling for more fairness, justice & equality…IF they were as smart as they think they are! Cuz’ then thry’d realize that the current situation cannot go on forever. There always comes a time when the downtrodden get so fed up with the bullshit of the greedy, that the have-nots finally do come together & fight as 1 large & angry group. Throughout history of societies in the world, when riches all belong to the few & the poor have suffered enuff to be sick of it, they join forces & take what should’ve been theirs, tired of asking & being ignored, being told to “be thankful for what they do have.”
It wasn’t JUST Bernie Sanders’ plans to upend current system of inequality that scares the established elite of BOTH MAJOR PARTIES…it was/is also the way he united millions of disenfranchised Americans & gave them hope ~ hope that YES, things could change & in fact, had to change! That if he was elected, there would be sweeping changes that are long overdue!! He would NOT back down & the movement, the groundswell, would get even bigger & more powerful with him leading the movement to change!
NOTHING scares the sh*t out of the too comfortable, the greedy, the entitled (they think), wealthy elite in this country, more than that!! Buried in the conscience of most of the uber-rich is the knowledge that this is not right, just, or fair. Not at all. They know that it must change ~ peacefully, or not, it will have to change. It always does.

…Go phk yurself…