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'Absurd' and 'Inexcusable': Rick Perry Pushes Fossil Fuel Expansion to Fight Sexual Assault


'Absurd' and 'Inexcusable': Rick Perry Pushes Fossil Fuel Expansion to Fight Sexual Assault

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmental groups demand energy secretary's immediate resignation following his remarks on Thursday

Rick Perry


Hey…look over there, right outside your door, there is a rock that’s been turned over, I wonder what crawled out from under it…don’t you?


I understand that sexual assaults have dramatically increased in the communities of North Dakota where fracking has exploded due to the bad behaviors of the fossil fuel work crews


I’ve posted on this at several sites today already. Here goes. This has got to be the most moronic thing yet heard from the cabinet of ignorant morons. I’m certain there’s more to come. It’s hilarious in the darkest humor vein but frightening at the same time. R. Perry needs to go, now! Kinda like a bad Halloween prank with a monster carrying a chainsaw chasing you sorta way.


Another “Christian” Fascist on the move who wants to bring life killing fossil fuel to a continent rich in solar energy potential. Absurd spin.


Can anyone imagine that this man, as Governor of Texas, was responsible for issuing pardons or reprieves for death row prisoners. Of course, JW Bush joked about Carla Fay Tucker asking for a commutation of her death sentence. These men are unworthy of any respect let alone holding a public office.


Texas has a lot of rattlesnakes and they seem very benign when compared to the Texas politicians who slither out from under a rock and try to destroy truth, intelligence and our world. And the rattlesnakes aren’t trying to destroy our environment.


R Perry: lights are on but nobody’s home; no brain, no pain; only moths in space between his ears. His idiocy is mind-numbing. Another DJT synapse-free dolt.


I think they all need to be relocated to the nearest nursing home, and checked for dementia.


The whole damned Republican Party is insane or so greed driven they will say anything.


Trump will probably give him a raise or at least a high five. Right up this admins absurdity.


When I saw the headline and began to read the article, I was thinking 'this can’t be real. #fakenews!'
Alas, the creton actually went there. I wonder to myself about how it can be that, even at this late juncture, these… happenings… still catch me by such surprise. There is still a sceptical disbelieve, even now… somehow. Yet, day after day… ZING! Yes, the theater of the absurd is in full and unpresidented effect. Sad!


He obviously knows nothing about the topic of sex. :joy:


This is the same shumbdit that thinks teaching just abstinence in sex ed class reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies despite the fact that TX one of the national leaders in teen pregnancies while mandating that only abstinence be taught in the high schools. Gov Goodhair has raised stupidity to one of the highest levels ever.

And Ticki, in TX it has long been held as a foregone conclusion that the good Gov Goodhair isn’t equipped either mentally or physically to engage in procreative sex.


Rick Perry was never the brightest bulb on the tree. We should rejoice that he has now volunteered as the quintessential example of John Cleese’s notion of a person too stupid to understand how stupid he is. It is likely to be the result of a lifetime spent inhaling petroleum vapors.


Qu’est que c’est le “shumbdit”? (Pardon; mon Francais est un peu rustee.)


At one time I subbed at a middle school, and the county that the school was in had the highest teen pregnancy rate in Texas, and is also probably the most politically, socially, and religiously conservative county in the state, with most parents of the kids there working at the local state penitentiary, mostly as guards.

I was rather amazed to see pregnant 14-16 year olds in class. But felt better when I saw there was an in-school day care --probably among the first of its kind, because that was many moons ago.


Here is the process of determining logic Texas:

  1. Find a pile of steaming cow turd (also known as bull shit around these parts).
  2. Pick it up, and throw at the nearest wall.
  3. Whatever bull shit sticks–then there is your logic.

You call for the resignation of this turd on the national level–just figure what crap we had to endure when he was governor.


the stupidity of this republican group never ceases -

and yes, apparently they really are all that stupid

where did these people crawl out from under?

special prosecutor mueller - hurry, hurry, please.

by the way what malfeasance has he committed? no private jets? no sleazy suggestions directed towards women? no money laundering - no, i guess he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal - so must be padding his expense accounts - some low level white collar crimes.


It’s the water, it’s gotta be the water.