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'Absurdly Craven': McConnell Pursues New Nuclear Option on Judges, Enraging Progressives

'Absurdly Craven': McConnell Pursues New Nuclear Option on Judges, Enraging Progressives

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Senate Republicans will be able to fill the nation's federal courts with conservative justices even more rapidly under a new rule change proposed by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, infuriating progressives.

a way must be found to nullify and/or remove these fascist judges being rammed down our collective throats. They reversed the fascist scheme the GOP used in Wisconsin. maybe there is a way here too.


This is a Coup against the American people to make our already corrupt Justice System even more so. One person should not have this amount of power. Off with his head!


On this list of Senate seats being contested going into 2020, I see what could have been a numbers advantage (12 D seats up for grabs, 22 R seats). Then I looked at what seats could reasonably be expected to switch. I see only Doug Jones in Alabama, Gary Peters in Michigan, and Susan Collins (long shot) in Maine. Thus, the Repubs are likely to pick up Senate seats in 2020. So why wouldn’t McConnell go nuclear – the Rs will hold the Senate --and the courts – for many years to come:

Democrats up for reelection in 2020:

Alabama: Doug Jones (Running) Current age: 64

Delaware: Chris Coons (Running) Current age: 54

Illinois: Dick Durbin (Intent unknown) Current age: 73

Massachusetts: Ed Markey (Running) Current age: 71

Michigan: Gary Peters (Intent unknown) Current age: 59

Minnesota: Tina Smith (Running) Current age: 60

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen (Intent unknown) Current age: 71

New Jersey: Cory Booker (Running) Current age: 48

New Mexico: Tom Udall (Running) Current age: 69

Oregon: Jeff Merkley (Intent unknown) Current age: 61

Rhode Island: Jack Reed (Intent unknown) Current age: 68

Virginia: Mark Warner (Intent unknown) Current age: 63

Republicans up for reelection in 2020:

Alaska: Dan Sullivan (Intent unknown) Current age: 53

Arizona: Martha McSally (Intent unknown) Current age: 52

Arkansas: Tom Cotton (Running) Current age: 40

Colorado: Cory Gardner (Intent unknown) Current age: 43

Georgia: David Perdue (Running) Current age: 68

Idaho: John Risch (Intent unknown) Current age: 74

Iowa: Joni Ernst (Running) Current age: 47

Kansas: Pat Roberts (Retiring) Current age: 81

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell (Running) Current age: 75

Louisiana: Bill Cassidy (Intent unknown) Current age: 60

Maine: Susan Collins (Intent unknown) Current age: 66

Mississippi: Cindy Hyde-Smith (Intent unknown) Current age: 59

Montana: Steve Daines (Intent unknown) Current age: 55

Nebraska: Ben Sasse (Intent unknown) Current age: 45

North Carolina: Thom Tillis (Running) Current age: 57

Oklahoma: Jim Inhofe (Intent unknown) Current age: 83

South Carolina: Lindsey Graham (Running) Current age: 63

South Dakota: Mike Rounds (Intent unknown) Current age: 63

Tennessee: Lamar Alexander (Retiring) Current age: 77

Texas: John Cornyn (Running) Current age: 65

West Virginia: Shelley Moore Capito (Intent unknown) Current age: 64

Wyoming: Mike Enzi (Intent unknown) Current age: 73

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They opposition should research and investigate these judges up and down. The smallest impropriety or violations of ethics or the law should be used to remove these judges as quickly as possible.

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McConnell is a con artist of the highest order who has brought his snake oil sales show to the Capital. He dazzles with pronouncements glittering with gold but it is a fool’s gold that he is selling to the american people. He runs in a crowd of con artists and thieves called the Senate and most of them wouldn’t know the constitution from a piece of toilet paper. I can sense a tornado in the air that is going to pick these crooks and scoundrels up and fling them to the wind where they can no longer do damage to our country, its people, the environment and the people of the world.

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Nice bit of Research and info - Tx

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I have to be more wary. In one instance I thought the congresswoman giving a Christianity speech was all about protecting, but it was about bashing.
The other was watching a piece on the growing militia because of fear politics. I assumed it had to do with the over reach of Trump and republicans. I soon realized it was a bit dated and was about the fear of Obama taking over the country and taking away our guns.
Be wary, if you are not already. The right-wingers are all about self.

We need to see McConnell’s tax records –
somewhere there’s a payoff – and he’s starting to look a bit strained, imo.
Where it’s hidden? Secret Swiss bank accounts? Secret deals?
It’s not simply about campaign donations.

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Schumer is weak.


It’s a shame KY–via McConnell–wants the entire country to emulate a backwards, impoverished red state.

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