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'Abu Ghraib for Eighth-Graders': Allegations of Immigrant Children Being Tortured at Virginia Detention Facility


'Abu Ghraib for Eighth-Graders': Allegations of Immigrant Children Being Tortured at Virginia Detention Facility

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Beaten while handcuffed."

"Locked up for long periods in solitary confinement."

"Strapped...to chairs with bags placed over their heads."

These are among the many shocking allegations leveled against a Virginia detention facility by immigrant children as young as 14-years-old, the Associated Press reported on Thursday, citing the first-hand accounts and sworn statements of abuse victims detailed in federal court filings.


Final straw for me today. I’ve reached outrage overload. Home for some serious alcohol. Will try to deal with the newest slew of horrors tomorrow…

This country is absolutely vile.


we must continue to scream at the top of our lungs and never give in. we have seen what the american people can do if they keep up the pressure. lets use this fact for all his policies. we can force change if we only will.


Truly horrible and unacceptable. I applaud the media for covering this and politicians giving it the attention it needs. I look forward to the day when they apply such scrutiny for their own citizens.

Double standard? Yup. Sadly the reason Liberals are so focused on this issue is because it is a winning token issue (do the rank and file understand this)? Thus, they need it too.


And all of this is for-profit private enterprise…aided and supported and increased by government, corrupted by wealth as the goal in life, with others used as targets for profit, usually the most vulnerable; seniors, the poor, “minorities”, those with cognitive challenges, even the children. What a hideous and criminal view of life!

“we have met the enemy and he is us”.


When you have a nation of de-sensitized people willing to accept anything and everything - every evil under the sun is possible. That is why this nation has permitted torture, Guantanamo, the death penalty, targeted drone killings, CIA importing of cocaine, juvenile life sentences, Abu Ghraib, massive incarceration, random mass killings by people with unlimited access to guns, etc, etc, etc. We are in pit and need to see the light above and climb out of it. When we do we will see the people leading this nation both politically and business wise for what they truly are and we will know what must be done.


My empathy for all the shock and dismay, but it’s nice to see this much coming out.

When government claims to “lose” 1400 children, when trillions of dollars go missing, this is not slipshod accounting.

You know these people did not imagine that the children were “terrorists.” You know they were not trying to “extract information.”

I am left with profit and sadism as motives, and possibly confidence between mobsters by spreading around the guilt.

Am I missing anything?


One might say that Trump and his ilk have infested Washington. But would that be too much?


Trumpsters will deny this as unsubstantiated ‘fake news’ and blame the parents for putting their kids in vulnerable situations.

I my neck of Trumpland, the immigrant support group in my area has been working on street theater piece in which we use the Boal teatro do oprimido style to depict an immigrant having children ripped away by US government agents. The problem these days is that the right is so entrenched in their ideology that, even when the see it first hand, they are able to justify inhumane treatment of immigrants.


Yes, it’s a plague and should be treated like that…


Yes, it MUST be done because it’s not gonna go away by itself…


Ok, how’s about some action on this latest vile, heinous horror?
Call up this facility, fax, email them. Call yer congress critters and raise some deservedly righteous outrage.
Additionally, these children are being drugged with powerful antipsychotic medications as well.

And, where oh where are the right-to-life posters on this site, where are they on taking a stand for children, the already born and alive children I might add, where are their voices on this disgusting situation???


conspicous by their absence.


I had a friend comment to me just today that she noticed that I do not recite the Pledge of Allegiance during our club meetings. I think I shall forward this article to her for one of many specific reasons for my silence. I’ll not blindly follow the standard carried by psychopaths.


“Tortured at Virginia Detention Center”

Thank you Mr. President, Killer Don.


Yes, abuse of children is a worldwide problem.
And yes, I hope that one of the more positive outcomes will be the outting of all the other, many ways children are being abused everywhere.


Our government has been “Infested” with vile, demented, sick sadists that lie so convincingly that not only do they “control” the hearts and minds of millions of people, but they also have the branches of Armed Forces to use as they see fit.

There will be a reckoning in all of our futures, and our own characters will be tested.


I’m also concerned as to whether any of these children are being sold into slavery. There certainly seems to be no accountability of what is happening to them.