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'Abuse of Power' and 'Obstruction of Congress': Democrats Announce Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/10/abuse-power-and-obstruction-congress-democrats-announce-articles-impeachment-against


I have not read the articles, only listened to the CNN broadcast. Nadler and Schiff clearly spelled out Treason according to U.S. 2381. The phrase, “or adheres to their enemies” applies.


So that’s 2 articles of impeachment. Where are the other 11?


Once Trump is officially impeached, every employee to a man/woman of the DOJ, should threaten to resign if William Barr doesn’t resign immediately.


Hey Donald: “We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas. It’s your last free New Year!” Bring on the SDNY!


The House of Representatives handing the ball to the GOP controlled Senate just as the primaries start appears to be risky strategy. The GOP and their media are expert at staging a “trial” that is actually a daily infomercial that makes Trump look great and the Dimcritters look bad.


As much as this will be a fruitless sideshow, Trump, Rudy, and Nunes need to be held in check.

And as a bonus, we’ll get to see Hunter ByeDone either refuse to comply with a Senate subpoena (thus, negating the “abuse of Congress” charge against Trump), or get on the stand and admit to bad judgement in trading on the family name for fun and profit.

Meanwhile, his daddy can’t seem to formulate a response to the really bad optics of his son’s Ukraine adventure:


I’m not defending Hunter on his wandering penis, but he did willingly submit to the paternity test.

After denying having sex with the woman in question. Yeah, he’s a liability for Uncle Joe. And Joe’s blind trust in Hunter is bad judgement, too. So is Joe’s inability to recognize that status quo trading on family names in DC is unethical as hell.

Take a good look at the three individuals in the caption photo:
Would you buy a used car from any of them???
(Caveat: a pox on both their houses)


“There is zero chance Trump will be removed from office in a trial in the Senate. The Democratic Party elites have admitted as much. They carried out, they argue, their civic and constitutional duty. But here again they lie. They picked out what was convenient to impeach Trump and left untouched the rotten system they helped create. The divisions among Americans will only widen. The hatreds will only grow. And tyranny will wrap its deadly tentacles around our throats.”


They are off the table.


A lot of sounds and fury that won’t get Trump removed from power. At the same time, Pelosi just pushed the passage of NAFTA 2.0 and 3/4 of a trillion dollars for the War Department including the new Space Force.


According to Rasmussen daily polling, Trump’s approval rating is higher than Obama’s for first three years including comparative period thru Dec.10, 2019. In relative numbers, it has been increasing since the circus began.

The (un) reality show must go on. The Senate Committee to Re-elect Trump will be in full flower in mid January. The Neoliberal Democrats* will continue to cut the throats of America’s workers (see commenter Shelby above on NAFTA, etc.) to assure the flow of wall street and MICC loot while lip serving critical issues…and sabotaging progressive dems. As a result: Trump’s second term.

  • Tulsi called them the epitome of corruption and rot in the Democrat Party. Amen.

The Republicans argument is that the Democrats want to impeach Trump because they are afraid of Trump being re-elected in 2020 and I think their argument is well founded because the corporate, Democrats know Biden will be nominated in 2020 and Trump could very well beat Biden, just like Trump beat HRC in 2016.

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You know, Pelosi was just asked about impeachment, why did she not support impeaching Bush. She admitted that she knew he lied about the intelligence, yet she said that it didn’t rise to the level of impeachment. So, lying us into a war that has destabilized an entire region, resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead civilians, thousands of dead soldiers, trillions of dollars, a war fought in violation of our own constitution and international law, THAT doesn’t call for impeachment. But, this does? Look, Trump has done things to deserve impeachment, profiting off of office, but they went after him because he went after Biden. Let’s be clear about that. And Biden’s entire family has profited off of its connections to power, so if the Democrats are stupid enough to nominate him, he will be a warm pile of jelly when it is all said and done, one barely able to string together a coherent argument.

I mean, look what Nixon did in undermining the peace talks in Vietnam. Reagan actually worked behind the scenes in the Iranian hostage situation in a way that benefited him. Were either impeached? Was Nixon impeached for illegal bombings in SE Asia, or what he did to countless left wing groups? What Trump did was obviously not good, he is corrupt and he has profited off of the office, but does it come close to rising to the level of that stuff? Of course not. He went after an incredibly corrupt politician and his family profiting off of his connections, and Biden is a member of the club. I don’t think the Democrats are doing this in good faith, Pelosi sure as hell isn’t, and she has absolutely no moral compass.


If the shoe fits…

Its a safe bet that the way the Dimcritters are handling impeachment that Trump will win the electoral college AND popular vote on November 3.


Biden’s entire family has profited off of his connections for decades now. Clinton in 2016 was a horrible pick, for a number of reasons, and ran an atrocious campaign. She had a ton of baggage. Given his horrible record, given his corruption, and given his family’s profiting off of his connections, he would be utterly destroyed if he went against Trump. Trump is corrupt, to be sure, but he has no sense of self-awareness and wouldn’t think twice about being corrupt and throwing that charge against Biden. He is an even worse candidate than Clinton. Throw in his obvious mental decline, and my god, what a shit show a Trump versus Biden election would be. It would be a competition as to who is worse, and they would both win.


Yer a damn liar! Let’s do some push-ups! No malarkey! (Lunges to bite your finger…)

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And wealth will accrue to the wealthy, the MIC will rub its hands together, the neoliberals will loot and laugh all the way to the bank, and, soon enough, the planet will burn (the banks with it).