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'Abuse of Power': Trump and Barr to Deploy More Federal Agents to US Cities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/abuse-power-trump-and-barr-deploy-more-federal-agents-us-cities


Albuquerque, New Mexico?! Where the fuck is Billy Jack when you need him? These fascist criminal monsters need to be put down. Impeach Trump again and force the Senate to show just how much they are in favor of fascism in the USA. Make them vote again to either remove Trump or enable the next Hitler in the world. And don’t give me any fucking grief about using the Hitler analogy.


I wasn’t wondering. I could see it coming a long way back.


I’m more likely to give you grief if you don’t use the Hitler analogy, because that appears to be just what Twitler aspires to be.


Another opportunity for non cooperation and in filling the jails if need be.

I think Trump is worse as he is willing to destroy Life on earth as we know it and all for his ego.


" and Homeland Security will together be sending hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers to Chicago to help drive down violent crime," the president said during prepared remarks at the White House."

Homeland security goons in Portland provided Americans a real look at untrained, undisciplined, wild hair jerks. They come from locations along the mexican border where their brutality is well known. These are the guys who ripped infants from their mom’s arms. remember? Beat up a navy veteran and now say how lucky he is that we did not kill him!! Beat up mom’s and grandmothers last night.

Chicago already has FBI, DEA, ATF, plus federal prosecutors.
Can Chi use assistance = you betcha.
The police identifying the shooter in murders is down to about 8%

Friday 7/17/2020: Noon to midnight had 23 persons shot with 3 died
Saturday 7/18 had 27 shot with 4 killed
Sunday 7/19 had 24 shot including 6 dead
Monday 7/20 midnight to 6 am had 3 shot and wounded.

We do not know how many HSS goons will arrive. They are expensive because they get over $200 per day for hotel and meals. If they are unarmed, and investigators only, likely a presidential re-election gambit to sell to white people in suburbs that he is keeping them safe.


“Turning federal forces against racial justice protestors is what abuse of power looks like,” CREW said.

What this is all about is BLM. Their protests are gaining too much momentum


“the move is a response to criminal unrest.”

Look inside the prisons and you will find lots of unrest. (Most of it non-criminal.)

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And they are not even brandishing weapons like the Black Panthers. Gotta put down those uppity blacks and those who support their cause. It truly seems that we are at a crossroads as to where the USA goes now. But given the choice of political parties, both roads apparently lead to ruin in the end.


This is all about Trump taking over. BLM just gives him an excuse.


Now is not the time to write letter to our politicians or the newspaper editorials, now is our citizen’s duty to fight against fascism and authoritarian militaristic administration. We are obligated to form citizen militias to fight the enemies of our constitutional democracy according to the constitution.


Yes exactly, i am surprised why more of us can’t see the analog especially as i understand Trump has been reading up on Hitler strategy for a long time. The religious right and the white supremacists have been calling for a dictator to according to them “straighten out the mess” meaning all the non whites, the intellectual scientific types, the environmental protectors and the women’s rights crowds. They view us as the enemy of jobs and america for the KKK fascists only.


No filling the jails, fighting on the streets is the answer. These thugs need very hard punches in their noses. The Trump’ brown shirts must not be accepted as “federal or state” agents they are Trump’s thugs period.


Responding with violence will just give Trump what he wants – and an excuse to expand federal troops. The dads with leaf blowers and hockey sticks – and the naked Athena have better ideas.


Exactly. Other than the normal moderate grade gang violence, nothing is happening in Albuquerque. I suppose dispatching the goons to Albuquerque is a good thing. They’ll send a few dozen of them there who will have nothing to do, but they won’t be disappearing people off the streets like they are in Portland And if they do disappear people off the streets of Albuquerque, they’ll have to go way out of their way to find someone to kidnap.

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I’ll not give you ‘grief’ over the ‘Hitler Analogy’ but point out that the ‘World’s Greatest democracy’ has plenty in own history regarding authoritarianism without having to refer to events elsewhere.

Also remember that if you were indigenous or a person of ‘color’ in the ‘world’s greatest democracy’ for a large part of its history and to varying degrees to the present day, you lived/live in a ‘police state’. A ‘police state’ that endured for generations in comparison to the 12 years of Hitler’s regime (a regime that was in the end, as incompetent as it was vicious).

Finally I’ll say AGAIN, ‘Fascism’ is NOT a ‘catch-all’ for all forms of ‘authoritarianism’. It distinguishing feature was its embracing of ‘corporatism’ which made claims to being a ‘third way’ between ‘capitalism’ and ‘socialism’ with significant state control of the national economy**.
See: ‘Corporatism and the Ghost of the Third Way’ (in particular ‘Mussolini’s Corporatist Epiphany’).

There could be considerably more traction on changing minds by referring to Trump and elements of the ‘Republican Party’ simply as ‘authoritarians’ as the term unequivocally means ‘the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom’. And Americans sure value their ‘personal freedom’ (to not wear masks***, have as many guns as they want, etc. etc.).

** Not really a Republican ‘thing’ is it?

***‘Trumpists’ are calling any order requiring compulsory face masks as ‘fascist’ - because they surely have no clue what ‘fascism’ specifically was.

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What happens when the “Wall of Moms” isn’t enough to quell the trump brown shirts?
Do send out our teenagers to send the Brown shirts back into their spider holes?
And finally our youg’uns, accompanied by their puppies?


Yes. But the grandmas and grandpas are next up. That would be us.


Trump’s going to do all that anyway. Whether people fight or not. If people fight and he wins, he’ll use them as an excuse, but no matter what, he is going to be violent against everyone who isn’t a straight white cis man.