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Abusive U.S. Cops to Even More Abusive Israeli Cops: We Want To Learn From Your Experience


Abusive U.S. Cops to Even More Abusive Israeli Cops: We Want To Learn From Your Experience

Praising Israeli security forces as "the best" in counter-terrorism, a group of senior U.S. police officials just returned from studying Israel's occupation-style policing - complete with military gear, tactics and mindset - in hopes of emulating their expertise in racial profiling, excessive force, mass incarceration, collective punishment and other human rights abuses in their own troublesome communities of color. From one clear-eyed observer, "They're learning how to suppress a people, deny their rights and use force to hold down a subject population."



This is looking rather ominous. Obama has ordered 30,000 (presumably armed) drones to overfly the domestic United States according to the FAA which is finalizing rules to avoid mid-airs with airliners.

Now the thugs of the world's biggest concentration camp are going to be training our cops in America? And they will be controlling a drone airforce?

And just exactly how long is it, until we all become Palestinians in the eyes of this Robocop killer force?


Thomas, this is a program that has been on-going for several years now under the auspices of Homeland Security. It has actually been going on for quite some time. Here is a link to "search" results -- there are many good articles here, so you can peruse them as you choose: http://www.goodsearch.com/search-web?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=israel+trains+us+police&button=

This article is especially interesting as it pertains to the events in Ferguson. At least two of the police agencies that were activated there received training in Israel by the IDF. https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/rania-khalek/israel-trained-police-occupy-missouri-after-killing-black-youth


History is filled with tin horn dictators and brutal authoritarians and they all deployed their police forces to compel obedience from their populations. The capitalist's homeless people and Americans of color are the lowest on the branch of oppression and brutality. Not to worry, though, economic terror is being employed against the working class.

Since the 2000 coup d'état America's lawless federal government is free of election results and representative government as a whole. In New York City and Oakland, CA real tyranny was broadcast to the nation, and the world, via propagandist television shows. Underestimating the ruthlessness of a federal government hostile to both Law and citizens should not be taken lightly. Beware the bold police tactics that now force intrusion to your home on pretext of hunting suspects.


Why do cops wear masks?


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Hi Thomas,
Where exactly did you find this news? Can you give me a link?
When did a search on drones USA FAA I couldn't find anything more recent than this announcement: "In a much-anticipated press conference this afternoon, Secretary of
Transportation Anthony Foxx announced that all unmanned aircraft would
be required to be registered with the government just as manned aircraft
are today."
This particular result was from Forbes as of October. 2015, whose quote of the day seems particularly apt for TPTB: 'Do not hold the delusion that your advanced is accomplished by crushing others.' - Cicero


"Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University and a longtime critic of the occupation, argues the exchange makes perfect, awful sense: "If American police and sheriffs consider they're in occupation of neighborhoods like Ferguson and East Harlem, this training is extremely appropriate - they're learning how to suppress a people, deny their rights and use force to hold down a subject population."

Khalidi is right, if course. If you go back to the late nineteen thirties, when a revolt in Palestine seriously threatened the colonization, the methods used by the British to suppress the revolt were seen as lessons to be learned by the Zionists. The Jews learned from the British, and we have learned from the Israelis. Containment, collective punishment, assassinations, torture were tried and true methods of the British Empire and the Zionists were good students. There is a street named after a British commander the Zionists called Gideon in Tel Aviv, I think. Possibly Jerusalem. Our military and police admire efficiency, what works.


Nazi Isreal. Isn't that just wierd? What a turn-around! Anyway, I have a question... anyone, please? Why do many of the so-called 'security forces', tactical police, and so on wear black 'terrorist' ski masks? Somehow it doesn't translate well. I mean... what the hell? Do they want to make damn sure no one can identify who they are as they go on radically abusing people?


Gaza is Israel's Warsaw Ghetto.


Simply put: facelessness intimidates innocent civilians. One might as easily ask why terrorists wear masks.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.



Can't reproduce my source. Private union communications to me concerning the hazards of unmanned drones to airliners. However, it's not a secret:


Type in "30,000 drones over us skies" into google for many more.



This was your statement. The article in the Washington Times, not the most authoritative source, IMO, is what I saw and quite different. The article, you linked, from 2012, says "The FAA Reauthorization Act, which President Obama is expected to sign, also orders the Federal Aviation Administration to develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015."
I'd suggest that there is a difference between 'regulations . . . of commercial drones," and "Obama ordered 30,000 drones to overfly" the US.

Now, I understand the implications and they are worrying but I believe when giving information, it's important to stay within the bounds of the actual and from there discuss what that can and very likely will lead to.

In this case the reality would seem to be, from this same source, as of October, 2015 "Lawmakers criticized federal aviation officials in a Capitol Hill hearing Wednesday for missing a deadline to issue new safety regulations to deal with the soaring popularity of private drones and the potential
hazard they pose for air traffic, warning that a crash between a drone and a commercial airplane could just be a matter of time.

The Federal Aviation Administration faced heat at the House transportation subcommittee for not issuing new rules for unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, by last month, a
deadline set in a 2012 reform law. While the FAA published a rule for small drone certification and operation in February, the agency has yet to come up with an integration plan and now
says that a final version of the rule will not be completed until next year."

My searches did not turn up any later news on this subject since October.


The Israeli policy/agenda for decades was designed to compromise the integrity and sovereignty of the US - to "get the US into our fight". Many false-flag ops were done by Israeli forces to accomplish that - to think of Palestinians as "terrorists" only, not resistance fighters to armed violent ethnic cleansing and theft/occupation & illegal colonization of Palestine. The Israeli propaganda machine and its agents in the US, AIPAC, accomplished that and much more - subversion of ouir politics, elections, and Congress.

The Israeli false-flag attack on the USS Liberty was one example and the Beirut marine Barracks bombing another - the first an overt attack by unmarked Israeli forces to sink the Liberty and blame Arab nations, the second was the premeditated silence by Israeli Mossad failing to give the US intell that would have prevented the Beirut bombing killing 241 US marines - there are more.


http://www.ussliberty.org/findings.htm - findings of Admiral Thomas Moorer Commission on Israeli attack

The current Israeli subversion of our domestic police is designed to further Israeli influence and violence in our nation. All violence deflects attention from Israeli crimes against humanity and racism. Police violence enlargea the status of US minorities into a domestic version of Palestinians brutalized by Israel - institutionalized racism & ethnic cleansing practised by Israel along with numerous other war crimes. Ghetto USA.


The article would be more helpful if the police and sheriff individuals and their jurisdictions were named.


TJ says:

I already explained to you why I couldn't republish my source. If that's not sufficient for you then kindly disregard my posts. I very-much expect that some readers with no experience in Aviation and Computer Science won't be able to connect the dots as I do.

The command to FAA to permit 30,000 drones came directly from the Administration. Congress backed it up later with a number of measures, many that are not for publication. Eighty percent of all Intel is now commercial by the likes of large defense companies like Lockheed, which bought TRW and other intel and also "commercial" drone manufacturers besides their own. There's Stratfor, and SAIC and hundreds of other private intel hired by NSA. So your attempt to pretend that somehow, commercial drone activities peeping through windows and connecting with every device in your house is somehow harmless, is wrong-headed, imho. I’ve read that Amazon accepted a 100 million dollars payment for advertising from CIA, even though no ad appeared. Also in the knowledge of Computer Science, it now only costs a few pennies to embed hidden mics and cameras into consumer electronics and it’s been demonstrated at hacker conferences that its possible to activate those devices via drone.

You've opened Pandora's box pretending that that there's a safe difference in Commercial activities as opposed to NSA eavesdropping. I'm here to tell you that they are one in the same.

Using a public search engine is not going to give you inside industry information. But the sharp mind will already realize that a conflict of interest exists in combining drone makers looking for new markets with intel agency's DOD intel-gathering outsourcing.


See my post to you at the end of this thread. I am blocked from responding to only your post. Click here:


Well, as I mentioned in my response, I do share your concerns and recognize the implications. My concern was and still is with the wording. Accuracy and clarity in wording is important to me and I see a difference between what was claimed, "Obama ordered 30,000 government drones to overfly the USA," and asking the FAA to license or otherwise deal with those currently operating. Your language looks to me like hyperbole and could cause someone to reject your entire argument. I have always scrutinized the side I favour at least as much as those I oppose for this very reason. It has the potential to cause someone to doubt the entire argument if they sense something that strikes them as unreliable. I see no possible grounds for allowing that to happen. The facts, unvarnished, are sufficient to persuade. If they aren't? It time to rethink. From my perspective, when it comes to what I care about, it has to be like Caesar's wife.