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Access Denied: Facebook Blocks Abortion Pill Provider's Page for 'Promotion of Drug Use'


Access Denied: Facebook Blocks Abortion Pill Provider's Page for 'Promotion of Drug Use'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As of late Thursday night, Facebook has yet to explain why it has blocked the page of a women's health organization that provides abortion counseling and drug access to thousands of women across the globe each day. And reproductive rights advocates from around the world are not happy about it.


There is an easy solution to this. Don't use Facebook - it is owned by a private capitalist business and you should not expect it to support free speech except theirs!

They have a web page with the same information (womenonweb.org) - isn't that enough?


Facebook is an alien algorithm that should have a warning label.


fb censoring? Oh, I can't believe it! (Just kidding!) I dumped them years ago - something about the "free" part, just didn't set well with my digestive system. Just what the hell do the CEO and shareholders at fb think, that makes fb's money? Make as much money as possible selling people's corporate buying habits and maybe a censorship or so, here and there - lol? A great example of how beomoths like fb can be shown the rath of We The People follows. I love this youtube (12mins):

A little off-topic, but I just ran into a really, really, really mind-jarring and soulful delight - A confrontation between a doctor and the New Jersey repub congress critter at the very end of several hour-long local townhall Q & A session.

This congress person was singularly responsible for resuscitating - the "pile of excrement" (according to the doctor) - the "new and improved" Repub (bankster-sponsored) healthcare replacement for the A.C.A. This short video excerpt shows how we citizens can fight back against these behemoth corporations like fb - and do it with fiery old time American moxie! HOLD ON TO YER HAT! lol -


Get the fuck off Facebook! How many god damned red flags do you need?

Life. Goes. On. It gets better, in fact.


The PTB at this point, want to commit genocide... .they know that nothing is going to get better... only worse, between climate, overpopulation, all the radiation in the atmosphere, etc... they know that eventually, the masses are going to rise up. What they are trying to do, is put in place a draconian government that can put the boot to the neck of the masses.... and keep them in place. The coup has already started. Get ready, the battle is on.


FaceBook loves you.

Well, not you actually, but the trove of data you supply them with.

And so many are giving till it hurts.


Interesting to note that I viewed this on, gasp, facebook.