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Access to Buying Insurance Is Not Health Coverage


Access to Buying Insurance Is Not Health Coverage

RoseAnn DeMoro

A signature exchange early in the first Senate hearing Wednesday for Rep. Tom Price in his nomination to be the next Health and Human Services Secretary illustrates a lot about our still damaged healthcare system, and how it could now get much worse.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose call to expand coverage through an improved Medicare for all was a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, forcefully challenged Price to commit to guaranteed healthcare for every American.

  1. Reserve a room at a local library/school/building of worship etc.and set it for a date when you are certain the rep. or senator will be in town.
  2. Make up circulars to advertise it.
  3. Say something to the effect of "Meeting Date, Time, Subject -- The GOP plan to replace the ACA, a detailed discussion Q&A , town-hall meeting."
  4. Include the line i.e. "Rep. Ted Johnson is invited to answer your questions about the ACA repeal and its GOP plan of replacement." (so far it is 4 basic ideas in 4 sentences, vs. over 1000 pages of the condensed, shortened ACA.)http://abetterway.speaker.gov/?page=health-care
    And apparently-- you will be able to be discriminated against based upon your religious, political, sexual orientation and sex, as the GOP plan only mentions "age, income, medical conditions and circumstances"
  5. Send a copy to the senate/house member.
  6. Show up with a list of questions and give 'em hell.


Sanders sez: "Do you believe that healthcare is a right of all Americans, whether they are rich or they’re poor?"

Price sez: "I believe that every single American has access to the highest quality care and coverage that is possible."

Price, translated to English, sez: "No."


Methinks Rep.Tom Price should be given 'access' to Brain Surgery.


Do not assume that because the rep. or senator is a democrat that they will be on the right side of progress.
My democratic senator voted against drug importation. Too many DINOs will do whatever it takes to keep the monster corporate donations rolling in.


It's a difficult issue to address, in part because we do not want to provide more than emergency room services to our masses of poor. There's no logic in providing them with real health care just to dump them back on the streets. Deprivation of adequate food and shelter take a very heavy toll on human health.


Yes, and that's an interesting story. The Reagan Democrats of the 1980s moved further to the right, merging with the Clinton wing in the 1990s. They successfully implemented more of the right wing agenda than Republicans could have ever dreamed possible (ended actual welfare aid, took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security, signed on to NAFTA and worked hard on behalf of the TPP, etc.).

The dirty little secret is that Obama actually presented some of the most progressive proposals we've seen since the 1970s, only to have Congress (Democrats included) effectively shoot many of those proposals down.


But, that certainly doesn't include health care. Paul Street recently wrote an article summing up Obama's health care legacy. I'm including four paragraphs from that article to try to encourage commenters here to read Street's article in its entirety.

How Pure is Your Hate? -- Jan. 16, 2017 -- Paul Street -- CounterPunch

A knowledgeable “public” journalist might even know that then state senator Barack Obama endorsed
single payer on these very grounds as late as the summer of 2003, when he said the following to the
Illinois AFL-CIO:

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program I see no reason why the
United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its
Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s
what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a
universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see.”

Obama would quickly drop those sentiments in the interest of getting campaign backing from the
nation’s giant insurance and drug companies and their Wall Street investors on his path to the U.S.
Senate and the presidency.

Right after he entered the White House Obama set up a health care reform task force chock full of big insurance company representatives. Not one of the more than 80 U.S. House of Representative members who had endorsed single payer – not even the veteran Black Congressman John Conyers, author of a House single payer bill – was invited to participate.


Thank you, Callmeskeptical, for your accurate rebuttal. Witness the revisions to BHO's actual record in order to portray him as the humanitarian "progressive." His record tells a different tale.


The rich don't want to be taxed any more than the poor person, dollar for dollar, despite their having a larger claim on the protections our society offers. Let's face it, if you don't have a bank account there's nothing for the FDIC to ensure, but you'll never convince a republican that such a liability disparity even exists.

Then there's the east vs west economic structural difference question: is it right for a middle man to make a profit on the administration of payment for necessary services? Communism says society pays for medical care and the cost is as cheap as they can make it for themselves. While capitalism says some private enterprise needs to do this because they will find a way to do it cheaper and still make a profit. This is not applicable when it comes to urgent and long term medical care under an FDA overseen system. And NO, we shouldn't throw that baby out with the bath water!

Now we have enough scientific-based information to shoot the premises of the idea of applying capitalism to the benefit from a doctor's or nurse's hands full of holes. The innovation in surgery can't be reduced to a commodity that is shipped around. People are trying to live their lives and hold jobs. That leaves the hardware used, and at some point there are just not enough planet earths to support the disposable cheaper! cheaper! society. We're seeing this in health care. And morality cannot be removed from the equation, and thus the question is begged: is it right for someone to make a profit off of healing folks, and if so how much is appropriate?


These guys in the hot seat have really got the semantics down.

Which says to me that they 1. cannot be trusted 2 and are nothing more than dangerous privileged white guys.


OK, RoseAnn - what happened to that "centerpiece", when he signed the ACA, when he backed Clinton - where did it go, and how is it that he said he will NOT introduce SP into the Sen this time around ...


I am grateful for the containing contribution and impressive public exposure of corruption by counter-President Sanders. Far better than the milquetoast opposition of corporate Dems. Most of these creeps will be confirmed. The real struggle begins in earnest today. This is our LAST and BEST chance to organize an effective movement that sweeps this scam system aside.


I have mixed feeling on drug importation. On the one hand, Congress needs to grow a spine, confront the pharma-bro's and pharma-sista's and start regulating drug prices in the U.S. of A. Allowing drug importation lets them off the hook. And while I am not worried about the quality of drugs from Canada, I doubt it will stop with Canada and we will inevitably have a tragedy.

On the other hand, I realize that there are a lot of people who need help now and I hesitate to block those in need. I also worry that the Senators who voted again it did so out of concern for their campaign contributions than any real principle.


The Reps and Dems are two sides of the same coin.

A big club that we ain't in.


The real reason the Trump Regime wants to build a wall on the Mexican border is not to keep immigrants out (that has been happening since the 2008 crash sans wall enhancements) but to keep Murkins from going into Mexicpo seeking more affordable drugs, medical and dental services, a thriving cross border trade for at least the sixtysomething years I have observed border life.


I've long characterized them as two different strains of the same disease, which in the context of healthcare is quite appropriate. The disease is the professional political class infecting the health and viability of a large important organ of the human body.


I still see that same damn sh*t going on here. Saying that the Ds and Rs are the same. Please stop with this stupid equivalency crap. There is damn well a difference between a fascist and a centrist Democrat. Don't blame me, first I voted for Bernie in the primary and then I voted for Hillary in the general election; as per the advice of Bernie himself and Noam Chomsky. Now all you Hillary haters can choke on Trump for 4 years. He's an absolute disaster as are all the GOPers. The GOP is a far right wing radical cult movement; they are fascists.
Yes, I am totally disgusted with the Dems who voted against Bernie's drug bill. That is a damn disgrace. Terrible sellouts and political whores. I wish we had a viable workers' party but that's just a fantasy right now.


As in lobotomy?


I second that!