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Accompaniment in Honduras

Accompaniment in Honduras

Ken Jones

As the bus was taking our accompaniment delegation to Honduras to the airport for our return home, it stopped by the offices of Radio Progreso. Piling on to the bus came some twenty staff members of the station to bid us goodbye. Each of them greeted us with an embrace, a kiss, or a clasp of hands expressing heartfelt gratitude for our having come to be with them at this dangerous and chaotic time in their country. It was a striking gesture of affection that deeply touched us, the visiting delegates.


I believe that we can thank Hillary Clinton and Obama for sitting on their hands while President Zalaya was kidnapped out of the country in his pajamas- They both were well aware of the hell that awaited the Honduran people-
Business interests in this Fascist country of ours were behind this outrage-

I absolutely loathe the way in which this country has inserted itself into Latin American politics over the centuries- You can bet that these repressive military and police forces you witnessed down there were all trained in the evil School of Americas (The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in Fort Benning, Georgia- They have been training these vicious monkeys for decades to do America’s bidding…
It is almost laughable that here in this country we are having A huge dog and pony show into Russian involvement in our election, when for time memorial this Government has literally installed repressive puppet dictators through CIA covert military actions throughout the World- How many millions of innocent people have been slaughtered to keep them from being “Communist” or “Socialist”, to deny them their right of self determination? - All in the name of Capitalist greed and to make sure our wealthy corporatocracy gets all of their riches and resources and can keep an iron heel on their dreams and their lives…
Thank you for this important story Ken- You risked much in bringing it to us- I hope through some strange twist of fate things turn out for the better down there, but until this country comes to grip with it’s horrific past and the power of love becomes stronger than the love of power, this shit will never cease…


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just a small correction. Salvador Nasralla was the candidate of the Alianza contra la dictadora - the coalition Alliance against the dictatorship. He was not a member of Libre, but the founder of PAC, Anti-Corruption Party.